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  1. I would trade Elias for Palffy. Both players are about the same skill level, and both are currently struggling. Maybe a change in enviroment will stimulate both players, and a trade might stimulate both teams.
  2. Yeah, I suck


    The irony here is so think you can choke on it...
  3. Yeah, I suck


    Niederfan, please don't play Ms. Police officer...
  4. Yeah, I suck


    Speaking of personal attacks... I take it this "character" skipped the thread.
  5. Wait a sec, I thought Morris would provide Colorado with one of the best defenses in the league...
  6. Yeah, I suck


    This is WAY too funny (and ridiculus). Here's what I think (if anyone bothers to read it). I don't know how many of you guys go to letsgokings.com. That is a great board, you know why? cause there isn't such this as this. People post their what they want. Wether it's postivie, negative, a personal attack, whatever. Those kinds of things make a board FUN, if you admins censor every single peice of negative posts, the board will get ruined. You might lose people just for the fact that the board may lose interest. I don't know how many of you guys take this board seriously when you leave the computer, but come on guys. Stop crying/analysing everything so in depth. Sure, if you take this board too seriously, you'll get hurt. You guys are no fun, take a chill pill, and step back from the screen.
  7. I told you that Drury trade would hurt Colorado. With a defense like Blake, Foote, Skoula, de Vries, and with Roy in net, why did Colorado need Morris?
  8. Quinn can keep his players.... Edit: KD lay off on the language.
  9. Nieder and 5 draft picks for Jagr, Bondra, Nylander
  10. Zyuzin just got CRUNCHED!!!! Man, what a hit. Zyuzin took a shot, then, a shark came out of nowhere and hit him in the chest. Zyuzin feel on the ice hard, through off his gloves and helmet. It appears only wind knocked out of him, but what a hit it was. He seems to be ok. Anyway, it's a pretty good game. Gaborik is getting robbed chance after chance....
  11. Big night for the BIG 3... Berglund with a goal... TRADE NIEDER!!!! Please!!!!!!!! We need finishers!!!!!!
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