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  1. Ruff isn't at all who I wanted for the new head coach, but now that this is where we are, I'm willing to be open and optimistic, no point in pissing and moaning for the next 5 months before the team even hits the ice. Ruff has shown himself capable in the past of coaching good offensive teams and getting the most out of his top offensive producers, so if the thinking is giving our weapons like Nico and Jack the keys to the car, I can't say I'm against it in that sense. Defensively, I'm a little concerned, and they'll need a good assistant to work with our defensemen and penalty kill, whether that's James Patrick or Nas is anyone's best guess.
  2. Hey guys, so it's my dad's birthday coming up in about 10 days and I was thinking of shelling out some cash and getting him a John Madden jersey, since Madden is his all-time favorite player. Does anyone on here have a CCM Madden jersey they're willing to sell, or know where I could get a nice one? My brothers and I were considering going the Exclusive Pro route and getting a blank separate and getting it customized with Madden and the '03 Cup Final patch since my old man and I were at Game 7 that year, but we just wanted to make sure we were going the best way about it
  3. Saw this earlier today, it's honestly upsetting how off base this is. I'm as big of a Jack Quinn as you're going to find, but there's no way you could watch the Ottawa 67s the previous two seasons and think Quinn is a better prospect than Rossi.
  4. What are these actual facts and figures? And *please* don't tell me raw death totals; it's not a fair comparison considering way more people have been diagnosed with the flu than corona. From every estimate and figure I've seen, conoravirus is carrying a mortality rate of 2.5% to 3.5%, while the flu every year carries a mortality rate of less than 1%. More important than anything though, this is the most easily transmittable novel virus we've seen in North America, which is scary when you combine that with the fact it has absolutely no vaccine and is carrying a mortality rate of ~14% for the elderly. It's not trivial to take this seriously, we all know people that are more susceptible to succumbing to this virus than ourselves. Just because I'm a 25 year old dude who would probably be fine doesn't mean I can't fear for transmitting it to my fiance's father who has cancer or my 65 year old parents.
  5. This take is so bad I'm almost convinced you're doing a bit, Fitz.
  6. Smith I think is ready to jump into the NHL next season – I honestly thought he was ready this year, just had a rocky start in preseason but I think he would have stabilized. Bahl I'm inclined to believe could use a little more seasoning in the AHL. Give him a little time to get used to a quicker pace and stronger competition; he may even be ready for a midseason call-up next year but I think he needs a little AHL time. Okhotyuk I still think needs more time. His decisions aren't as sharp as Smith's or Bahl's so I think he would benefit from playing top minutes in the OHL next year and then could use a season or two in the AHL first. I love his mobility and physicality, but I think he needs a lot more time to marinate and work on his decision making.
  7. We do have a lot of depth/top 9 guys in the system, which you hope comes in handy down the road when you need to fill the bottom 6 with cheaper talent. However, part of the thought process when drafting players that have a good all-around base is hoping you can develop one or two additional tools to their game to bring them to that next level, kind of what we’ve seen happen this year with Tyce Thompson at Providence. Starting with a solid base and then trying to expand tools upon it is sometimes easier than picking up a one-dimensional player and trying to patch holes, that seems to be their thought process with some picks like Hoelscher.
  8. He’s not a long shot, but I just don’t see a ton there that’s high-end. He’s a smart player with really good two-way acumen, but I don’t think he has the offensive tools to be a consistent point contributor. He’s a guy I could see making it in the future as a depth piece that can play on special teams, but the offensive numbers have been bolstered a bit this season from playing with Jack Quinn, who he’s been a great complement to. EDIT: A think the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” applies quite well to him. He does everything pretty good, but nothing great or spectacular. Swiss Army knife type player.
