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  1. First stretch? Where have you been for the last 5 years. Outside of a cup appearance this team has had a pretty steady trajectory, and it's been terrible.

    I feel like the red wings aren't to far off from being us. There core is definitely dwindling and they are no doing a great job replacing players. I could easily see them in our exact position in a few more years.

    when datsyuk and setter berg retire in the next few years, they're going to be us(maybe a little better)
  2. I guess you missed the part where I posted IF he keeps playing to his current level, IF he stays healthy, and IF the Penguins can continue to be a good team. He's right where Marty was at almost the same point in his career. We know from a pure durability standpoint, Marty was an absolute freak...the 688 wins alone don't flesh out his greatness as much as they show that he was able to play an insane amount of games on consistently competitive teams.

    Let's face it, I could have posted the exact same thing about Marty when he won his 300th, and you could've posted the exact same response. None of us could've predicted that Marty would've gotten BETTER from a puck-stopping standpoint in his early-to-late 30s, but that's what happened.

    Anyway, the reason I posted the "Huh? Him?" comment is because Fleury clearly isn't great. Just that we can even discuss him having a shot at 550+ is a testament to the very ideal situation he's been in for most of his career. And yes, we know all it takes is a major injury or his team being lousy for the 550+ talk to end.

    the only way fleury has a shot is if he stays with a very good regular season team, and the only reason he has a shot is because of his great shootout performances(Marty never had a chance to play in those for most of his career
  3. I haven't seen it with severson lately. Yes, he's getting his shots but he and Greene have been ordinary at best lately - at least to the eye test.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again now. Severson is playing average but you could not have expected him to play at such a high level for very long. Also, most of you seem to forget that a 19 year old playing 20+ minutes a game against top competition is amazing in itself, and he is the most composed dman we have when he plays the puck. This kid is going to be a fvcking stud.
  4. I said Larsson or Gelinas. I don't think Ottawa would want to add any salary - they are a salary floor team.

    I would rather give up Gelly instead of Larson, i don't know why I really never got hyped for gelinas. His sh!t is unbelievable but his all around game is way too poor
  5. The Devils have a lot of problems right now, but I'd like to focus on just one because I think it's the most fixable.

    The Devils have used 7 right wings so far this season: Jaromir Jagr, Martin Havlat, Michael Ryder, Damien Brunner, Jordin Tootoo, Steve Bernier, Mike Sislo, and Stephen Gionta. Of these, the first 5 are UFA next year. In addition, the Devils really have nothing at the minor league level at RW - they have Mike Sislo, who looks like a competent NHLer, but he's not going to be the kind of guy who wins and loses games for you. So right wing is really a position they need to upgrade, and they need to be able to get young, cheap talent at RW, because clearly they are going to have to have some old, expensive talent at that position as well.

    In addition, I think Damon Severson's emergence is obviating the need for Eric Gelinas. I like Gelinas's skill set a lot but so far he is a disaster at even strength. With Hraberenka and Scarlett potentially having some of those skills behind him and Severson already jumping ahead of him in terms of PP responsibility, the Devils can potentially sell high-ish on Gelinas while the league hasn't figured it out. I don't like giving up on him, but I don't see many alternatives right now.

    Let's look at the UFAs at that position this coming off-season, other than the guys I already mentioned - and here I am only considering right-shooting right wings:

    Justin Williams

    Drew Stafford

    Joel Ward

    Steve Downie

    Mike Santorelli (C/RW)

    Blake Comeau

    Tyler Kennedy

    So that looks rather unpleasant also.

    There are some more veteran RWs I might be interested in, but the guys I would like the Devils to investigate are:

    C/RW Mika Zibanejad (OTT): Zibanejad has gotten off to a slow start in Ottawa. He's being used at center but his shot rate is way down so far this year and he's got players like Mike Hoffman, Mark Stone, and Curtis Lazar coming up behind him. Ottawa is desperate for defense - I wonder if they'd be interested in either Adam Larsson or Eric Gelinas in exchange for Zibanejad.

    RW Jeremy Morin (CHI): I have absolutely no clue what Chicago would want for Jeremy Morin, but this guy generates all kinds of shots. If they wanted to trade Kris Versteeg I'd be interested in that too. I might deal Merrill for Morin and something extra - Chicago has Glendening for their offensive needs, but with Oduya probable to leave and Hjalmarsson starting to perhaps age into the unpleasant part of a defensive D's career, they may need someone like this.

