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  1. Hey, Agostino might end up being a decent depth find out of all this. Really don't mind him at all, he can at least put a few pucks in if he gets the chance.
  2. I've been working on a player evaluation project that's largely analytics-based, and something I've noticed while I've been doing research is that Gabriel has to be one of the least valuable forwards to play in the NHL this year. He literally ranks in the bottom percentile for just about every relevant advanced stat, he's just so, so bad. At least he brings my ape brain some joy occasionally when he gets in a fight, lol
  3. That Rielly contract was one of the best things Lou did for the Leafs, he's still locked up for another three years at $5M after this season. Imagine the kind of dough he would get on the open market, and the Leafs will probably be paying about half of that through 2022.
  4. That fight last night was awesome, I hate Gabriel as a player but the second that fight started my caveman brain kicked in and I couldn't help but get hyped over the fact that "GABRIEL PUNCH GOOD."
  5. I fell asleep on my couch when it was 6-4, did not expect to see 9-4 when I woke up in 20 minutes lol, yikers. From the looks of it, just about every goal was blown coverage or just unexplainable gaffs (Tangradi, I'm looking at you mate). I'm just hoping some of our NHL talent can come back soon, seeing the likes of Blake Pietila in this lineup every night is just nauseating. I don't care if it helps with the tank, we're literally watching average AHL players every night right now, we can't even hang on hat on our youngsters like Nico and Bratt because even they're out.
  6. I remember being there with my old man and my older brother, Section 110 Row 3, Scott Gomez brought the Cup right along the glass right in front of us so that some of the fans could touch it, even though I was only in 3rd Grade I remember everything about that night. Can't wait till we get there again, LGD.
  7. Ovechkin is amazing because everyone knows exactly where he is and where he's gonna be shooting from, he's been doing it exactly the same for the past 14 years, and still no one can stop him or slow him down. I think he's already the greatest goal scorer in NHL history, really hope he can break Gretzky's record.
  8. I thought McLeod's game last night was split right down the middle, the first half I thought he was just terrible and was turning the puck over a lot and looked panicked with the puck, but then the second half it seemed like he settled in and was making plays and nearly scored the game-winner. He was probably one of our best players in the 2nd half of that game while easily being one of our worst in the first half, hopefully he can settle in more with likely even more ice coming his way with all the injuries we have.
  9. Correct, Hughes is a center and Kakko is a winger. I'm expecting a similar impact out of them at the top of the draft as we saw when Matthews and Laine went #1 and #2 in 2016. Hughes is a smaller forward with elite skill, skating, and playmaking ability, and Kakko is having one of the best U18 seasons in the history of the Finnish Elite League, he's also really skilled with elite smarts, though his skating isn't nearly as good as Hughes. Some people are saying Kakko is legitimately starting to challenge for the top spot, I wouldn't go that far, but he's closed the gap significantly between him and Hughes.
  10. Zegras is arguably the best playmaking center in this draft, but he really is a pure playmaker kind of guy like Nick Backstrom. Zegras' vision is elite and he's one of the smartest players in this draft, he's a natural center but he's played on the LW on Jack Hughes' line as well this season. I wouldn't hate the idea of Zegras at that spot, but there's a handful of players I would prefer, including Podkolzin in spite of the Russian factor (that kid is simply amazing, you take the risk imo). I would likely consider Cozens and Dach ahead of him, but I'm starting to consider bumping Zegras ahead of those two the more I watch Zegras. EDIT: Just wanted to show a clip of how good of a playmaker Zegras is, it's plays like this that make me think he has a chance of getting into the top 5. He was great at this tournament, #11 on USA.
  11. There's very few players that I would give up four 1st's for. Don't think Marner is one of them, Laine might be though because I really do see him as the guy Ovechkin is going to pass the torch to in regards to being the best goal scorer in the league. The thought of having Laine receiving passes from Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier, and Ty Smith on our powerplay for the next decade is so damn enticing.
  12. I think if we were to offer sheet Kasperi Kapanen to something in the neighborhood of $4.5M or $5M, Toronto wouldn't have the capacity to match with how tight they are against the cap. Same story with Winnipeg, it's the combination of having good RFAs available with their teams being up against the cap that I think actually makes an offer sheet feasible this summer. If the Leafs don't find a way to move out Nikita Zaitsev at the draft, they're going to leave themselves very vulnerable. They're gonna need that money as offer sheet insurance.
  13. As much as it would be sexy to land someone like a Marner or Laine, the price it would take to land those guys would likely force us to give up four 1st's as compensation. If we are the "offer sheet" team this summer like some are saying, I think the better play is for someone like Kyle Connor or Kasperi Kapanen who we could likely lock up into a contract that would only cost a 2nd or just one 1st to sign. Jacob Trouba would also be awesome to get in an offer sheet, but I really think we could use another bonafide top 6 option.
  14. Oh. My. GOD. This is exactly what I needed on a slow Tuesday. Thank you Islanders, you bitter ex-girlfriend of an organization.
  15. This is just so, so comically bad lmao
  16. There's a few intriguing players I think we could nab with those 2nd and 3rd rounders this year. Patrik Puistola, Nathan Legare, and maybe even Pavel Dorofeyev are all guys I could see us getting in the early 2nd (Philip Tomasino would be my pipe dream, but the way I see it he'll be a 1st round lock by season's end), and then if we nabbed anyone from the Russian class this year I'd be happy. I really love all of Dmitri Sheshin, Yegor Spiridonov, Yegor Afanasyev, Mikhail Abramov, and Yegor Serdyuk. We got options if we use all those picks, for sure. EDIT: Matvei Guskov too, I could see him having a breakout year next year for London if he stays there
  17. Only thing I’ll say regarding those comments is that it’s “better for Keith’s career.” Like bud, do you really think playing 3rd string behind two established netminders on a bubble team is some sort of can’t miss opportunity? Maybe Keith could help me on this one: is there a facepalm emoji?
  18. Oh baby I wanna see Pittsburgh play Johnson and Gudbranson on the same pair. Those two are so bad and stats people will be screaming their heads off at it
  19. Erik Brannstrom one of the pieces going the other way to the Sens, that's a real significant piece, Brannstrom is the real deal
  20. That's an awful trade for the Wild, all they do is get a bit younger but Granlund is a legitimate top 6 center. They left so much value on the table IMO
  21. Keith Kinkaid got traded for a 14 year old. Lmao
  22. I’ve watched a lot of Toronto games over the past few years so I’m somewhat familiar with Carrick. He someone I actually prefer on the right side over Lovejoy, and he’s significantly younger than Lovejoy. Getting him and a 3rd for Rev was awesome work by Ray, this is a great deal
  23. Sounds like they're likely to keep Panarin and Bobrovsky and just let it all ride on this year. Gotta respect a team like Columbus pushing their chips in and going for it, but wow they're gonna be set quite a ways back if they don't win and they lose Panarin, Bobrovsky, and *maybe* Duchene for nothing. I have a feeling they'll be able to keep Duchene though, just a hunch
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