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  1. i laughed harder than i should have, then i got sad
  2. Hank is too good to let in another
  3. How the fvck do you dominate a period the. come out flat as can be. disgusting
  4. Kelowna is Severson's former team correct?
  5. Well he is the owner so he does call the shots. Nothing in there really leads me to believe hes getting too involved, I think he will let Ray do his thing but I think hes just passioate and wants this team to win.
  6. Series is fvcking over, Ovi is back to his old ways of not giving a sh!t. God damnit
  7. He's tough and had his good moments this year. Not a bad signing.
  8. Well, Holtby is a God at the moment.
  9. Alright, LETS fvckING GO CAPS! DO THIS!
  10. Caps need to put the nail in the coffin tonight
  11. When two of the best players in the league just up and leave, what are you supposed to do? Lou is not at fault for this, he built a competitive team. The cards did not fall the way he had planned.
  12. Ovi needs to wake the hell up. He hasnt looked nearly as good as he was in MSG
  13. Pretty sure they were chanting today until he scored that sick goal.
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