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  1. I see the team as a failed rebuild to date not as as one stuck in mediocrity
  2. We will have to pay part of his salary. He must go of zero value to this team with his present play. Opps his pass just went by.
  3. Why not Cammy is it his NYC ? He is playing poorly most games.
  4. If the only players we agree to keep from the present is Zacha, Hall, Zajac, Wood and maybe Henrique we are as close as you think. We are in deep trouble if we are to be a playoff team within two years from today. We haven't even spoken about goaltending and defense, that's next. We are in big trouble to improve to a playoff team in 2 years.
  5. Hall is something we haven't seen, in a while, in NJ. Too bad he is all alone.
  6. I forgot about Zacha, he hasn't shown me much. Agree he should have been in Albany this season.
  7. So we agree to build a team around Hall, I assume we mean offensive side. So who do you keep of present offensive players to start this re-build. I say Zajac, Wood and maybe Henrique. How about you who do you keep?
  8. Cammy is doing the same as when I posted this thread 75 days ago.
  9. Really, what is going to make him break his habit?
  10. You make a good point OK 2 or 3 years. Lets hope that isn't necessary.
  11. Understood but sooner than later is isn't going to want to wait for the fix, it too big a fix.
  12. I also didn't think I would say trade Schneider but you're correct about the situation so trade him. Also Hall will waste his time here while it takes this club to get its act together so trade him for young prospects. Our susposed best players can all take a hike, Cammy, Palms Greene and Henrique. This is a very bad rebuild and needs to start again. Very sad
  13. Agree this team does suck and tickets should be cheaper for home games but I don't get very excited with a cheap ticket watching a sh!tty team, it's like why bother.
  14. I feel for Schneider and Hall wasting their time with this team. Money isn't everything there is winning, making the playoffs and a chance to win the cup. That's not happening with this team while they are in their prime.
  15. OK Devils, we are not playing the games we are fan, frustrated at best. But if we were players we would play a hard full 60 minutes and if necessary we would continue the same for OT and Shutouts. So let's start new tonight and give your all Go Devils
  16. That's probably the smartest move to limit the frustration with some of these games to come.
  17. Very nice. So you are the only one to have this shirt how neat.
  18. You said the Pats were cheaters. Those of us that know football know that Brady didn't let the air out of those footballs.
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