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  1. Many more articles picking up about Devils withholding documents just copies of the same. This should bevan interesting trial in February 2017.
  2. Hynes is going to screw over Auvitu as DeBoer did Larsson.
  3. Don't you think he started out well and theN fell off as the defense git worse?
  4. If it's only McMullen I think that is a mistake if the event is to draw fans. We can all think of lots of players that belong.
  5. We will never know, especially Peter Chiarelli of Edmonton. Look at the trades he made in Boston. Happy New Year.
  6. Nice funny, But Keep Hall and start again
  7. IT'S only McMullen on Jan 9th correct?
  8. Who would you suggest and please don't say player?
  9. At Least during this game I fed my deer. so time wasn't wasted.
  10. First let me wish that each of you and your family have a healthy New Year in 2017. Health is so important. As for our roster some of this is hind sight but this is where I see us today. We should have traded Greene for Hall not Larsson. Our first line should have Hall on LW, then we need a center and RW Our second line Zajac as center and we need a RW and LW. Our third line has Henrique at LW and Palmieri at RW and we need a center. Fourth line Wood at LW with Parenteau at RW and we need a center Defense !st need two players 2nd line need two players 3rd line Autivu and need R player Goalie 1st need a goalie during rebuild 2nd Kinkaid Send to Albany: Zacha & Lappin Trade the following for picks or players or get rid of: Bennett, Cammalleri, Fiddler, Gadlic, Josefson, Kalinin, Savard, Smith-Pelly, Greene, Lovejoy, Merrill, Moore, Quincey, Severson, and surprise Schneider. Very tough task but if not we will live with this for 4 more years. Consider in two years we have only improved by getting Hall. Parenteau
  11. In two years during the rebuild we improved by only one player HALL. The younger talent we have gotten stinks. Having picks only works if you know what to do with the picks. Look at Zacha.
  12. I have been drinking it doesn't get any better
  13. Sadly I agree for what that is worth.
  14. I keep asking myself why do I keep watching this team, not a fair weather fan, but this is painful. It's not the players fault. This team lacks talent on offense and defense. This is not a rebuild all we got to rebuild on is Hall in two years with Shero and these owners.
  15. It sickens me to hear Dano and Steve saying that PAP has to get us back into this game. Who PAP, are you sh!tting me.
  16. What happening. just tune in, Moore hurt badly?
  17. We may have to send you to more games. Enjoy Giants gane
  18. Sorry but I didn't read where Chuck the Duck said anything about what draft pick we would accept. Mellow out please.
  19. Very good evaluation of this team or part of this team. It's a shame that Wood is playing this way, he is young so I hope maturity as a NHL player settles him down. I think he is overreaching without truly knowlng his position. We need help to at least look like an NHL team. Merrill, Mozilla, another player from Albany and Zacha won't accomplish much but might be more entertaining.
  20. It's nice to be listening to different announcers.
  21. There are many useless Devils players this season.
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