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  1. This is my 40th game I have watched this season why can I stop?
  2. Wonder what Lou is thinking about the Devils as he sits in the box watching? MCMULLEN just turned over
  3. Forgot about him. Lou screwed us with that deal knowing he was concussion prone
  4. Cory should be very happy with his contract.
  5. What a shame on Dr McMullen's night.
  6. Shero blames players no matter how bad he won't fire Hynes he can't defend his selection of players.
  7. Leafs pass well and they are fast. Devils went to party with Satan too much free booze.
  8. How great was the Ring of Honor So great to see and hear from some of the older winning players. Terrific brings back memories. I want a win.
  9. Yeah, lets beat Lou's team tonight. After all it's a big night for Devils honors.
  10. Sounds great of course, enjoy
  11. Did they announce free food and booze?
  12. C'MON he should be elated that there are teams that still want him. How would you feel if no team picked him up?
  13. Good, Shero please no more Boucher
  14. You're kidding of course. It can only be that the owners are holding Shero bad. They are making money with the Prudential center so why bother with the Devils, people are stupid enough to buy tickets. Plus what I a being paid for foof based oN increased prices is a +. New sponsers bring money, don't need fans with stupid ones buying tickets. It all good. 76ers and Devils are the doormats.
  15. I think the same way but why would one do this for Boucher? He won't make it anywhere.
  16. Really. OMG what's next? Gelanis will be back. The weak get weaker
  17. I would say that Zajac should be on the all Star team.
  18. Not sure where and when sorry
  19. I did. As I said many time Gelinas was never a NHL player. He has 1 assist in 23 games with Colorado and he did sh!t here.
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