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  1. Agree, I expect there will be plenty of opportinuities because of injuries. I don't have much faith in Lou's assessment (what he says) of player injuries. Clowe could be out from the start offering an opportunity. Elias hasn't played 82 game in the past two season because of illness and injuries. There will be time for Boucher to step in and show what he has.
  2. If he has the same mentality as last season he will be gone by Marchh.
  3. I hope Dano isn't the homer that Chico was ! Call it as it is !
  4. The refs have difficulty calling the game under the old rule what makes us them they will adjust to the new rulrs?
  5. Lots of money freeing up is good but it depends on how the new found money is spent. Lou's past track record of get older player on contracts that are too long and too expensive will put us right back into the same mess, just changing the players names.
  6. I need to think about this event. I am not sure I am tghat excited, but maybe.
  7. It is very difficult for me to evaluate an assistant coach for a generic coaching responsibility. The ones in charge of Goaltending, PK or PP that's easy but the one for offense or defense that's much more difficult for me because of the head coachs' involvement. Albelin has demeonstrated he has done a great job with the defensive players he has sent down to the big team. Personally, If Stevens quit because his ideas weren't accepted IMO that's wrong. I know DeBoer is the head coach but Lou is the arbitrator and these issues should have been worked out. I can only guess what his ideas were, us
  8. I agree with you while there is a risk of failure his upside potential for the Devils is worth more than the Devils could get for him in a trade. This is the wrong way to start out with the Devils it could hurt him in the long run unless he signs and has an outstanding season on defense along with some offense.
  9. According to Chere some players are saying that Stevens was disappointed that some of his strategies were not used after missing the playoffs two years in a row. Stevens hated the travel and being away from his family also the long hours at the rink so he felt that the travel wasn't worth it if his ideas weren't going to be used. His relationship with DeBoer was good.
  10. ""Scotty Stevens will not be coming back this year. There is nothing to read into," Lamoriello stressed. "It's not the organization. It's just a decision he made. "I'm sure it's not something that will be long term. I'm sure he will be back in coaching, hopefully here some day. It's just a personal thing. Personal or professional. Any way you want to look at it." Stevens had been reluctant in past years to accept an assistant coaching position because he did not want to travel so often. He agreed to return to the road as a member of DeBoer's staff in 2012. Albelin has been an assistant coach w
  11. "Brodeur, an unrestricted free agent, said several times previously he was looking to be a No. 1 goalie but would consider a lesser role if it were with a contender." Lou has said and is saying he speaks to Marty daily. Lou wonders if Marty wants to work full time in the front office. Lou say 1 of 5 retired players want to work full time, most would rather play golf or do other things. When Lou decided to move forward with the backup goalie position for the Devils he must have known that Marty didn't think that the Devils were going to be a "contender" as the Devils were configured at the
  12. I hadn't read this before today. I am very pleased for Pando. He always worked hard. Best wishes Pando.
  13. I am pleased we have him with out team.
  14. I don't see Bernier making it. Matteau and Boucher should be in Albany. Josefson .should make the team. I hope Gomez beats out Gionta.
  15. Have we ever had this type of situation where a player has hung because he thinks Lou has a deal with out signing him? Do we need this many forwards? What is Lou thinking? I know it not over until the end of the pre-season training camp but there seems t be a lot of confusion. Lou is sending mix messages.
  16. What I don't understand regarding Marty is what make him a good Devils office guy? He has a big ego! He is self centered! When has he demonstrated he can manage anything including his ego? Is this a loyality move? I think so. Does it benefit the Devils organization? I am not sure.
  17. What about the other teams? Is this all BS?
  18. I am sorry I don't understand what is going on here. Carter is better than Gionta and Bernier and Lou signed both but not Carter. Carter maybe wanted more and other teams were interested in him but he never signed anywhere and now he is a tryout with the Devils? What is going on under the table? Why should he risk injury during a tryout? I am confused. Help please.
  19. I think that is true. So he is looking. I think the Devils offered him a front office job but he is not ready to bite the bullet that he must retire. What's wrong with this?
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