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  1. So here's something interesting and at the same time enraging. Whole Foods and Wegmans signed a contract with Sierra Nevada. The purpose of that contract was this: those two chains will have exclusive rights to sell Sierra Hop Hunter for 2 weeks. No other store will be able to obtain even a case of that product. I've been waiting for Hop Hunter to come in for 2 months now, since it was announced. Now that its finally here, only 2 mega chain stores will be selling it for the first 2 weeks. Talk about going completely against everything craft beer is about. Helping out the little guys and makin
  2. Yeah absolutely you take that trade. #1 overall pick for #2, a #12 pick, and possibly the #1 pick the next year. That's how you rebuild. Its obviously not a lateral move from mcdavid to eichel, but its not hugh jessiman instead of parise either. I wouldn't get my hopes up about winning the lottery though. They better change how they present it this year too. Its stupid how they draw the lottery prior to the broadcast.
  3. The grapefruit is going to be a core item from Hunterdon, so you'll get to try it eventually if you keep ordering it. We got 6 cases, there's only 3 6pks left. I've heard for the most part that regular sculpin is much better than the Habanero and Grapefruit. Still worth a try. I'm personally not spending $14 for a 6pk of the stuff though.
  4. I didn't care for the Spellbound IPA when I had it in tap. But I had one of the earlier batches and I heard they changed their recipe for the better. I liked Spellbound's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. That Long Trail Stand Out was disappointing. Their Spring seasonal from last year, Ramble, was discontinued. According to the rep he said they just couldn't get enough people to drink a Kolsch. Yet Sam Escape Route sells well. It was my favorite beer and of course its only out for 1 year.
  5. Maine is my favorite brewery. Their stuff is extremely limited. Their MO is out of this world. A crazy clean, crisp pale ale. Peeper is good, Zoe is good. I've never been lucky enough to try lunch or dinner. King Titus was sub par but I only had it once. I've noticed I could not be crazy about a beer one day, then really like it the next day. Mean old tom was awesome the first time I had it, then the second time I had it I wasn't crazy about it. I've never had Weez. Definitely grab whatever you can from them. They're all usually 6.99 for 16oz
  6. What a great emoji hahaYeah if he can never play again does his cap hit come off the books for us?
  7. I see what you're saying. However the problems you're encountering is that whoever is running those bars and stores are either ill informed, or not educated on the market. Or they are comfortable with just selling popular big name beers because they are guaranteed to move.Understand that some of these kegs can be very expensive. And I'm not just talking about the 80-200 dollars for the keg. But if they try something new on tap and the customers don't buy it, they're not just losing money on the keg, but on the tap space where blue moon or yuengling or something of that ilk would be selling con
  8. Let me rephrase that, bourbon county is the most sought after beer that you can access in NJ. Pliny and Heady aren't distributed in this state as I'm sure you know. KBS isn't as in demand as bourbon county. This is where I work btw; https://www.beermenus.com/places/18052-union-plaza-liquors DM84 echoed my thoughts exactly. Inbev isn't going to invest tens of millions of dollars just to run a company into the ground. They know which direction the market is going, and maybe they decided if you can't beat them you might as well join them. http://cdn.pastemagazine.com/www/articles/bud%20vs%20craf
  9. Yeah I'm not sure why everyone gets up in arms about Inbev buying a couple breweries. There's a ton of hypocrisy from beer snobs who say they'll never buy Elysian anymore. Yet I can honestly say there is not a more sought after beer than Bourbon County. Nothing even comes close. And let's not kid ourselves and act like everyone went nuts for Elysian in the first place. Bifrost sold okay, so did space dust, as well as their pumpkins. But no one goes crazy over their products. Its not like inbev bought Dogfish or Sierra. If the beer is good people are going to drink it. Yes there will be the pe
  10. Yeah I've never even considered getting season tickets because of this reason. Honestly most games are going to be way cheaper to buy on stub hub than STH prices. Not to mention I couldn't even fathom having the free time to go to 41 games a year. I appreciate people who buy season tickets just to support the team. But I seriously feel like you have to be a real sucker to buy them. The product just doesn't translate to the price.
  11. You post a lot of new topics and I usually completely disagree but don't have the energy to sit here and argue. So I just hit the X in the top right and go on with my day. But I almost had a brain aneurysm when i read this. To say the devils aren't that bad of a team is absolutely INSANE. If they're not the worst team in the league this year they aren't far off. They have ZERO offensive talent outside of Cam and Jagr. None under 25. They have no top talent in the pipeline. Our best player is a 32 year old defenseman. Our goalie is good at best. Not great, but good. What's the bright spot of th
  12. Seeing the story with Barry Trotz's son makes you appreciate him more as a man. Same with Zubrus a few years ago. I like how the devils run stories about things like that.
  13. Everything about this was great, until the very end when you said free agency and trades aren't options to turn the team around. That makes absolutely no sense. Besides that a really good post
  14. Yeah I agree, they're about as funny as an Aziz Ansari standup.
  15. That was the most exciting game of the year, start to finish. They actually had a jump to their game all 65 minutes, something we haven't seen before. Definitely a reason for hope that we'll turn our play around. Its silly to talk about draft picks and tanking now. They're 3 points out for christ sake. Nothing to be ashamed of after last night. They definitely don't have any scoring talent, that's clear, but if they actually take the fridge off their backs they look like a tough team to beat. Again though this makes me hate the shootout even more. An excellent game like this is decided by a
  16. Boy would that be convenient for us. That's the most knee-jerk reaction I've ever seen by Lou, after losing clarkson.
  17. I got a case of it here, the 4 pks that is. I didn't put it on the shelf yet because I don't have room at the moment. I didn't realize some of them had albums in them. On a separate note I passed my Cicerone Certified Beer Server test last night! Now debating whether I want to take the next step and try and become a certified Cicerone.
  18. Piss poor defense and piss poor rebound on that last goal.
  19. Pretty ballsy block by Larsson on byfuglien
  20. Yeah I could do that. Or I could do it here, check out the name of the thread bud. Yes fvck the rangers. Things like that can be understood without being said.
  21. No, excuse me. I think the people on here are more stubborn and make debates impossible since they never even think of changing their view. But I say that, isnt that sadly what everything in the world is now. Democrat vs republican mentality in a way. Btw Facebook comments look EXACTLTY like the one up top saying "all I know is the rangers SUCK and they will always suck." When other people read that, especially other fans, they lose most of their credibility immediately. And it makes that fan base look like 14 year olds.
  22. Boy I could not disagree anymore with that statement. Its truly exhausting trying to debate anything on here, which is why I have stayed away from it for a while. On a separate note some weird sh!t happened on this site, my old name Bartholomew Hunt, had the password changed and idr the email I linked that with so I couldnt recover the password. Idk how my password changed though. Who the hell hacks a nj devils forum username...
  23. Did you watch him in the playoffs last year? That was far from a decline.
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