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  1. Isles will not win this game or the series. They are flat out bad defensively and beat up, and allow late choke goals like clockwork. They would have little chance against the Rangers. Maybe that would be different if they had Hamonic and Visnovsky, but losing Hamonic killed them.

    Caps-Rangers will be a really good series. Holtby is very good and will give NYR a lot tougher time than Halak who is proving himself to be an inconsistent sieve

    lol 2-1 isles
  2. I saw it. Johnson has been the best Lightning the entire year. Somehow, he was overlooked for the Selke. Same old script from blind writers who don't do their homework. I'd have put him and Nash in over Kopitar and Bergeron. Not a knock on either. But their teams didn't make the playoffs and neither had great years.

    True, I just thought it was awesome that we were talking about him a few days ago and he basically did it all hinself in that game.
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  3. Little kids like you. Stick to crying about everything if it makes you feel better..

    Ok lol people are going to obviously be upset if the rags do well, this is in fact, a devils forum. Y'know, the rival of the rags. I dont understand why youre being such a prick.
  4. Well. Which team do we want facing 'em in the second round, it's about that time, lol.

    Neither but I have to choose Islanders, the rivalry factor alone will get them to play well. Plus, i have seen the rags beat ovi too many times already
  5. Salty much..... Too funny seeing all the whining here. Off seasons are painful when the team sucks and goes golfing early on. Flip the channel if it's that bad. Pick another game. Or carry on whatever works.

    What the fvck is your problem? If you dont like the conversations then leave. Simple.
  6. I'm a firm believer that Hanifin will still go top 5. CAR and TOR still have a decent group of forwards and they need defense. ARZ could go either way as the are a low scoring team and don't have much as far as defense.

    Toronto needs a center if they don't plan on moving Kessel. Bozak is basically Zajac 2.0, and Kadri is absolutley brutal.
  7. Thanks. The series is eerily similar to last year's 1st round vs Flyers. Philly was the worst skating team and had a bad D. Pittsburgh has two of the best in the world but their D is a mess. So, they're slowing it down. They're also playing chippy which you have to do to have a chance. All 6 of their goals on Lundqvist have come from within 15-20 feet. There have also been bumps and other antics. But it's expected. I hated Hank embellishing Crosby's elbow. And some of our fans whined about it. Kunitz bumping him should've been called. So should have Yandle on Lapierre prior to Kreider's goal.

    The officiating is back to letting teams obstruct. They are letting a lot go. Brooks needs to retire. MSL does too. He can take Boyle with him.

    I thought Kunitz was pushed into Hank, no? The Crosby elbow on him was stupid though, Crosby sgould not have taken a risk of taking a penalty there.
  8. The Pens looked like the Devils for two periods. No exaggeration, I felt like I was watching the Devils for the first two periods.

    I completely agree, but they have showed all 3 games that they are capable of playing well. They should learn how to start a little earlier. Dont waste the flower's first good playoff performance in a while.
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