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  1. I was going by Points% which puts BUF into 7th and PIT into 8th. The reseeding is definitely the big kicker, I remember back when they reintroduced this crappy format it was with the hope the NHL could have it's own Bracket Challenge type thing that March Madness has, but it's just not worth making the playoffs an overall worse product by knocking out top teams sooner into the postseason.
  2. I agree that the current playoff format sucks, but the playoff matchups are actually the same this year in a 1-8 format as well: 1. BOS vs 8. PIT, 2. CAR vs 7. BUF, 3. NJD vs 6. NYR, 4. TOR vs 5. TB Only real solution for this year would be a 1-16 format since the East is so loaded this year, but I do want the league to go back to the 1-8 format ASAP, nobody likes the divisional wild card set-up we have now.
  3. Blame Amanda for the verbiage 😔 Sounds like 30 minutes was always the plan though, hopefully he feels good tomorrow and Thursday and can go against the Flyers, Saturday against the Wings is the game I really want him back for though
  4. I really don't think Nico misses any more time than the average NHL player due to injury, I'm going to personally elect that getting beamed in the face by a teammate's slapper doesn't qualify you as injury-prone, sometimes freak accidents just happen and the new narrative that Nico is made of glass is insane to me
  5. Nico's a full participant at practice today
  6. New song on Friday too, I squealed with joy
  7. I'm very curious what their plans for Mercer are when Nico is healthy. If the plan is for him to be on the 3rd line regardless, I would love for them to keep him at center and move Haula down to be the 4C in McLeod's spot. Hughes-Hischier-Mercer-Haula is some pretty unreal center depth and I would be perfectly happy with the wings around those guys. EDIT: Something like this looks really good to me Palat - Hughes - Holtz Tatar - Hischier - Bratt Sharangovich - Mercer - Zetterlund Wood - Haula - Bastian
  8. I'm counting us as 5-1-0 in preseason this year because I refuse to count the game where we iced the Utica Comets against the Isles A team
  9. What got me was at one point Butch mentioned the "possibility" of Barzal winning the Art Ross this year. My guy...what?
  10. It's been a long time since I've watched a game with the Islanders announcers, god Butch Goring is insufferable
  11. Thought the boys played really well last night overall, Jack's line especially was really snake bitten but they could have easily walked away with three goals themselves, we hit 4 posts so the 1-0 final didn't feel indicative to me of how we actually played. Vanecek looks so rock solid back there, if we can get good seasons out of him and Blackwood that's going to be huge for the team's playoff hopes. Johnsson I feel like knows he's playing himself off of this roster, guy has looked invisible for all of camp and I don't know what he was thinking on that botched breakaway last night, I'd rather have someone in our bottom six that fits more of a physicality/defensive role than a skill forward who doesn't score. Voo-kee-yay-vich also had a nice game last night, good for him, that pass on the Tuna goal was really nice.
  12. I really hope tonight is Senyshyn's last game in a Devils sweater, because I say this with no insincerity, I think he might be worse than Mason Geertsen
  13. If someone like Boqvist or Zetterlund is waived to make room for Geertsen, I'm going to lose my mind
  14. I thought he was alright against Montreal, didn't show anything special but didn't play poorly either by any means. He's waiver exempt so I have to assume he'll be a victim to the numbers game, he'll probably be top line in Utica to start the year
  15. Really fun game last night, just about everyone you wanted to look good played well last night. Palat seems to be a perfect complement for Jack, they were working like hand and glove it seemed, hopefully Holtz sticks with them and can be that pure finishing presence because that's shaping up to be a really good line. Zetterlund is making it really difficult on the coaching staff and management to get rid of him, I have to believe he's on the opening night roster, there's almost no chance he passes through waivers. There are too many bodies and not enough spots it seems like, I'm still wondering if at some point we see someone like Johnsson traded to free up that numbers game a bit, there are 15 forwards that seem deserving of being on this team and only 14 spots to give. At this point I feel like we're looking at: Palat - Hughes - Holtz Sharangovich - Hischier - Bratt Wood - Haula - Mercer Tatar - Boqvist - Zetterlund Johnsson/McLeod/Bastian Siegenthaler - Hamilton Graves - Severson Bahl - Marino Smith Blackwood/Vanecek Also I thought the new play-by-play guy was really good, he'll keep settling in but he felt very natural, really good choice to replace Cangy. The PA announcer also sounded like he was solid, although I would take just about anything over last year's disaster.
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