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  1. Patrick Kane Target of Rape Accusation

    Okay, I'm going to tread carefully here because the internet has proven time and again that it's uber fvcking sensitive when it comes to these types of issues. But I personally am going to wait until more details are released before I either crucify the guy, or say the girl is "crying wolf". Because, in my mind, it's pretty easy to believe either potential side of the story:

    a) Star professional athlete uses his reputation to force himself on someone


    b) Woman hooks up with star professional athlete, and claims a false-rape to tarnish his reputation, and/or make some money.

    Bad PR year for the NHL regardless.

    agreed on everything you said
  2. The irony is literally killing me.

    I made a point to state that I am not religious as to not make it seem like I'm an offended Christian. I'm just annoyed at those who decided to "mock this thread(for lack of a better word) instead of actually contributing to it.
  3. Since you used the word "atheist" in your post, I'll respond.

    What did I say that was so out of line? I prefaced my post by stating that I'm an atheist, mostly to show that all I was really going on with regards to Moses was what DP26 stated in his opening post...to show that since I don't have the background on Moses' story that DP26 does, my Chico comparison may be flawed. But I thought the question was interesting enough to take a stab at it, based on what Moses represents in this context. I didn't say anything remotely derogatory about religion or the Bible at all.

    Neb00rs clearly has a firmer grasp on the nuances of Moses' story than I do, so he was able to give a "better" answer. I don't know if that's based on his being religious or simply being interested in religion without practicing any himself, but again, my whole point here is that DP26 came up with an interesting question and I thought it was worth answering, and I thought it best to be honest about my background so he could understand where I was coming from with an answer. That's it. Not trying to start a crusade against religion or anything like that.

    My post was directed at whoever posted the simpsons gif and those who responded to that without giving any productive response to this thread.
  4. Why do several of you find it nexessary to give your religious imput? He didn't say that it was real or you had to believe the story. He was simply relating it to a common connection that is made. People like you are the ones who give athiests a bad name. Nobody wants to hear what you think about the bible. This coming from someone who is not religious at all.

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  5. I wasn't even aware that Clarkson was traded to Columbus. How do that have cap space for that albatross?

    They trade Horton's contract to Toronto because their owner's deep pockets don't mind paying a player who won't play ever again.
  6. What's anyone gonna learn from Gionta, how to ask tall people to get things down from the high shelves for them?

    How to hustle and never stop moving, always be in passing lanes, Gio gets good opportunities but he has zero finish.
  7. I was talking to my brother last night at the store by my house about how Kessel has a good chance to score 50 next to Crosby. Some ranger fan was walking by and scoffed, then told me "Cmon man, Crosby sucks and Kessel is wayyyy overhyped. Maybe he gets 30." It just always seems like the rags fans are the ones who think Crosby is awful. The same Crosby that got Chris Kunitz to 40 goals.

  8. I only recognize his name from the EA NHL franchise. Never pans out in my GM modes :lol:

    Prospect / AHL depth.

    I never came across him in any of my GM Modes to my knowledge haha

    Edit: Yes I have, his potential was terrible so I hope he is better than EA thinks

  9. Who is @BColes25, he tweeted thank you to the devils for signing him and TG said it was probably the first time someone announced their signing with the team. Does anyone know anything about him?

  10. Been watching some Lawson Crouse highlights and interviews. He's starting to really grow on me, just wish he was a center or right wing.

    Been watching some Lawson Crouse highlights and interviews. He's starting to really grow on me, just wish he was a center or right wing.

    Been watching some Lawson Crouse highlights and interviews. He's starting to really grow on me, just wish he was a center or right wing.

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