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  1. Watching the isles game and that "music" they play during stoppages is beyond bad,and the stadium announcers annoying....I kinda feel sorry for their fans

    Worst announcing team in the league. I can't stand them. Worse than Micky and The Nose!
  2. Buying out Zubrus has nothing to do with money.

    Doesnt he have one year left? If you bring in a coach who doesnt play him in the top 9, you can deal with him eating up 4th line and pk minutes for one more year
  3. I posted this in wrong thread:

    With goaltending locked up lets lock up the "D" trade Gelinas, get Oduya bring up Helgeson to replace Fraser dump Fraser, dump Harrold and dump Salvador. Move up another young "D" and you have 7 "D" with depth in Albany.

    OK forwards are next that's the big problem.

    Crowe to LTIR

    Zubrus bought out

    Ruutu bought out

    Cammalleri stays

    Elias stays

    Bernier stays

    Gomez stays

    Havlet goes

    Ryder goes

    Henrique stays

    Josefson stays

    Tootoo stays

    Zajac stays.

    that's 8 offensive guys stay, We need to get 6 more.

    Keep Boucher and Matteau need 4

    Get Lucic from Boston with Boston retaining part of his salary give them Gelinas and a pick, Harrold and Fraser who knows what it takes. Devils trade with Boston and Boston trades with the Devils

    now we need 3 young guys one out of draft, need 2.

    This can be done Keep Gionta need 1.

    This can be done.

    Low scoring games because of goaltending and D and we add Lucic and another UFA with a short term contract.

    Absolutely no need to buy out Zubrus nor Ruutu. We dont have a cap problem, Zubrus has one year left (i believe), and Ruutu is serviceable as a bottom 6 guy
  4. All this talk of drafting BPA is irrelevant, really - when they win the draft lottery on Saturday it should be pretty obvious who they'll pick.

    A random two way forward nobody has ever heard of
  5. Except the last 3 or so years.

    He already pointed out how Lou has addressed every complaint we have had over the last several years. He will address this as well
  6. This type of thread has popped up in a few different areas, and I keep saying the same thing: Unless you can name a successor who improves our organization, then don't write how we need to get rid of him. Keep in mind the challenges he was saddled with the last few years. This organization was on the verge of bankruptcy. Parise even stated that the financial state of the Devs played a part in his decision. It wasn't too long ago that we were in the finals, and please don't make bs excuses about how that was a fluke. It is what it is, and it was what it was. Further, consider if you will, the completely unfair penalty we paid for signing Kovy. There were several players throughout the league signed to similiar deals, but only Jersey was penalized. That cost us a top 10 pick. But you know what, this could be a blessing in disguise. We have a new goal tending tandem that is arguably among the best in the league---when losing Marty, did you expect such a seamless transition or were you one of those screaming because we didn't re-sign Marty? Our defense is young---YOUNG and good. With Scott Stevens' tuteledge, the sky's the limit. Now we have to address offense. We'll certainly have cap space, although the FA market is slim pickings. We do have great defensive depth, and that will help land a forward or two, and then nthe draft. Finally, to the person who posted Glen Sather's name in the conversation...you've got to be kidding. How long has it taken to get where they are today? Let's not lose sight that as good as they look now, they still haven't won a thing since '94. Is THAT the "success" you want???

    This ^^
  7. I'm honestly scared guys. I thought last year's playoffs were tough to watch but this year.... I cannot handle the rags winning it. My life would be a living hell, and i'm sure most of yours would be too. I just do not think i can take it

  8. There should be an extra giveaway for Devils fans only tomorrow: all fans in Devils apparel will receive a set of brass knuckles, courtesy of JAG Physical Therapy... You wanna show real fan appreciation? Let Devils fans go to town on all the scumbag Rags bros who will predictably come in and act like they own the place tomorrow.

    I mean thats cool and all but no
  9. Don't tell their fans that, they're already planning the ticket tape parade and the 5 nights of banner raising for next year followed by 36 other pregame ceremonies commemorating this season and to retire 15 numbers from this team.

    This would have been funny if it wasnt so probable
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