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  1. What did you want him to do? He has an obligation to the fans and the players to put the best on ice product he can. This season was a disaster, but the lockout shortened year and the following year, the Devils were a good team that were screwed over by bad luck.

  2. By the same token the reason we haven't been competitive in 3 years is because of Lou

    When two of the best players in the league just up and leave, what are you supposed to do? Lou is not at fault for this, he built a competitive team. The cards did not fall the way he had planned.
  3. Caps have em in a good spot. Rangers can't play that desperate every game, and it almost wasn't enough as is. Gassed in the third. Keep trotting McDonaugh out there 25 minutes a night and he's going to wilt. Yandle and Boyle can't get out of their own way.

    Funny, haven't heard "Ovi sucks" in a while. The thunderous tapping of Blackberries and iPhones ('7', 2012) must have hurt the Caps today

    Pretty sure they were chanting today until he scored that sick goal.
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