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  1. If they lose at home tonight to the Rangers, there's no doubt Hynes HAS to go. Worst PP AND PK in the league and 2nd worst in the league Goals For per game. We are dreadful. 

  2. Simmonds is skating and forechecking well. The Gusev-Zacha-Boqvist line has been the best line so far. Palmieri looks old and slow on this team. Our entire defense looks like a bunch pillars back there who are rushing every play, aside from Mueller who has actually looked cool and composed with the puck. Bratt looks good as well.

  3. Going into this season, it's hard not to be extremely pumped up about every acquisition. But I have kept myself super reserved because of the goaltending situation. Blackwood was very promising last year, although he went through funks. But goalies becoming legitimate in their late 20's isn't a rare occurrence, so I hold out hope for that. Corey's preseason definitely was promising, but how can devils fans not be hesitant to trust the guy to take us to the playoffs? He's been dreadful for the last two years. When I hear fellow fans saying he could have a bounce back year, I have trouble not picturing them in a Rangers jersey and substituting the word Schneider for Lundqvist. 

    So my question is, if we're 10 games into the season, and Cory is 2-4-2 with a 3.57 GAA, .890 sv pct., he's has to ride the pine correct?

    I was pretty disheartened when the Devils didn't make an attempt at Varlomov, but Shero has been dead on in his tenure here, so let's hope for the best.

  4. 1 minute ago, thecoffeecake said:

    What about people who stand up in response to the action. Everyone is always standing up during play. I get that it would be more annoying if it was unrelated to what's going, but stand up to see over them. It's not a movie, it's a hockey game.

    Yeah I've sat down low before and gotten yelled at for standing up during a breakaway or 2-on-1. That's another option. If he wanted to see that bad, you could always stand up. But again, nothing important was going on. Ottawa had the puck in the NJ end, just cycling the puck. 

    I know I feel like I'm beating a dead horse at this point. But the moral of the story, be nice to people.

  5. 16 minutes ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

    Jesus Christ guys it's a hockey game. A Thursday night non divisional 5-0 lead hockey game in January. If they only did it once and he flipped out like that, he's mental. I get frustrated when people don't follow the rules too -- if you stand up in the middle of play a few times, I'll probably tell you to sit down or get a security guard. If they stood up once, I wouldn't even think about it. 

    The part about the little kids with signs is infuriating. That distinctly makes him 'not' a good guy. That's fine that he's an 'acquired taste', but the people that know him obviously can see that this is something he would do, and that's pathetic. 

    Again, I'm basing these opinions off of one persons story. But, if they're true, he seems like the type of person who would have a meltdown if a waitress got his order slightly wrong. Those people suck.


  6. 56 minutes ago, Derek21 said:

    Any person or people who stand up during play deserve ridicule. They don't have any respect for other fans who are sitting behind them. I'm not saying I would yell but I definitely would ask them to sit down. It would be nice if security was around to tell these newbies that there's a game going on with season ticket holders who want to watch the action. Not have them coming late and just plowing into their seats while play is going on. You're supposed to wait for a stoppage.

    Apparently you decided not to read what I said and just talk in circles. I gave 2 examples of how to act. Screaming like a kook wasnt one. It wasn't a group of people standing up going to their seats. It was a young girl, half crouched taking a picture for less than 10 seconds. There's no justification for this lowlife. Like I said, the girl was in my way too, it was 5-1 at the time, you're not missing anything. There's no need to act like a child who just got their toy taken away. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

    Jerry - I'd suggest taking a look at who you're talking to. 


    I am not that guy. 


    But it I will say congrats on never doing any a$$hole like things in your life. Must be nice. 

    I didn't say that I've never been an a$$hole in my life. But you should reach maturity at some point and learn how to talk to people. Apparently those 20-something year olds have reached that point, and unfortunately H Kauffer has yet to reach that milestone in triple the time.

