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  1. Where can I listen to the game online ?
  2. Where can I listen to the game online ?
  3. Looking forward seeing what the young guys can do ! and No Zubrus on the ice
  4. Goaltending is fine, we just need to score once in awhile ! Scoring 1 goal , I don't expect them to win.
  5. Go to the wider rink size , as in international hockey. I believe 15 ft wider.
  6. ak926

    No GDT

    Too many games 0-0 for 2 periods with very little action. Pretty boring to watch on TV let alne go to the game and be put to sleep. I do that at home while trying tio stay awake during the game.
  7. He is still around ? I forgot all about this guy !
  8. Has Thompson ever played at the NHL level ?
  9. Any TV coverage of the game tonight Albany/ Bridgeport from Newark ?
  10. My wife asked me tonight if the Devils season is over ? Yes it is, has been for sometime.
  11. Getting ready to watch tonights NYR/Islander game ! When is the next Devils game ?
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