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  1. I feel like this proves that Kessel is a locker room cancer. When was the last time the Pens looked this bad in the regular season?
  2. i should rephrase: i fvcking hate the rangers fans in my family
  3. i love kalinin merrill played well in recent memory and he's only a kid. gio on the other hand has not had a good game since 2012
  4. Schneider is a God on a team of peasants
  5. someone please hit me with their car that powerplay was brutal
  6. i mean, what the fvck did you expect
  7. i remember you saying it, i totally new it was going to happen as well
  8. he cant anticipate him missing the puck, clean hit
  9. I hope he isn't hurt badly obviously but I never want Minnesota LW #11 to win anything.
  10. Someone doesn't understand what a sophomore slump is...
  11. Two posts but they look good all arounf right now let's keep it up
  12. With Giordano and Hamilton on the back end, adding a player like Stamkos would make them deadly. Him and Johnny hockey would be great to watch as well.
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