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  1. I seem to recall that Merrill hearing had some bad interviews in addition to the baggage he already had.

    But otherwise, I think the point is that it's not hard to not shoot yourself in the foot during an interview, and it's a bad sign if you do. Sort of like how I feel about athletes that get suspended for smoking pot. For the most part, I don't see anything wrong with smoking pot, but it shows poor impulse control if you're willing to risk at least a six-figures and sometimes seven figures because you really needed to get high.

    It's not the be-all, end-all, but it's just one more thing that might help tip the scale between one player or another.

    Whole heartedly agree with this
  2. Doesn't mean he actually has money, he could have just as easily charged it to a credit card and is in debt now. Which makes a lot more sense considering how dumb he sounded.

    He did say "CASH MONEY!" but he could have lied. I honestly have no idea. And I never want to wish injury in someone but if he got hit by a bus, I wouldn't be sad.
  3. Lol did they forget Malkin played those 5 games with a fractured leg? Or how about that like 4 guys on Tampa have the flu or some sh!t. I hate everything about the rangers, from their owner to their douchebag fans

  4. Layered defense brah. Great defensive hockey brah. Revolutionizing the sport brah.

    Thats it, thats the summary. fvcking hate everything about that team and its fanbase

    Marty was capable until he was 40. Hank could carry this team for another 4-5 years. It's not impossible. The thing that sucks is our forward prospects are garbage and I have very little faith in Lou and Conte finding us offensive talent in the draft (I say Lou because Shero is likely taking his cue from Lou until he feels confident enough to take over).

    Marty wasn't nearly as dominant though, as he got older. As I said, if Hank loses even half a step, that team is one and done.
  5. Dude, we're not winning anything for the next 4-5 years. We have zero scoring and the facelift won't happen overnight. Meanwhile, these d-bags will probably go deep into the playoffs every season from now until 2020.

    Hank is 34, this is a one or two more times max kinda thing. If he loses even half a step, this team is out in the first round.
  6. You get upset over someone making a cancer joke but then you make a homophobic joke. OK.

    I never got mad at that(I defended the guy who made the joke) and I didn't mean that like that. More along the lines of how laughably biased Rooney is towards the rags
  7. I just hate the fvcking fans, nothing to do with the current state of the Devils. It's the self entiteld douchebag fans that are laughing right now. Yea that's actually happening inside my household at the moment.

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