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  1. Hey everyone, we lost a game and didn't play well! The sky is falling!!! Dude, relax. They had a bad night. It happens to everyone.
  2. How was that not a boarding or roughing call?
  3. Good period overall. If not for Holtby, we'd have a 2 goal lead.
  4. Damn, Severson is really starting his career with a bang! Ugh...damn it.
  5. You're the first person I've ever heard that from!
  6. Where do you think the suck/swallow chant came from?
  7. Ugh. Same here. Don't blame FiOS, though...I reserve my disdain for Dolan. If the occasional SD hockey game is the price I have to pay for getting Optimum out of my life, it's worth it.
  8. Haven't been able to watch the last two games, finally get to watch tonight! LGD!
  9. As a new member, I will readily admit, I don't know as much about hockey as many folks here. I never played as a kid, and didn't really start habitually watching it until 6-7 years ago. Was more of a casual fan before that. I do know enough about sports, though, to know that you don't go benching players 2 games into an 82 game season, when you've won both games. Tuesday against Tampa will be a real test for us. I think we can win, but not if we continue to make mistakes and give up penalties. Hopefully we can be more disciplined.
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