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  1. Let's play KK in the net for the afternoon game against Washington 12/31
  2. They wouldn't take him if we kept his salary.
  3. Was just going to post this, he has confidence
  4. Do you live in the Washington area? Hopefully you see good games.
  5. I was suggesting only temporary to adjust his head. We aren't going anywhere. Need to take A and get their heads screwed on right.
  6. Does it matter? We aren't making the playoffs so go for draft picks
  7. I never thought I'd say this but I am ready to let Schneider go we are wasting his time and we could get a value in return. For sure I would trade Cammy just not sure what we could get for him if anything. Henrique, we need to take the STAR status away from him. Bench him and drop him to the 3rd and 4th line to accomplish this. Same with Palmieri. Anyother changes don't matter if making the playoffs is a measurement.
  8. I don't recall him being this bad meaning, lack of consistency, in any other year with the Devils. This season he is scoring a hat trick or looking totally lost on the ice. I would say he looks totally lost 90% of the time this season. The coaches see it and they drop him down on occasion.
  9. You want to add Hall after his production has slipped? OK
  10. It's easier to post who shouldn't have a page. Zajac
  11. They know they don't have the offensive talent and that the defense has been weakened as a result of losing Larsson and acquiring defensive players that can't get the job done along with Severson and Merrill playing poorly and the only sign of hope is Auvuti and he was sent to Albany OR force to the bench with a lying IR excuse. Then there is Schneider and Kinkaid. So they care but understand it's an impossible up hill battle and are mentally beat.
  12. I don't agree that the players don't care. Improper training and conditioning poor line combo because of lack of talent with poor defense need new defensive coach.
  13. Not so sure I can accept that the brutal schedule as the reason this happened by New Years. Maybe 50% but even that is high. The team did not improve over last season IMO.
  14. Time to bump this up again as he can't pass or receive a pass or work a pick on the boards. Lost again
  15. Please don't gargle with Draino. It will give you bad breath.
  16. So much for the Christmas rest. Cammy is back to being a no show. Lots of players on for a ride.
  17. Let me offer you and yours a healthy and a prosperous New Year. May you have guidance from above to be a better person. We look forward to your invite next year.
  18. It's OK there is always next year it's rare that a wealthy white guy invites a black guy with his family for Christmas dinner. I am not going anywhere unless Trump deports me and my family.
  19. What time is Christmas dinner at your house that you invited me too.? Good luck with Lou as our secret agent
  20. Missed the Devils showing up for this game went to dinner with wife. Was easy to catch up however only 1 goal for and 4 against.
  21. Congrats to Jagr for getting 1888 points breaking the tie and claiming 2nd place. I don't see him getting to first place but quite an accomplishment for a 44 year old hockey player .
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