    You continuing to defend this guy and calling him a good guy is childish in itself. You're going to sit there and tell me someone who complains about a bunch of children with signs, trying to get on the jumbotron,(and they did eventually and it looked like it made their life complete lol), is a good person? Unfortunately we'll have to agree to strongly disagree. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    I can assure you, Sundstrom is not H Kauffer.  A lot of other people who post here have met Sundstrom and will tell you the same thing.  I can also assure you that H Kauffer doesn't post here.

    I actually have also sat next to H at games over the past five or so years before he moved his seats.  I've seen him do similar things to what you described (he gets particularly annoyed when people don't get to their seats before play re-starts), but not as intense as you're describing.

    Okay then I apologize to sundstrom. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

    He doesn't post here. I actually sat next to him every year until this year. Truth is he is a good guy. 


     I can assure you that he did ask quietly 2 or 3 times before he gets loud and annoyed. He's been doing it for years. 

    It is annoying when people get up and sit down constantly during play. They're at the game but have no interest in the game. 

    He does get too hot at times and he's an acquired taste but he's not s bad guy. 

    Hey H Kauffer, glad to see you do actually post on here.

    But I'll pretend like you're not that guy. 1) No he's not a good guy. If you speak like that to another human being you are the bottom of the barrel in society and deserve to be treated as such. 2) I already said that you shouldn't get up during a game, that's been established. But if you can't handle yourself like an adult in public, don't come. Period. 3) They were watching the game, and enjoying themselves. Like I said he was checking his email during play, so you could say he wasn't paying attention either. 4)They didn't get up and sit down constantly, it was literally ONE time. I was there. You supposedly weren't.  Stop trying to make excuses for yourself/this terrible human.

    5) This is my favorite, oh you can assure me he asked 2 or 3 times before he got loud? A)Like I said, they stood up once for 7-10 seconds. That's 1 polite request every 3 seconds, you can't talk that fast. B) I was there, he didn't ask politely once, he screamed like an animal the first time. Embarrassing himself, his wife, and everyone he was at the game with. After he got into the kids face after the period, a handful of people in the row went up to the kid and basically said "hey he was wrong, just keep your cool and forget about that guy"

    6)There is no "aquired taste" at a public event. You're either a genuinely good person or you're a rude lowlife. 

    7)Let's not forget minutes later he was bitching about three 6 year olds who were excited to have their cute little signs. The kids were holding them at chest level too, not even over their heads. Chest level on a 6 year old is like 3 feet tall. Plus they were 2 rows down, so that's like 1 foot high. I don't even want to hear your excuse for that.

    In the end, stop sticking up for yourself/this guy. Take the L and try and better person to other people. That is all.

  10. The guy in the H KAUFER #19 custom jersey in section 8 row 17 today. Good job screaming like a psychopath at the young girl who stood up for 7 seconds to take a picture of her friends. In the second period of a 5-1 game in January. Then minutes later bellyaching, loud enough for me to hear, about three 6 year olds having homemade, cute little "go devils" signs, that weren't even in your way. I truly felt embarrassed sitting near you, as did everyone else. Then at the end of the period getting in the face of the girl's bf, saying, he doesn't watch hockey so he shouldn't be there. I couldn't be more impressed by how well the young kids kept their cool and not knocking you back to 1950. And I couldn't be any less impressed by how a guy in his late 50s/early 60s acted like an absolute child. 


    You seemed to be a season ticket holder, so I hope you're on this forum. Here's some thoughts to not embarrass yourself like that again.

     I understand that people aren't supposed to stand up during play, but act like a human being and go the polite route. Say excuse me can you please sit down we can't see. Then maybe later, offer to take a picture of the two couples. This way everyone is friends and you come out looking like a great guy. She was in my way too, but it was 5-1 against Ottawa on January 21, relax, you're not missing the Stanley cup being raised. 

    Or you can just hang out for 3 more seconds and the whole traumatic experience of not seeing the game for 10 seconds will be over. You checked your email 3 times during play, so I don't act like you were deeply involved into watching the game.

