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  1. Its not nuts at all. Youre speaking like a true homer. Have you ever watched brassard play on a nightly basis? Bring up whatever obscure stats you want, brassard is undoubtedly a more talented skilled player than zajac. More goals and points than zajac in less games. What has zajac had one very good year in his career? Playing alongside 2 elite players in the NHL. Step outside the diehard devils fan box and look at our players objectively.
  2. Any team is going to have significant decisions and challenges 5 years down the road dude. Theyre set up a million times better 5 years down the road then we are. We have 1 youthful forward who is probably a lock to be here in 5 yrs. Henrique. Zajac will be in his middle 30s, and he isn't exactly providing now in a time of his career that should be his prime. Other than that its only wishful thinking. And that goes for all of these unproven young defensemen as well.
  3. Absolutely they would be. I take hagelin and definitely brassard over Brunner and havlat 100 times out of 100. No reason they cant resign zuccs in the off season again and Brassards deal looks a hell of a lot better than the deal we have with clowe, zubrus, ruutu or zajac. Saying brassard wouldn't be a top 2 center here is ludicrous. I'll take brassard or stepan over zajac right now. I know we hate to accept facts like this, but the rangers have a much better team than we do. And they don't just have a win now team. They have a win now or continue to build a solid core and win down the road t
  4. Hagelin, mcdonaugh, kreider, stepan, brassard, nash, zuccarello. I hate every single one of them. But anyone of those fowards would be on our top line, at the least a top 6 foward. Mcdonaugh is an elite dman whether we want to accept it or not. Even if you assume they won't sign girardi or staal. And for some unknown reason you assume lundqvist is going to decline, which there's no basis behind. They're still better than us now. And unfortunately, barring a blockbuster move, we're not getting over the edge with ried boucher, stephan matteau and jacob josefson. Experts don't rank our farm syst
  5. If you're trying to argue that the devils have a better team right now. OR have a brighter future than the rangers, with this roster and farm system, then you haven't kept up with this devils team in the past 3 years.
  6. Except they have exciting, talented players to watch....
  7. Idk if anyone else saw this http://mweb.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/24815219/look-echls-bakersfield-condors-hold-awesome-seinfeld-night?v=1&vc=1 But this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen Yeah it was a good call. Lundvist got pushed
  8. That's redemption if I ever saw it
  9. Be that as it may, that's 100% Schneiders fault. Throw it behind the net, up the ice, anywhere but directly against the boards so that it bounces right to the forechecker. Schneider should should have a chain on his back so he can't leave the crease and play any pucks
  10. Cory Schneider continues to make a case for being the worst puck handling goalie in the league. Lundqvist even puts him to shame. Jesus Christ.
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