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  1. fvcking pricks stole one in MSG, all they had to do was win in Pittsburgh and they move on. a$$holes are gonna make my life a livingg hell.
  2. Their breakouts were a thing of beauty, wish we could have one like that all season, they did it the whole game
  3. Should have been the second 2 man advantage of the game for Pitt(no call on the delay of game)
  4. Maybe Pitt can get back into it now. That was a bug goal
  5. I only dont despise 2 rags fans, and one of them i have never met before.
  6. The worst team that could have gotton the pick. fvcking awful management, done absolutely nothing with several #1's. fvcking disgrace.
  7. Not sure what the rule is. To me, that is unacceptable to have a two on one go uninterupted and the third man in not face any repercussions.
  8. Yes, this is what I have been trying to say.
  9. I know im a little late but how is it that Engelland is facing a suspension, but Hamuis gets away with nothing? That's absolutely unacceptable, and why did the ref allow a 2 on 1 fight to go on for a while? The whole thing was fvcked.
  10. Johnson is playing great tonight, kid has a fire in his heart.
  11. Ruutu has several tears left, the thing is we dont need the cap space, nor is Ruutu a problem in a bottom 6 role
  12. Are you saying he wasnt invisible last night? Because the only time I noticed him was when Hayes danced around him.
  13. Toews is never invisible like Crosby was last night. A leader and especially one who is supposed to be the best in the world, doesnt let that happen.
  14. I think Crosby is the most overhyped player in the league. Sure the guy is amazing and I defend him when rags fans say "he sucks." He is truly the best skilled player in the world but he is a terrible leader. Like someone had said earlier, I take Toews any day of the week
  15. Okay, good news is, if the rags olay the way did in the third tonight, next game, they will lose. Also, the flower looked good after the first. Bad news, no way in hell the rags play that bad, Crosby is just as invisible as Ryder, Malkin was skating in quicksand, and they have steve downie on the team.
  16. Yup Cause that was his fault.. yup
  17. Islander fan friend of mine is calling 5-2 Pens tonight. I was thinking more like 4-1 rags. Hope hes right
  18. How about that Bo Horvat fella.....
  19. This is why playoff hockey is the best.
  20. Jones just got blamed for his trip..
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