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  1. Whole heartedly agree with this
  2. I would murder people to have Austin
  3. Even if he wasn't a ranger, I hate him.
  4. Pretty sure Pittsburgh haf only injured players in that lineup lol
  5. How is that the biggest problem that you pulled from that ludicrous idea?lol
  6. Another lady called and said that the penalty kreider took after stamkos hit mac was a "good penalty to take"
  7. While I would like to agree with you, I think we only feel that way because we are exposed to it more than other fan bases. Pittsburgh seems to have some really dumb fans as well.
  8. Someone called up wfan like 20 minutes ago and said that the rags should trade "Nash and draft picks for Evgeni Malkin." I don't know whether to laugh or puke. Just shows the stupidity of some of the fans.
  9. I really just want to point out that Callahan had a great game last night, he was all over the place.
  10. He did say "CASH MONEY!" but he could have lied. I honestly have no idea. And I never want to wish injury in someone but if he got hit by a bus, I wouldn't be sad.
  11. Yea, how someone that stupid comes across enough money to pay 4500 for one ticket is beyond me.
  12. Lol did they forget Malkin played those 5 games with a fractured leg? Or how about that like 4 guys on Tampa have the flu or some sh!t. I hate everything about the rangers, from their owner to their douchebag fans
  13. Refs dont even care anymore, they should just wear rags jerseys
  14. maybe tampa gets a pp soon? like fvck, the refs arent even trying to hide their bias
  15. If mac is really hurt i feel bad but thank god
  16. Thats it, thats the summary. fvcking hate everything about that team and its fanbase Marty wasn't nearly as dominant though, as he got older. As I said, if Hank loses even half a step, that team is one and done.
  17. Hank is 34, this is a one or two more times max kinda thing. If he loses even half a step, this team is out in the first round.
  18. I'm thinking of picking up alcoholism as a hobby after tonight.
  19. I never got mad at that(I defended the guy who made the joke) and I didn't mean that like that. More along the lines of how laughably biased Rooney is towards the rags
  20. I just hate the fvcking fans, nothing to do with the current state of the Devils. It's the self entiteld douchebag fans that are laughing right now. Yea that's actually happening inside my household at the moment.
  21. Well Bishop sucks, Rooney literally sucks(AV's cock in the locker room) and well the rangers played the trap.
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