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  1. Even after sleeping on it, last night just feels like the biggest gut punch I've ever taken as a fan. Just how does this team keep doing this to us? What did we do to deserve THIS?

    I legitimately feel like I'm in a funk right now because of this team, they better fvcking win on Friday.

    This team is going to put me in therapy lol

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  2. Just now, Devilsfan118 said:

    All 30 of them?

    I'm being a negative here, I know. Bleh.

    54 of Nico's 101 points have come without Hall on the ice, and I certainly don't think he was the problem tonight.

    I hear you brother, I'm fuming over here, but most of that is honestly just directed at Mac and PK. If we even get a couple more saves, we win this game tonight handedly. 


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  3. 36 minutes ago, Triumph said:

    The access to preseason numbers has really denigrated the quality of conversation about these matters - 3 or 4 preseason games means nothing.  Rooney is probably a territorial drag, but his role is to sit in the press box and work real hard in practice.  He shouldn't play more than 40 games, and he shouldn't play more than a few shifts above the 4th line all season long.  As long as the Devils recognize what this guy is, there shouldn't be any issues.

    You could try to build an NHL roster without these players but it would be tough - a 13th forward should be, almost definitionally, not a player who should be playing in the league regularly.  

    My point is Rooney, a player who has next to no positive metrics, is taking away a roster spot from one of our best prospects, regardless of position. Rooney's numbers last season are also pitiful, but I brought up his preseason numbers to illustrate he wasn't significantly good enough to "earn" his spot.

    Yes, a replacement level player is who you want as your 13th forward anyways, but we have Hayden for that role. I don't see any benefit to having Kevin Rooney on our roster, especially when it's likely going to handcuff us from giving Smith the 9 game trial if management is against moving on from Mueller/Carrick.

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  4. I'm so annoyed that Rooney is going to be in this lineup to start the year. He did nothing to earn a roster spot and it's going to come at the expense of likely Smith.

    Preseason CF: 38.67% (-8.38% Relative)
    Preseason FF: 38.60% (-7.39% Relative)
    Preseason SF: 37.21% (-8.97% Relative)
    Preseason GF: 33.33% (-18.84% Relative)
    Preseason SCF: 32.26% (-16.32% Relative)

    He sucks. He doesn't belong anywhere near an NHL roster.

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  5. 1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

    Any player, no matter how good or bad they are, will go through brutal stretches.  The 4-5 preseason games Ty played in could have been just a brutal stretch for him and he eventually goes back to form once the season starts.  I am not going to go too crazy over preseason stuff, especially when he looked better in the last 2 games he played.

    Sending him back down to Spokane and rip apart that league will do zero for his development.

    Fully agreed here. Ty has accomplished just about all he can in Junior, I don't think another year in the WHL would help him at all.

    Now, that doesn't mean he should be on the team for the full season automatically, but I feel like he should get the 9 game look because of that. He looked better the past couple games, and since it's either WHL or NHL this year with no in between, I think he needs the extra 9 games to prove he either does or does not belong this year.

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  6. For NHL.tv, if you have access to a VPN you can bypass the blackout restrictions on there using that. That method only works for desktop and Fire Stick though, haven't been able to get that method to work on my iPad or phone.

  7. Greene, Mueller, and Carrick were all so, so bad last night. I was honestly stunned by how horrible that trio played last night, it was really ugly.

    Thought that was by far Ty's best game of the preseason, thought Tennyson actually played quite well as well. Wood's best game of the preseason as well, Nico, Boqvist, and Coleman looked good.

    It was absolute garbage day for Rooney, Hayden, Bastian, and McLeod last night, they all sucked, which is unfortunate because I've actually liked Hayden and McLeod to this point.


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  8. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-brayden-points-contract-impacts-rfa-market/


    5. I think the Devils and Taylor Hall are underselling this a bit. They are trying to make a serious run at an extension.

    7. Some of the teams looking for defencemen are considering Stanley Cup champion Joel Edmundson from St. Louis. He will earn $3.1 million, and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. I think the Devils are trying to add a blueliner, but am not certain he’d be the one. I’m wondering if Winnipeg is there, too.


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  9. https://www.tsn.ca/video/insider-trading-will-point-s-deal-lead-to-other-rfa-s-signing-quickly~1787114

    Darren Dreger:
    "Taylor Hall's agent, Darren Ferris, met with the GM of the New Jersey Devils, Ray Shero, over the weekend and it sounds like they're making some traction there. Now, you have to keep in mind Taylor Hall is coming off a significant injury; he loved the way he was treated by the Devils organization, very professional from start to finish. He likes what Shero has done and the changes he has made to the lineup of the New Jersey Devils, so it's one of those situations: it could get done sooner than later, which is saying a lot, considering he's in the final year of his contract."

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  10. Based on what we saw today in the scrimmage and practice sessions, this seems like what the coaching staff is looking at for the start of the regular season, or close to it:

    Hall - Hischier - Palmieri
    Gusev - Hughes - Simmonds
    Boqvist - Zajac - Bratt
    Wood - Zacha - Coleman

    Vatanen - Subban
    Greene - Severson
    Smith - Butcher
    Mueller, Carrick

    This could all obviously be completely shuffled up by next week, but I love that 3rd line with Zajac between the two Jespers. Zajac can be the responsible two-way guy on the line while Boqvist and Bratt both bring a ton of skill and creativity to the line. Really hope Boqvist can find a way to stick on this team, started out camp nicely today with a couple goals in the scrimmage.

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  11. With training camps officially going across the league, felt like a good time to get this up. Welcome back, hockey, I missed you so much.

    So, there's a few outlets that are reporting the Marner saga is picking up some traction towards a solution. Nothing imminent, but they're progressing. Super interested to see how this all ends since it has so much implications for RFAs across the league:

    Some of the stuff thrown around lately has been absurd, despite how good Marner is. $9.5M x 3 years totally defeats the purpose of a bridge, and he reportedly declined the Tavares contract back in July.

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  12. I wouldn’t really call Wood’s contract “bad,” the going rate for a 15 goal scorer I would imagine is around $2M, so I’d really only say Wood is overpaid by about $0.75M, which is really about the cost of a replacement level player. We’re not having any issues with signing guys and with the cap going up over the next couple years, I’m not too fussed over Wood’s contract. If he’s the worst contract we got up front, we’re in pretty good shape.

  13. Pav gets way more sh!t than he deserves. Sure, he isn't Mathew Barzal (who was also who I wanted the Devils draft at 6th, for the record), but he's not a worthless bum and people should just let him do well in his role now that we have more top end talent to play above him. He's an excellent player to have on your 4th line and good insurance to have in your depth when the inevitable injuries happen. He's a capable 5v5 forward and I would make the argument that he's our best penalty killer, which carries a lot of value for a team filled with smaller skill guys up top that we're not going to use on the PK. I know it stings having used 6th overall on him, but just let him be who he is and not expect him to be Barzal or Rantanen.


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  14. 1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    I think we should also chant you suck at the opera. 

    I feel like we say that every season. 


    With us or with the K??

    With us, the article claims.

    I definitely want Pavs on this team, I'd be real sad to see him go. Our bottom 6 is weaker without him and he's an excellent penalty killer.


  15. So, that seems like pretty good news. Hopefully it's not all a facade, but it seems like there's legitimate optimism for no lockout in 2020-21.

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