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  1. Not exactly relevent but does anybody else here get into fights(verbal) with ignorant rags(or any other team really) fans? It always seems that I overhear people talking about Hockey and how great or terrible a certain player is and for the most part their arguments are dumb and I must rebuttle them. Anyways just wanted to know if im the only one

  2. Ranger won't be getting any Tokarski/Pitt gagging up a 3-1 lead miracles this year

    anybody in the east can beat them. Especially the Islanders.

    The run end this year. The Rangers will not be in the finals in 2015

    God, i hope you are right. Last post season was hell on earth for me. Living with 3 ranger fans, seeing at least a dozen more daily. Made me sick to my stomach every single day. I cant go through that again
  3. The Rangers are mostly good and a little bit lucky. But let's not act like today was some enormous groundbreaking win or that the Rangers don't have warts and will cruise to another final. They're in the thick of the Eastern Conference clusterfvck and I can see them capable of beating...AND losing to just about any team in the East.

    Would it surprise anyone of the Rangers dropped a series to the Wings, or Blues, or Canadiens, or Lightning?

    And like last year a team like Anaheim, or St Louis, or Nashville or Chicago will be murder on them in the finals.

    This is the first time NYR beat the Isles this season. I don't like their chances against them in the playoffs. Tonight the Rangers played poorly defensively, Talbot was bad, but Halak just had a putrid game with about 4 bad goals.

    I shudder at the though cause i live in NY but i truly believe the Rangers will be in the finals again this year. Maybe its just because i hate them that i never seem to watch them lose but i really dont see them losing with Hank backstopping them in the playoffs. The islanders are too unproven in the post season/Halak isnt that good, Tampa also has many young guys/Bishop is having an off year so far, Wings are a question mark, and the only team i see beating them are Boston because they are just better all around and are the only team with a goalie that can truly compete with the queen
  4. And considering Lou was building around Kovalchuk, who left, you could make a case that the past couple years have been just as fluky as the cup run. Not trying to sidetrack this into a Kovalchuk debate, just saying if you're going to call our recent success a fluke, our recent failure has been just as fluky.

    Look, I think Lou made some huge mistakes (picking Matteau especially), and I'm hoping to God he sells at the deadline, and I wouldn't be crushed if he retired in the spring, but he's earned as much respect as anyone in his franchise, and it's ridiculous how some people here speak about him. Then again, some people here also sh!t on Marty and Nieds, so I guess it should be expected.

    Agree 100%
  5. Stick with Merrill. You have to hope that having either Severson or Larsson with him can get his game to where it belongs. It's unclear how good Zidlicky is anymore, so playing with him may not be helping. If Merrill's not the guy, so be it, but this team shouldn't be making any long-term commitments to a player over 29 this off-season.

    Plus, there's not much available. Andrej Sekera is good, then what? It's not a robust market.

    Id say 27-28
  6. The thought now becomes, how do you divide the minutes next season between Severson and Larsson. Severson was putting up elite numbers as a 20 year old with tough minutes. Does NJ sign a quality 2nd pair defensmen for Severson to play with or do you hope Merrill figures it out.

    Tough decision but for me I would hope Merrill figures it out, rather throw big money at a quality forward in the next few years than have it tied up in a defenseman. We have plenty of those in the cheap
  7. I only care about the on ice product. The playoff finals were a fluke as someone said. Missing the playofgs 4 out of 5 years and this being the absolute worse Devils hockey team, IMO Lou has run out of rope. I miss going to games but I am glad I didn't spend a dollar on this team.

    The playoff run wasnt a "fluke" it was the outcome of Brodeur getting hot at the right time(and at 40 years old wtf), Kovalchuk being the best player ive ever seen for those games, and everybody firing on all cylinders(salvador, CBGB)

    Edit: If you put that playoff bracket together with the same teams, I would bet money we make a similar run.

  8. This whole organization is really going downhill. For all Lou and the old regime has done...is done. Time to bring in a new GM who isn't afraid to tear it down. The one thing I admire about other teams like Toronto or Buffalo's management is that they call it what is it. Case in point, Toronto begins to clean house and get something back for what they have. If you look around the league at the 'state of the franchise', New Jersey is easily bottom 3 and up there for worst.

    For next year my ideal outline of the roster is:

    Cammalleri - Zajac - XXX

    XXX - Henrique- Boucher

    Elias - Josefson - Havlat

    Ruutu - Gomez - Matteau


    Greene - Severson

    Larsson - Merrill

    Gelinas - UFA



    And that is brutal. There are glaring top 6 winger holes and no top line center. But it what it is and until the 2015 1st (hopefully a center) and other draft picks fill in over time it is what is it. Hopefully a hockey trade can be made to flip a defensive asset (the one bright spot in the whole organzation) for a blue chip forward prospect.

    gomez isnt fit to be on that fourth checking line you put together
  9. Quick gets paid for what he does in the playoffs, last year he disnt let in a gial in the finals after the half way point of the second period in any games. You can say thats due to his team being hreat but he has to get some credit. He is a brick wall in the playoffs for the most part(disregard the first 3 games of the SJS series)

  10. Pronman's article on Crouse just came out. It's behind the paywall, but here's the link anyway.


    Here's the best snippet if you can't read the whole thing:

    This sounds kind of like Bobby Holik, without having the time to think of other comparisons. Obviously a very good player in his time, but not really what a team that can't score to save its life really needs.

    The only player i can think of nowadays is maybe David Backes over in STL?
  11. I've been wondering almost the opposite here.

    Let's say the Devils somehow win the draft lottery again. Buffalo finishes last and gets the #2 pick, Edmonton second-worst and is sitting at #3.

    Do you call up Edmonton and say "You guys just went from having either McDavid or Eichel to neither. Blow me away." and see if you can pull multiple pieces to fill some pretty glaring holes in this team (and future draft picks) and give up McDavid in the process? Or do you thank your lucky stars that you somehow won your second lottery in four years and take McDavid and go from there? I feel like you've gotta at least see what you can pry from them, assuming that they and their fans are gonna be livid after another season of misery, to miss out on the two generational players in the draft, and might be willing to do something stupid.

    It's all a huge hypothetical anyway, but so is this thread in general, so why not.

    You thank your lucky stars, give McDavis his jersey, get the fvck out, start building a hickey team around that stud, Cory, and the defense
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