    RW Kyle Palmieri (ANA): He turns 24 this year and has never really gotten his shot at regular time on Anaheim. I don't know what Anaheim needs - quite possibly nothing, so this may be moot - but whatever it is, I'd like to snag him. I know he was a Rangers fan growing up but so was Santini. I might be willing to go something like Jagr and a 4th round pick for Palmieri later in the year if the team continues on its current trajectory. I might trade Boucher for Palmieri and a 3rd round pick but that's the kind of deal that's unlikely to go down.

    Those are just 3 guys - there's others, but these players don't seem to grow on trees and the Devils just don't have one in their system - they have too many players who shoot left-handed. They need a young guy who has plenty of RFA time left.

    sucks that Palmieri was a rags fan but I believe he grew up in NJ so that could be a selling point for a resign(I know I'm looking far in advance but still)
  6. You're keeping pretty much 95% of our roster that other teams would want to deal for. Who else of any sort of value do we have?

    No team wants to help New Jersey "build" unless Henrique, Severson, Gelinas, or Schneider are on the table. You really think Brunner or even Jagr carry all that much value come February?

    Jagr yes
  7. If it comes to that, someone else will have to score in the shootout. You can't base a game's preparation on what may or may not happen in a shootout

    I'm just saying that him snapping our losing streak should be enough to keep him in the lineup for this game, never mind how good he had looked over the last few games
  8. I'd prefer Josefson in but I don't think it's a big deal if he sits here and there. We tend to focus too much on the day to day. Big picture, he's played very well for a bunch of games and he will play plenty more

    true but the team we are playing tonight is the only team we have beat in a shootout in 2 seasons. Who scored that shootout goal? Josefson. He should be in besides the shootout thing but that should basically cement his spot in tonight's line up at the very least
  9. Dude.... Do you think they know that? They made it to the conference finals and the only reason in their mind they didnt win the cup is cause Price was injured.

    Now all i see on my wall is screenshots of the standings showing the Habs first in the league, goals / penalties, / saves or any announcements all game long and sh!t like that.... it makes me want to quit fb almost but i need it to deal with my clients all the time.

    if they had price I think they would have won against the rags but no way in hell was any team in the east ,other than Boston, even in contention to win the cup
  10. At this point I will take 1 Rangers suck chant per period (even though I would rather have that chant gone completely). I heard it the last game at least 3 times per period and I heard "Let's go Devils" just twice the entire game.

    yea I was at the last game and it did seem a bit excessive
  11. Lundqvists save percentage's the past several seasons

    11-12 .930

    12-13 .926

    13-14 .920

    14-15 so far .910

    Looks like a decline to me. He is still a top goalie but he is not the dominant force he used to be.

    11-12 was there best year to win the cup with Lundvist playing at a level he may never reach again. Still they probably wouldn't have taken LA that season either

    well quick played out if his mind that year, even he can't replicate what he did in those playoffs
  12. Take this current team and the rangers team in 5 years tho... All their core players will still be there and producing, they are way more balanced than we are at the moment.

    St. Louis will be gone, IMO he's their best player besides the queen. Speaking of the queen, do you really think he's going to be playing at his level in 5 years? I really doubt it. Yes they have forward youth but their d corp is average at best and non of their prospects are going to be elit players(most likely)
  13. How does that make them better? They lost tonight so now they have one more loss than we do unless you don't count OT losses as losses, which is bs. You could argue that we're no better than the Rangers, but I'm not sure how you can argue that they're clearly better than we are. They've allowed 5 more goals than we have and have only scored 4 more than us, so they even have a worse goal differential. They also have one less ROW than we do, which means we have pretty much every tiebreaker over them.

    I would argue that we are more sound defensively and possession but they have more speed/talent up front and a slight edge in the crease(although he hasn't been playing like it) overall we are pretty close to the same caliber team as the rags
  14. LMAO we're the last group that should ever comment about Homer's. Since Doc left everything has gone to sh*t.

    Imagine Girardi coming back from that hit 10 mins later when some guys tear themselves up jumping over the boards. #TeamToughness

    we have homer announcers too, yes, but ours at least know the game. Have you ever heard Sam Rosen talk? He saiid like a fvcking idiot babbling on and on. It actually makes me mad that he makes a lot if money doing something that he is so terrible at.
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