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  1. Kreider is 6'3" 226 lbs according to hockey-reference so good luck on finding someone to 'police' him. He's not like Cooke or Rinaldo but one of these days he will hit someone from behind and injure them seriously and the book will be thrown at him.

    Didnt Chris Kelly fight him a month or so back? Gave him a nice beating if i remember correctly. Size doesnt mean youre a good fighter
  2. Why is this necessary? There's no need to call him a moron.

    The show clearly has a liberal bias, albeit one that has no business being placed on a pedestal as some sort of equal counterweight to Fox News' clear conservative bias, and if you're on the opposite end of the political spectrum it's possible that the show would be unappealing.

    Maybe you can say he has no sense of humor since you pretty much have to lack one to not enjoy the Daily Show, but stooping to name calling over a difference in politics is the exact thing that Jon Stewart railed against in the clip I posted as well as his entire career hosting his show.

    Hey thanks for defending me. Not that I dont have a sense of humor, its more that many people use him as a reliable source for news when clearly hes not. Some people take his word as gospel and not that of a comedian.
  3. I've always thought Kessel looked like a random person rather than an athlete. Similar to how I feel about Marty. I wouldnt call him a "fat ass peice of sh!t" like rags fans did to marty but hey phil never dominated my team for a decade and a half so

  4. I wonder how Jagr would do in an extended playoff run this season.

    His last one was with the Bruins several years ago, right? He didn't do so well then.

    Didnt play awful, had chances but pucks didnt go in for him
  5. Interesting to hear Lou be forthright about using those picks to improve the team in the coming months - I don't know how much can be done on that score. I'm going to count Gomez, Bernier, and Tootoo as signed for next year (and Zubrus not), so that leaves the team as something like:








    That's pretty dire all around. A center is really needed and they need to clear out a LW somewhere along the way.

    I see gelly being traded and another kid being called up, a veteran to go along side, then idk what he wants to do with the right wing situation
  6. Zidlicky is far from done. He was still our best overall defensemen by far.

    Are you high? He was barely our best offensive defenseman. Hes freat with the puck and all but cmon lets not be ridiculous
  7. I got a funny feeling we're going to end up with Martin St. Louis next offseason. 2 year deal...and hopefully he can put up 50 points in each of those seasons.

    Best target now is Boedker.

    I want zero part of St Louis. Guys a fvcking dinosaur, we dont need anymore players over 29. I would murder someone if it meant we could have Boedker though
  8. Zuccarello signing for 4/18 - is a real shocker. I mean jesus, who is this guy's agent and who is advising him? He left 10M, maybe more, on the table. Not happy - I was hoping the Devils would throw money at him.

    He is very overrated for what he does, not a tremendous amount of skill on his part. He has decent vision and playmaking ability but he isnt a great shooter and hes small. His greatest attribute is his hustle and locker room prowess
  9. I don't get along with half the fanbase. But there are some extremely knowledgeable and passionate NYR fans who aren't thrilled about trading Duke. I have noticed that most of my disdain comes with the know it all analytics corsi people. I find them obnoxious.

    Same here, on one of the other Devils fan boards I lurk in, whenever I come across a statistics no it all it really bothers me
  10. If the Rangers win the cup then the Rangers win the cup. Who gives a sh!t?

    Pretty sure most of us do, I can't speak for everyone but I live in New York and have never met a more self-entitled fan base in my life. Most that I have met(not all, that wouldnt be fair because I love Derek21) are completely ignorant to the game and think they are better than everyone else. If they won, I would have to move to another state(or continent)
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