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  1. "Every 'king' has an assassin." Just so happens, Hank has 3 of them
  2. All I know is that Marty never would have let up 4 unanswered after having a 2-0 lead.(im his prime that is)
  3. 6 past hank 2 nights in a row? get the fvck outta here, its over already
  4. yea a lot of you are getting a bit carried away
  5. Typical rangers, get dominated the whole game and still win.
  6. Rags are gonna score with like 2 minutes left. fvck I hate hockey
  7. "But the refs are always out to get the rangers" go fvck yourself
  8. Bishop is a rock, Johnson holy sh!t, Hedman what a pass. Game summary
  9. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim are gonna absolutley rape anyone coming out of this series anyways. I don't want the rags in the SCF again, but hell, the best goalie is gonna get you far.
  10. We thought that last year too, then LA did their thing.
  11. Can you blame him? I can't speak for him but suicide is probably better than living in New York during this sh!t.
  12. Hey I'm in Holbrook! You aren't alone
  13. Long Island here, I only know 2 other devils fans so I don't even count that as a precentage lol. Probably 65% rags to 35% Isles
  14. He had one bad game, and even that can be mostly attributed to defensive collapse.
  15. rags fans are the epitome of entitlementrags get dominated Wednesday but win 2-1
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