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  1. He made a great save on Brassard after coming in. Frankly, I would be better than Bishop at this point. At least I know how to squeeze a glove. But I absolutely do not expect Tampa to win. Bishop gives them actually zero chance.
  2. The only way they win game 7 is if Bishop sits. fvcking makes me want to vomit
  3. its the hank everyone difference in every series. This team does not deserve the finals
  4. still can't believe these a$$holes are actually playing the trap
  5. strategy brah, we had to brah, at least we score brah....
  6. Rooney wearing his rags jersey yet or?
  7. rags are gonna show why teams like that dont win
  8. bishop fvcking sucks, first shot on goal
  9. Alrighty, I just don't understand people who can't distinguish between jokes and reality. But it is what it is.On another note: The Ducks look great right now, not sure if the rags can handle the physicality plus the scoring talent they have.
  10. Pretty sure it was a joke and he doesn't actually want him to get cancer
  11. i remember watching that video last year lol may the rags never win a cup again
  12. I love Doc, he is the only announcer that I can stand.
  13. Eddie is, pierre is just a moron always anyway
  14. Absolutely amazing passes. Morrow might be the worst olayer in the league
  15. Can I just point out how fvcking stupid that Stanley Cup puzzle is? Like jesus that's absolutely ridiculous. Also, MSG showing replays of the slash on Johnson "Johnson gets hit by the stick of Hayes...now onto the next goal" like they didn't point out that it was dirty. Then showing Glass being a dickhead at the end of the game thinking he's going to be a tough guy after his team finally scores a few goals. Calling it "nice chippy play" I hope that whole chanel gets aids
  16. Regular season doesn't mean sh!t. Playoffs are a whole different game.
  17. Anyone know if hes of at least average speed?
  18. Epitome of the rags the last 2 years is this game right here. Get absolutely raped the whole game except in goals. fvcking Bishop sucks
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