    You can only talk to someone's girl like that with the comfort of security guards all around you. If you were in a bar, and talked to some 20 year olds gf like that, you would be eating out of a tube for 2 months. Treat people with respect. That's a cowardly move to speak like that to a girl, especially when you know there's going to be no repercussions. 

    I normally wouldn't have the energy to write a whole post about something like this, but that was the single worst display of human relations I've ever seen at a devils game. I've seen friendlier fist fights during rangers-devils games.

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  11. Don't like it, but at least it's only 1 year and maybe they can get a 4th or 5th for him at the deadline.

    Jesus Christ. I think you're a hired troll. No exaggeration.

    Hes a heart and soul player that at times last year was our best player on the lineup. No denying that. It's a great signing for one year and under 1 mil. I can name 15 other players on this team less deserving of a contract than this guy.

  12. Lot of questions about this one - Shero's 50 in July, so he's at least probably around the average age of a GM. Is he ready to tear this team down-ish for a few years? If this is at ownership's behest, surely they recognized that the team was heading in the exact wrong direction - I mean the numbers over the last few months were abysmal.

    How much control will Shero have? I see that Lou put him in charge of the coaching hire and that makes sense - Shero probably has better contacts around the game than Lou does at this point. But as team president, does Lou have final say on trades and what-not? I suspect he does. So that will be a curious transition. And who's hiring scouts and overseeing that whole thing? Anyway, this is not the presser I thought the team would be having today, but it does represent a step in the right direction, I think - Shero at least has zero loyalty to this roster, and that's good, because there's really only 3-5 players on this roster who are deserving of it.

    Not sure what there is to tear down. That's like saying, I'm not sure if I'm ready to bulldoze this abandoned house that's already been set on fire and had the windows blown out. This team is as bare bones as they come. Aside from Cam and Schneider, this team is probably the worst in the league going forward. I'm really excited to see what Shero does. I think a few buyouts are in order. Sal and Zubs come to mind right away.
  13. Getting hard to keep up with all the microbreweries now. I try to visit my local one (Rinn Duin) frequently for tap/6 packs because all this competition can't be too healthy for the older ones.

    Rinn Duin is good stuff, their St Johns red is great. I had it on tap at Mcdonoughs.

    Speaking of local bars, I went to Maloney's finally. It was the first time I was ever there. Boy I was greatly disappointed. First things first, me and my girlfriend walk in and there's no seats at the bar. No big deal, its a tiny bar. So we sit at a precarious high top table that's wobbly as all hell. Whatever a seat is a seat, I'm not picky. But then the hostess comes over and says are you guys ordering food? We say no we're just here for a drink or two. She says well if you sit here, you're going to have a server and you have to order food. So I say, there's no seats at the bar where would you like us to go? At that moment, on cue 2 people get up and leave the bar. So she says to take their seats. (I would have liked to see what she said if those people didn't leave). Keep in mind also, the place is dead as hell on a Friday night, 85% of the booths and tables are empty.

    Okay now we have 2 seats. Now the part that is most disappointing of all to me. I look at the menu and 80-90% of it is core items that you can get anywhere!!! Yes I understand that the tap list is very large, but none of the breweries jump off the menus at you. They're all the basics. Also the place is overpriced like crazy. Ranging from $1-$4 on most items. Bar markup on draft is usually between 300-400%. They're more along the lines of 500-600%. Not to mention they add tax on the bill after the fact. So now an $11 Fruli is $11.77? Yeah I'll pass Maloney's. The bartenders were less than courteous. I ordered one Kane, he tried charging me for a Firestone Parabola. Are you kidding? There's 12 people at the bar, drinking one beer an hour, you can't ring me up for the right product? You won't catch me dead in that place again.

