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  1. Wasnt Travis votes most underated by the players a few years back? I might be completley making that up and im too lazy to check, I know its not points but obviously he does something right

  2. Watching the Rangers vs Panthers game. Lundqvist just drew an interference call where it looked to me like he was never touched and went down on his own.

    This coming after the rags scored a flukey goal that deflected past Luongo off a defender's stick to make it 4-3.

    That whole game was bullsh!t luck for the rags
  3. Maybe it's just me but they have been showing the past cup wins a lot this season and I'm just sick of it cause of how bad this current team is.

    Yea it kinda makes us look like the Rangers, trying to flaunt something that happened over 20 years ago. i don't like it
  4. "But everyone is against the rangers brah. The refs purposely cause us to lose brah. The league is against us brah." Basically every ranger fan I've ever met. Pisses me the fvck off how they truly believe that, yet this a$$hole gets away with almost murder

  5. I was hoping Kelly would knock him out. I hate that ugly, smug, cheap, little fvcking bitch. To make it worse the Bruins didn't even get a powerplay. I swear the league doesn't give a sh!t about what this little prick does and it makes me sick. Thank god the rags got spanked tonight.

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