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  1. yeah but thats just numbers, if you watched the game you'd know or remember that Ottawa always had the puck and were overpassing so lots of shots never made it to the net. They we're still making breakouts like a hot knife in butter.

    Kind of like us controlling the play for a full shift around the boards but no shots on net at all lol

    Their breakouts were a thing of beauty, wish we could have one like that all season, they did it the whole game
  2. Probably because Engelland is a repeat offender I'm guessing? Although Hamhuis was the 3rd man in, which I always thought carried with it an automatic one gamer. Did that change?

    Not sure what the rule is. To me, that is unacceptable to have a two on one go uninterupted and the third man in not face any repercussions.
  3. Ruutu, isn't an issue, he is effective, and sets a physical presence. The Devils problems are related to their top 6 players, their bottom 6 is probably one of the strongest in the league.

    Yes, this is what I have been trying to say.
  4. I know im a little late but how is it that Engelland is facing a suspension, but Hamuis gets away with nothing? That's absolutely unacceptable, and why did the ref allow a 2 on 1 fight to go on for a while? The whole thing was fvcked.

  5. they both only have one year left plus the devils are going to have close to 40mil to spend next year. also buying them out will effect your cap for the next 2yrs

    Ruutu has several tears left, the thing is we dont need the cap space, nor is Ruutu a problem in a bottom 6 role
  6. you are certainly entitled to your opinion as long as you realize Crosby has a 1.2 ppg career in the playoffs and toews is .86. This while toews has been on some clearly better teams.

    And to be clear, I'm not saying one is clearly more clutch or a "better leader" than the other, but to claim Crosby is "invisible" is silly.

    Are you saying he wasnt invisible last night? Because the only time I noticed him was when Hayes danced around him.
  7. lol this is ridiculous how do you any knowledge of what kind of leader he is? Oh wait he was only named captain of team canada over toews himself, but you would know better right?

    My only takeaway is that there is no way Steve Downie should be in uniform tomorrow. He kills them with his PIM. When the pens were at even strength they were fine but they need to stay out if the box.

    Toews is never invisible like Crosby was last night. A leader and especially one who is supposed to be the best in the world, doesnt let that happen.
  8. By the way guys, I have Pittsburgh in 6. Maybe I'm seeing it with blinders, but I see a 4-2 Penguins win in game 2 and then a sweep in Pittsburgh. I think Crosby wakes up and explodes.

    I think Crosby is the most overhyped player in the league. Sure the guy is amazing and I defend him when rags fans say "he sucks." He is truly the best skilled player in the world but he is a terrible leader. Like someone had said earlier, I take Toews any day of the week
  9. Okay, good news is, if the rags olay the way did in the third tonight, next game, they will lose. Also, the flower looked good after the first. Bad news, no way in hell the rags play that bad, Crosby is just as invisible as Ryder, Malkin was skating in quicksand, and they have steve downie on the team.

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