    Has anyone been to cloverleaf? Its like an hour away from my house but they claim to be the #1 craft bar in the northeast

  14. Starting this only because if I put this into the Rock sub-forum, it will just get lost into that abyss.

    Major changes are coming to the Rock next year. The club seats are getting cut down, the lounges for the club seats are getting complete makeovers and the Goal Bar is being completely re-done into mini-suites.

    Club Seats: These are being restricted now to all of sections 8 & 19 and only the first few rows of sections 7, 9, 18 and 20. They are the only ones who will have access to the Fire and Ice Lounges and they are bringing back free unlimited food and soft drinks. The just-released seating chart shows this and the grey seats in sections 7, 9, 18 and 20 will not have access to the clubs, but instead will be given "15-minute" cards. Basically its good for unlimited food on the concourses but are restricted to use them only once every 15 minutes. Still not a bad deal IMO.

    Goal Bar: Apparently this is being converted into mini-suites where the owners of them will have access to all events at the Rock, even non-Devils events. Not entirely sure on any other specifics with that and the Goal Bar will now be known as the "Bud Light Premium Lounge." For those of you who didn't have a seat there but liked to go the bar before and after games, that is no longer allowed. Instead they are going to move the "everyone" bar to another "under-utilized" location within the Rock. Was not told where at this point.

    Fire and Ice Lounges: These are being completely re-vamped and below are the renders of what they will look like. Gone are the Fire and Ice motifs so I doubt they will keep their current names. Looks A LOT more modern and overall better than the current set up, which had grown long in the tooth much quicker than expected and never looked quite as good as the renders that were shown when the Rock was being built.


    New Fire Lounge:


    New Ice Lounge:


    The fire lounge looks like a Japanese restaurant and the ice lounge looks like a ballroom. I don't like it. But I'll never pay $275 for these seats anyway so my input is moot.

  15. If NJ comes out of the gate with

    Greene Larsson

    Severson Merrill

    Oduya Hrabarenka

    in front of Schneider, you'll be hard pressed to find a team with better D and goalie out of the playoffs

    ......I hope you're being facetious. That is silliest statement I've ever heard on a website full of silly statements.

  16. Got the Sam Adams 2015 Summer Variety pack this year. I am a big summer beer person as I tend to like my beers to be less heavy and I will admit I do not mind the fruit beers at all and think some are actually pretty good. I get the Sam Adams Summer pack every year as I think they usually have at least a pretty solid lineup, however I think this year is a little weak. This year only has 4 different beers (I notice they cut down from 6 to 4 on their variety packs. When did this start?) and they are Boston Lager, Summer Ale, Rebel Rider IPA and Downtime Pilsner. Not going to comment about Boston as it is in all of them and the Summer Ale is the same as every year (I think it is solid, but not fantastic). Rebel Rider IPA is the same as their Rebel IPA but with the lower % (4.5) they are calling it a session IPA. I think it is good but nothing special at all and can also be found in six-packs. The exclusive is their Downtime Pilsner which I think is the best in the pack, but again nothing out of this world. Overall an OK pack this year but nothing great.

    I actually miss their Porch Rocker that is usually included but now these are being sold in 6-packs. Even though it is not really a Radler like they claim it is (for some reason Americans mistakenly think Radlers are beer and lemonade when it is really beer and a citrus soda like 7-Up or Sprite), it is still a pretty good beer to have when it is 95 degrees out and humid as hell.

    Yeah I noticed the variety packs were cut down to only 4 beers. This is the 3rd year of porch rocker. Possibly the 4th (the years just blend into one another at this point in life). Its always been sold as 6pks aside from being in the variety pack, although the first couple of years it was very limited. Now its pretty widely available. My Sam rep said they're going to try and make it all summer long instead of a 1 shot deal like in prior years. It shouldnt be a problem either since they've ceased production of a handful of styles. Blackberry Wit, Black Lager, Double Agent IPL, Whitewater IPA. Variety packs are the way to go. I wish more breweries made 6pks in variety packs. Saranac is the only brewery that comes to mind.

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