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  1. If they lose at home tonight to the Rangers, there's no doubt Hynes HAS to go. Worst PP AND PK in the league and 2nd worst in the league Goals For per game. We are dreadful.
  2. Exactly. Gusev had a turnover in the neutral zone, he passed that puck like he was playing in the KHL all-star game
  3. On deflection that also went off a defender? Of all the players, that's on Blackwood? Whatre you talking about? Lol how about maybe clearing the zone. It looks like the Sabres have been on a PP all game
  4. Simmonds is skating and forechecking well. The Gusev-Zacha-Boqvist line has been the best line so far. Palmieri looks old and slow on this team. Our entire defense looks like a bunch pillars back there who are rushing every play, aside from Mueller who has actually looked cool and composed with the puck. Bratt looks good as well.
  5. Yeah that's a great question. And I think the answer to that is how well Blackwood plays. If after 25 games Blackwood is 4-6-1 with a 3.01 GAA & .902 sv pct., I would play him maybe every 4-5 games.
  6. Yeah I threw that 10 game scenario out there. So we're in agreement, short leash? Lol
  7. Going into this season, it's hard not to be extremely pumped up about every acquisition. But I have kept myself super reserved because of the goaltending situation. Blackwood was very promising last year, although he went through funks. But goalies becoming legitimate in their late 20's isn't a rare occurrence, so I hold out hope for that. Corey's preseason definitely was promising, but how can devils fans not be hesitant to trust the guy to take us to the playoffs? He's been dreadful for the last two years. When I hear fellow fans saying he could have a bounce back year, I have trouble not picturing them in a Rangers jersey and substituting the word Schneider for Lundqvist. So my question is, if we're 10 games into the season, and Cory is 2-4-2 with a 3.57 GAA, .890 sv pct., he's has to ride the pine correct? I was pretty disheartened when the Devils didn't make an attempt at Varlomov, but Shero has been dead on in his tenure here, so let's hope for the best.
  8. I assume they're going to be raising the banner around 7:45? I'm probably going to be running a little late.
  9. Yeah I've sat down low before and gotten yelled at for standing up during a breakaway or 2-on-1. That's another option. If he wanted to see that bad, you could always stand up. But again, nothing important was going on. Ottawa had the puck in the NJ end, just cycling the puck. I know I feel like I'm beating a dead horse at this point. But the moral of the story, be nice to people.
  11. Apparently you decided not to read what I said and just talk in circles. I gave 2 examples of how to act. Screaming like a kook wasnt one. It wasn't a group of people standing up going to their seats. It was a young girl, half crouched taking a picture for less than 10 seconds. There's no justification for this lowlife. Like I said, the girl was in my way too, it was 5-1 at the time, you're not missing anything. There's no need to act like a child who just got their toy taken away.
  12. I didn't say that I've never been an a$$hole in my life. But you should reach maturity at some point and learn how to talk to people. Apparently those 20-something year olds have reached that point, and unfortunately H Kauffer has yet to reach that milestone in triple the time. You continuing to defend this guy and calling him a good guy is childish in itself. You're going to sit there and tell me someone who complains about a bunch of children with signs, trying to get on the jumbotron,(and they did eventually and it looked like it made their life complete lol), is a good person? Unfortunately we'll have to agree to strongly disagree.
  13. Okay then I apologize to sundstrom.
  14. Hey H Kauffer, glad to see you do actually post on here. But I'll pretend like you're not that guy. 1) No he's not a good guy. If you speak like that to another human being you are the bottom of the barrel in society and deserve to be treated as such. 2) I already said that you shouldn't get up during a game, that's been established. But if you can't handle yourself like an adult in public, don't come. Period. 3) They were watching the game, and enjoying themselves. Like I said he was checking his email during play, so you could say he wasn't paying attention either. 4)They didn't get up and sit down constantly, it was literally ONE time. I was there. You supposedly weren't. Stop trying to make excuses for yourself/this terrible human. 5) This is my favorite, oh you can assure me he asked 2 or 3 times before he got loud? A)Like I said, they stood up once for 7-10 seconds. That's 1 polite request every 3 seconds, you can't talk that fast. B) I was there, he didn't ask politely once, he screamed like an animal the first time. Embarrassing himself, his wife, and everyone he was at the game with. After he got into the kids face after the period, a handful of people in the row went up to the kid and basically said "hey he was wrong, just keep your cool and forget about that guy" 6)There is no "aquired taste" at a public event. You're either a genuinely good person or you're a rude lowlife. 7)Let's not forget minutes later he was bitching about three 6 year olds who were excited to have their cute little signs. The kids were holding them at chest level too, not even over their heads. Chest level on a 6 year old is like 3 feet tall. Plus they were 2 rows down, so that's like 1 foot high. I don't even want to hear your excuse for that. In the end, stop sticking up for yourself/this guy. Take the L and try and better person to other people. That is all.
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