  9. Maltsev is a really interesting one, he's never lit it up at any level but he's a good "pro-tools" kind of guy. He's really big at 6'3", 220 and is strong on the puck and good down low, has a pretty well developed two-way game and from what I've seen thinks the game pretty well. Has some hands and has been able to score some fantastic goals between the preseason and shootout in Bingo, but I'm not sure he's ever going to be a meaningful offensive producer. He might be one of those guys that needs to marinate in the AHL for awhile the way Coleman did, but I think there's something there for a versatile bottom 6 forward. Zetterlund has done decently well for the role Bingo has had him in. He’s been mostly on the 4th line (same with Maltsev, actually), but I think his ceiling is a little higher than Maltsev in terms of how much offensive punch he could bring. Zetterlund is a bit quicker, has a better shot, and is a really sturdy player despite being sub-6’0”; he’s almost as heavy as Maltsev, even though Maltsev is 4 inches taller. Zetterlund’s game has always reminded me a bit of Patric Hornqvist, and though I don’t think Zetterlund is going to be as productive as Hornqvist, I could see him being a good 3rd liner with PP upside as a net front/buffer guy. Popugaev has the size and the shot, but he’s still got a long way to go to be an NHLer if it ever happens for him. He can move well when he gets going, but his stride is very, very clunky and in turn his acceleration leaves a lot to be desired, which makes it difficult for him to transition from offense to defense and vice versa. I also don’t find he wins enough puck battles for a player his size, which is a bit disappointing. I had really high hopes for him because he could have been a big time boom pick if everything fell into place properly, but I’m just skeptical at this point he’ll be able to be more than a depth minor league scorer. I feel like I say a lot of our guys have 3rd line/depth potential, which could be seen as a negative since not a lot of our system has high-end/elite potential, but I think we have a lot more guys with NHL outlooks than a lot of teams, even if their upside isn’t sky high. With the likes of Nico, Jack, Ty, and the players we select with our 1st’s this year, that should be where all of our top talent is coming from, and having this pool of 3rd line/depth guys is going to come in handy to fill out this roster with quality players.
  10. Graeme Clarke made his return this morning after being out for 46 games with a wrist injury, and he picked up right where he left off. Had a goal and two assists for the 67's in their 7-3 win over Kingston: All of our prospects in that game found the scoresheet as well: RW Graeme Clarke: 1G, 2A (1 on PP) D Nikita Okhotyuk: 2A D Kevin Bahl: 1A (PP) C Mitchell Hoelscher: 1A Also posted in the Draft thread a fantastic goal that Marco Rossi scored in that game. The 67's are a treat to watch this year, they're a wagon.
  11. I still like his compete level and shooting ability, but the hurdle for him has always been his skating ability and I think the knee injury last year has really inhibited his ability to improve in that area. Hopefully in the summer he can work with a good skating coach, but he's going to need to get better in that area to be an NHLer from what I've seen. If he does become a better skater, though, I think there's enough there to make a very strong 3rd line forward.
  12. Out of all of Charlotte's forwards, Kuokkanen would have been my pick out of that lot to get in a trade, so we got Carolina's best AHL forward prospect. Overall, I would have much rather had Patrik Puistola or Tuukka Tieksola, but very possible Carolina wasn't willing to give those guys up.
  13. He's been a really good AHL forward for a few years now and he's someone I was high on in his draft year, really smart attacker than can both finish and set up plays but I think he's more effective as a playmaker because of his smarts. Biggest obstacle is playing with more pace, I don't necessarily think he's a bad skater but it seems like he excels more when he's able to slow the play down, so the quicker pace of the NHL has been a bit more difficult of a transition for him. All-in-all, though, he's a good multi-tool player who I think could develop into a good 3rd line winger. I'd like to see him get a look to end the season, but at the very least he'll be a strong addition for Bingo for their playoff run if they decide to keep him in the AHL for the rest of the season.
  14. I honestly don’t read too much into the difference between the OHL, QMJHL, and WHL, as I find the difference in league quality is marginal if even noticeable at all. If anything, it fluctuates with age groups as they filter through, but the quality of competition across the CHL is pretty even I would say. I don’t hold this against Rossi, especially since I think he’s part of what makes that team special, but he does also play for the best team in the CHL this year, while some guys like Lafreniere and Byfield have had to carry their teams more. Just something to consider, but I do think if Rossi was closer to 6’0” he would be getting more top 3 buzz.
  15. I mentioned this on Twitter recently, but both Lafreniere (2.20) and Rossi (2.15) are working at over a 2.00 Pt/G pace right now. If they maintain that pace through the end of the season, they would be the first 1st-year eligible players to finish the season with a 2.00 Pt/G or better in the CHL since Connor McDavid (2.55) and Mitch Marner (2.00) did it in 2015.
  16. If the draft were today, we would have picks 5, 12, and 18. Again going just off who I have at those spots, that would give us: Marco Rossi, Emil Andrae, and Dawson Mercer. I feel like it sounds cliche, but this draft could end up being a turning point for this franchise with the quality of players we could get there.
  17. 1. Hughes, 2. Byfield, 3. Hischier Jack is the most dynamic of the three and in turn I think has the most offensive upside, Byfield and Nico are both complete package centers but Byfield I think brings a little more in size and upper echelon skill.
  18. It’s crazy to me that some are dropping Raymond near the end of their top 10, he’s a definite Top 3 talent for me. The rankings on DraftGeek were made from a compilation of myself and the other writers on there back in September, so Byfield may be in the 2 hole when we get together soon to do our new round of consolidated rankings. Byfield is my #2, Raymond my #3.
