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  1. Yes. I am always happy for Jagr when he scores. It's still a little hard getting used to that 68 in a ugly Panthers jersey. He was a good Devil who gave you a lot in Year 1 and ran out of steam this year. I wonder what he decides after the year is over.

    I think that depends on what he wants. I still am not sure if ice time or playing on a good team is more important to him
  2. Zidlicky better wave. If Timonen can get a 2 and a conditional 4, Zids may even fetch a late 1. At least a 2 and a 3.

    Lou needs to use a gun if necessary.

    Even though I love Zids, hes one of my favorite players, this could really be a great thibg for our future if we trade him
  3. Here are the top 4 goalies in the playoffs the last 4 seasons:

    Tuukka Rask 34 GP 1.92 0.936

    Braden Holtby 21 GP 2.04 0.931

    Henrik Lundqvist 57 GP 2.03 0.930

    Jonathan Quick 64 GP 2.01 0.928

    2 of those 4 have been Vezina winners in the past four years, 3 of the 4 have been nominees, and after this year it will be 4 of 4 as long as Holtby doesn't have a collapse.

    You won, happy?
  4. Furthermore,

    in last years playoffs the top goalies (min. 10 GP) were Rask, Lundqvist, and Price. The year before it was Rask, Quick, and Lundqvist. The year before that it was Quick, Smith, Holtby, Lundqvist. I'd say that's pretty on par with the regular season's best goalies. (side note: in 2011-12, the goalie who led the playoffs in save pct. with no minimum games played was none other than Mr. Cory Schneider at .960 in 3 GP :whistling:).

    In last years SCF Quick did not let in a goal in the third period of any game(if my memory serves correct). Thats amazing. He also played subpar in the regular season. Now, lets look at MAF, career regular season numbers are good(on mobile so i cant look up right now). Then we look at post season, actually we dont even have to look because everyone and their mother knows he sucks in the playoffs. Its a while nother game in the playoffs man
  5. Neb00rs, I think we had a miscomunication. I agree that Quick has very good playoff numbers. He does not however play that well in the regular season. That was my argument to your first post about goalies not being different in the post vs regualr seasons

  6. 45-31 2.22 GAA .923 SV% in the playoffs. Two Cups in the past three years. You were saying?

    Btw, Cory is much better than Quick.

    He plays marginally better in the playoffs than in the regular season, especially the last few years. No way in hell do I think Cory is a better goaltender that Quick. If he gets 1 more cup, hes in the conversation with top goalies in history including our own Marty Brodeur
  7. The difference in goaltending from the regular season to the playoffs is just overrated. Goalies are who they are and the best goalies during the season are the best goalies in the playoffs. Sure there might be a marginal 'pressure' effect (one that certainly never affected Marty) but for the most part calling Cory, 'unproven in the playoffs' is easy and really just not well...not a fair thing to do. If Cory had a history of bombing in the playoffs then fine, call him 'unproven'. Cory pretty much hasn't played in the playoffs yet, but in his 10 career playoff games he has managed a .922 save percentage. The fact that Cory has little playoff activity to his name, does not marginalize his value in the least.

    Quick is a prime example of why you are wrong in stating that "the best goalies during the season are the best in the playoffs"
  8. we're not getting anything for zids! no one is giving us a first or second! (fingers crossed)

    With what trades have been going on Zids would definitly bring back a second and possible first. However, I am 100% positive that he doesnt wave his NTC, so he wont get moved. That being said, if he does for some reason get traded for less I will post a piblic apology to you all for being wrong
  9. Depends on the trade. If I offered you a three way deal that gets you Malkin, Crosby and Ovechkin would you take it?

    it would take a superstar forward, this years 1st round pick(lottery eligible) and an above average goalie. nobody would give that much so its really a non issue
  10. Honestly if you could say you wouldn't consider it under any circumstances, you'd be the worst GM ever.

    anybody who wants to trade schneider right now would be the worst sports manager ever and would probably be mocked for the rest of his life
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