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  1. Interesting thank you for the personal info. Merry Christmas
  2. Lou's answer "status quo" I liked Mike he gave a lot of himself to the Devils and their fans. The "crash line" Peluso, Holik & McKay
  3. Is this a hobby for fun or investment? Will you pass them down to another generation? I assume from your post others do the same? Thanks for sharing.
  4. What time and what can I bring ? Do you and your family like egg nog? How many can I bring with me?
  5. I have read these charges before today I believe Peluso's lawyers are speaking the truth I also heard Peluso's speak about his issues and what happened while he was with the Devils "like you're OK get back in"
  6. Do you have any idea what you have invest in these shirts?
  7. Very good win enjoyable game not because of the shutout and win but both team played hard. On to Pittsburgh
  8. Since this is the last game before Christmas,......Merry Christmas everyone Be good to each other. Enjoy your family and friends. Got ahead of myself forgot Friday night's game, sorry, same thoughts however
  9. I like Mills Wood great addition, fast Speed kills, positive.
  10. What a period, do the same in the 2nd Devils.
  11. Sorry about your co worker, very nice post, timely. Thank you
  12. Imagine what happens when you have players in front of the net Goal
  13. Flyers PP is 0 for 13 however their PK is 16 for 16. Last 10 games 8-1-1 We have 3 games on them and they have 13 point on us so tonight is a 4 point spread if we win. Go Devils
  14. Go to TSN and read about how the NJ Devils held back medical history needed for Peluso's brain injury suit. www.tsn.ca
  15. Thanks I don't do twitter. I miss TG. AG not even close.
  16. JJ must have gotten that concussion banging his head against the bench. Where do you read TG? Thsnks
  17. So Shero says Hynes is here to stay. It's the players fault not enough grit. OK, no problem, then it's his job to deliver the players with talent and grit. IMO that's a hard job to do right now and even off season.
  18. I think what is happening is that it has been a long time of "bad" re Devils since 2003 maybe one exception when we were one goal from the cup with Kovy and Parise with DeBoer as coach. I think most Devils fans have accepted the rebuild but no one expected a regression this season from last that would be this bad and having Schneider playing so badly along with KK and the sh!tty defense we have to hurt them even more.
  19. The Devil's fans will determine the speed of the rebuild not the GM.
  20. Can you explain your version of the " tanking argument" ? Are You suggesting losing games on purpose to gain a better position in the draft? We are doing that naturally every game.
  21. I realized he was hurt, I and not so sure I believe these hurt reports for players, but even if he wasn't he would be benched. This team isn't going anywhere so let's dump the deadwood and play AHL players to see what we have within the rebuild. Haven't we seen enough?
  22. What does JJ learn while watching this team on the ice while he sits on the bench? He needs to play while some of these players that are doing very little take a trip to the bench. Can't be any worse. Or give him a chance and waive him along with DSP plus others. Bring on the AHL VB from Albany. We are moving in the right direction for the draft.
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