  19. Here’s that article I was referring to on Quinn if you would like a more in depth read on him: https://www.draftgeek.ca/2020/02/18/rising-stars-jack-quinn/ Kid is likely going to end up on my mid teens in my final rankings, he’s one of my favorites this year
  20. Absolutely, if the draft were today the Devils would be selecting at 4th, 16th, and 18th. If they just picked who I have ranked at those spots (which they won't, but just illustrating the quality of player that could be there at those picks), they would end up with Tim Stützle, Rodion Amirov, and Dawson Mercer. That is an absolute HAUL, I know things are tough right now but the kind of young talent this organization in bringing right now is imposing.
  21. Nolan Foote is someone I had pegged as a high 2nd Rounder last year, and my main knock on him was his skating ability. He has gotten quicker, and while he's never going to be a burner on the rush, his skating ability has come a long way and I'm happy with his ability to get up in the play and play in transition. His best asset is his shot, which is pretty lethal; his accuracy is quite good but the real key to his shot is how much power he can get behind it, he's a very heavy shooter which allows him to score from distance in addition to being able to use his size to play the net front. He brings a lot of size up front at 6'4", 200 lbs, and his hands are quite good for a player his size and he can make plays in tight. The mixture of his size and hands makes him a great net front player on the powerplay, as he can park himself in front to take the goalie's eyes away but can also make moves in tight with the puck to open up the goaltender rather than just shooting it into his pads, some of his net front ability reminds me of prime Simmonds or JVR. I don't think Nolan is ever going to be a bonafide top line forward, but I also don't think a 2nd line forward with PP1 upside is an unrealistic outlook for him. He's a premium asset and may be a little closer to a 1st Rounder in hindsight should I retroactively look back on my rankings from last year, I'd say he's moved up a little. Fitzgerald did very well here, as much as it sucks losing Blake.
  22. Lafreniere reminds me a bit of John Tavares. Lafreniere has more bite and physicality to his game, but the offensive tools are a dead ringer to Tavares for me. Byfield reminds of Eric Staal in his prime, big center with loads of skill and a great shot, though I find Byfield to be quicker than Staal was. Byfield is a tough one to gauge in terms of comparables because of how complete he is, not a lot of guys that have every tool like Byfield does. Mats Sundin is another that comes to mind, but I'm cautious in comparing him to one of the better Euros of all-time. Lucas Raymond has a lot of the same playmaking attributes as Claude Giroux, fantastic hands, excellent vision, and can really burn too. His edgework is excellent; not as gritty as Giroux, but that honestly might just be something he inherited from playing in Philly. Tim Stützle honestly reminds me of Taylor Hall. Fantastic skater, great hands but more often uses his skating to beat defenders, excellent passer, and can really shoot the puck. Marco Rossi, and some of you are gonna kill me for this, reminds a bit of prime Scott Gomez (I'm talking the 84 point version of Gomer). Smooth and quick skater with quite possibly the best vision and passing ability in the draft, reads the play really well and is a zone entry beast. I think Rossi's skill level is higher than Gomez's was, but broad strokes, his game has looked similar to me. For Jamie Drysdale, I like Kris Letang; 4-way skating ability and a really good offensive brain with a high skill ceiling. Anton Lundell I liken a bit to Henrik Zetterberg, good two-way player with fantastic hockey sense and playmaking ability. Alexander Holtz is a little reminiscent of Daniel Alfredsson, gifted sniper with all-around skill and skating ability. Perfetti is a little tricky for me to pin down, because he has aspects that remind me of a few different players; his shot (and particularly his release) is very Matthews like, but he's on the smaller side and his skating ability is roughly average. Joe Pavelski might be a decent comp, but I think Perfetti's puck skills project better than Pavelski's. Quick on the lone goaltender worth 1st Round consideration, Yaroslav Askarov is a dead ringer for John Gibson for me, minus the right catching glove. The movement, poise, stance, hockey sense, it all screams Gibson to me.
  23. If we're picking 4th or 5th and Raymond is there I'm sprinting to the podium to pick him, he's someone who has been dropping in some rankings that has no business doing so. In my mind, 1, 2, and 3 are all on their separate tiers – Lafreniere is tier 1, Byfield tier 2, Raymond tier 3. Tier 4 for me is that lump through the rest of the Top 10 or so with Stützle, Rossi, Drysdale, Lundell, Holtz, and Perfetti. If we did end up with Stützle, Rossi, or Drysdale over Raymond, I'd still be relatively fine, but just a tad disappointed because I think Raymond could be one of the best wingers in the NHL in a few years. FWIW, Stützle-Rossi-Drysdale is my 4-6 right now, in that order.
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