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  1. He said as much and even said he doesn't see the next Datsyuk in the future. He doesn't want to be a coach of a fringe team that MIGHT make the post season, he wants a contender.

    At least that's my impression from his post game interview.

    And frankly, if anyone thinks we are that team, you need to see a drug dealer or get fitted for a coat with the sleeves tied together at the back...

    True, and surprising he doesn't see a little bit of Datsyuk in Nyquist. Kid has the potential to be great.
  2. Well, if he thinks Detroit's roster is aging I can't imagine what he'd say about the Devils' forwards. The search for a coach could be really interesting this summer with some of the candidates that are already, and could potentially, be out there. I'm still hoping Dave Tippett shakes lose from Arizona somehow.

    I think by aging he means the big guys like Datsyuk, Kronwall and Z.
  3. Only thing is they didn't leave. Cally was traded. Boyle and Stralman by all accounts wanted to come back, would take less money to stay, and Sather didn't want them. He made a mistake with Stralman, not so much on Boyle. If Dan Boyle had signed elsewhere, they probably re-sign Stralman.

    B.Boyle was good for them but wasn't missed due to Hayes/Brassard stepping up and Dom Moore is a solid 4th liner as usual. Stralman>>>>>>Dan Boyle imho
  4. Did you watch that series? They scratched out one goal wins against a team that was a full step slower and couldn't seem to make the absolute simplest of plays. Maybe they'll be able to bring their game up to what the Caps will offer, a lot of teams will play just well enough to win. I think the biggest mistake people will make is giving Lundqvist a massive edge over Holtby. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but Holtby was an absolute horse all year, and his compete level against the Isles was insane.

    Matchups don't work the way you're implying they do. Just because they went 7 against an inferior team doesn't mean much of anything, especially with the competitive balance of the NHL. I think Vancouver would have a way better shot at knocking off Anaheim than Calgary does, but I had the Flames in 5 over Vancouver. It's all about individual matchups. A team that gets knocked out in the first round could very easily make a cup run in a different part of the bracket.

    I think it's a close series. I think I'm so biased that even when I try to take an objective look, I subconsciously give the Caps the edge every time. Even in a place outside of my fantasy land where the Rangers do have the edge, it's undeniably a close matchup.

    This is so accurate in every aspect.
  5. He hasn't had this much roster flexibility in a LONG time. So many things he can do to improve the team.

    Here's another thing. A lot of you are calling for his head if we don't make the playoffs next year. But you'd also be calling for his head if we trade someone like Merrill or Santini. We can't keep all of our defensemen. And Merrill or Santini or Gelinas even can bring back some good assets. If we wanna make the playoffs, we have to look to trade one of those guys. If we don't, we're gonna be stuck for a little while. And I can tell many of you don't have enough patience to go through 3 or 4 more years of this.

    Bottom line, we can't have it both ways. We built up the defense for a reason. Now it's time to do something with it. Trading a Merrill or Gelinas or Santini would help speed up the rebuild process provided he finds the right deal.

    I've been saying it practically all season long. Wait until September before judging this team. I guarantee we won't be going into next season with only 13 players.

    Another question is, when was the last time Lou was responsible for setting the team back? The answer is never. What set the team back was Kovy bailing, and Parise signing for Minny. Neither are Lou's fault. One was the fault of JVB, and the other was the "fault" of Parise.

    I would not trade Santini unless the return is big
  6. He is no longer an NHL player. He took too many penalties and has zero impact on offense. If he's on the team next year it's a canary in the coal mine that Lou has lost it, he's jettisoned players he loved for better performances than what Zubrus gave last year. It's one of the worst seasons a Devils forward has ever had when you consider how many minutes he played.

    I'm not suggesting we keep him him in his current role, he sucks. Just think a buyout is stupid at this point, doesn't really make much sense. If you wanted to buy him out before this season then yes, but in this situation, I don't think so.
  7. Buy him out. He's awful awful awful.

    I dont think you understand what a buyout is used for. We are not spending to the cap, he has one year left on that contract, he can be used in a 4th line/pk role. I don't know how much clearer to make it, I've said it too many times.
  8. The only thing I disagree with is I would not buy out Zubrus other than that I agree with everything you said

    Seriously, I dont understand when people say we need to buy out zubrus, he can play 4th line and pk minutes. He only has one year left so i dont understand. You are one of the only people here who agree with me.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn't see that much wrong with Kronwall's hit last night? Kucherov was leaning down into it, it seems. Short of counting the strides and saying it was a charge (which I haven't done), I don't see it as suspendable.


    Good old fashion Kronwall, the game is becoming a bitch sport. They need to let these hits go unless its REALLY bad.
  10. Tampa has scored 10 goals in the series against Mrazek, who has 2 shutouts. Johnson has 4 of the 10. The other goalscorers are Boyle, Palat, Nesterov, Filppula, Killorn and Sustr all tied with 1. No goals for Stamkos and none for Callahan nor Kucherov, who had his breakout. Stamkos has 2 assists and 17 shots. Callahan has 2 helpers and 8 shots. Kucherov has 1 assist and 11 shots. That isn't going to get it done against a hot goalie.

    Gotta hand it to Detroit for containing those guys. On the other side, Datsyuk and Zetterberg have not been controlled at all.
  11. The most disappointing aspect is the play of Stamkos. Not one goal and he takes a bad penalty that finished them off. Datsyuk beat Bishop thru the wickets. Speaking of underachieving. That's supposed to be Tampa's best 2 players. Full credit to Detroit. Babcock is a genius. He selects Mrazek and he has 2 shutouts. If not for Johnson's heroics, that one is over.

    Completely agree Steven has been invisible, Johnson is carrying the team.
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