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  1. It really is a testament for how fvcking good Schneider was back then. He put up a .925 SV% behind THAT team. Unbelievable he didn't nominated for a Vezina in that three year block.
  2. It really seems like he's just going to end up somewhere on a cheap "show me" deal, which is hilarious for a guy who spurned other teams to go to the bright lights brah, serves ya right. For teams that are actually good though, maybe Montreal gives him a shot? Could also see him back with the Blues, which would also be hilarious.
  3. I don't necessarily agree with that, he's not elite on his edges like Hughes is, but at least I find he can cut and change direction well and it's part of what makes him slippery when you combine it with his puck skills. I find it disingenuous when people say he's a weak skater, he gets around the ice fine, and his agility is better than his top speed is.
  4. There's some people who dismiss his skating because he doesn't burn down the wing the way someone like Hall can, speed isn't his greatest asset, but that's not really who he is. Where he excels is with his agility, he's a very agile skater and can make quick cuts to find more open space rather than flying into open pockets on the ice. He creates his offense from holding on to the puck and buying time with his vision, puck skills, and agility, which is why he's such a beast on zone entries and on the powerplay. You can fly down the wing like Miles Wood as much as you want, but it doesn't mean much if you don't have the smarts to match it. Gusev's smarts alongside his elusiveness are what make him a dangerous player, rather than some players who create their opportunities with speed and power.
  5. I think this is pretty fair, I wouldn't have even blinked if we gave him $4M+ over a long term deal so somewhere in the $3M range sounds good to me. Thought Butcher was quite good last year even if the production wasn't there as much as it was in his rookie year, ain't nothing wrong with this deal for me other than it being 3 years. Would have preferred a 2 year bridge to maintain his RFA status or a long-term deal.
  6. Hopefully, a Stanley Cup Champion But also, a UFA
  7. Something Hynes has been harping on lately as well is a need for internal competition. Obviously we're going to have some guys fighting for roster spots on the 4th line, but there's going to competition all year for guys to get more playing time in the top nine or even top six along with the powerplay. I really think this has the makings of a really good team. October can't come fast enough.
  8. BOIIIIII Gusev has been the best player outside the NHL for a couple years now, he's going to be a legit impact player. I am fvcking hyped.
  9. I can’t think of a more perfect answer. He’s gonna be a great fvckin Devil. Welcome to NJ, P.K., love ya already
  10. Pavel Zacha : 11 Taylor Hall : 11  Nico Hischier: 16 Jack Hughes : 12 Kyle Palmieri : 11  Wayne Simmonds : 10 Jesper Bratt: 8 (+1) Miles Wood : 10 Travis Zajac : 11  Blake Coleman : 12 P.K. Subban : 12  Damon Severson : 12 Sami Vatanen : 10 Will Butcher : 10 Ty Smith : 12 Connor Carrick : 10 Mirco Mueller : 3 Cory Schneider : 10 Mackenzie Blackwood : 14  Jesper Boqvist : 11  Kevin Rooney : 7  John Hayden : 2  Andy Greene: 5 (-1)
  11. I'm happy with this, I thought he looked good last year after the deadline and he has a really cute dog, so those are both pluses.
  12. I'm just happy they're embracing the history of the Newark Bulldogs, I thought they were lost in the annals of time until we thankfully added the black stripe on the bottom of the jerseys.
  13. Basically this, I don't think Shero is dumb, if we were to acquire Backes I'm sure we'd be getting a pretty penny back along with him. He barely played on Boston last year in the playoffs, so if we got back an extra 1st rounder in exchange for keeping Backes as our 13th forward, I'd be fine with that.
  14. I'm really intrigued to see more of him in the OHL next year, he can really skate and he seems like a real physical player too, blanking on who it was he hit but he laid a real solid check on someone at the blue line during the scrimmage. Russia might be an interesting team for us to watch at the World Juniors this year, could see us having up to three players on the team in Misyul (lock, IMO), Gritsyuk, and Okhotyuk.
  15. Cangy sniped me as well, I'm in the Hughes jersey above you Was awesome getting to get my hockey fix in the middle of July, thanks again to @Satans Hockey for the hookup on the tickets, you're a beauty This year's scrimmage felt like the most talent we've ever had at one camp, really fun group to watch, including some guys that really stood out that wasn't really expecting. My Top 5 outside of Hughes: Jesper Boqvist – Everyone's kinda already talked about this kid already, but holy sh!t was he good. There's a reason why I've been all over this kid since we've drafted, he's so quick and skilled and he's noticeably worked on becoming a more interior player instead of being stuck on the perimeter. He was flying all day and had a nice shootout goal as well, I'll eat my hat if he's not in the lineup on opening night. Boqvist is gonna be a player in this league, fellas. Mikhail Maltsev – I thought Maltsev was arguably the best player on the ice on Saturday, every shift he had he had he made a positive impact for the Red team and clearly such a smart player. Skates well, has some size, was a really responsible two-way guy as well that could win some faceoffs. Had a really nice set up Popugaev's goal, I wouldn't sleep on this kid pushing for that 4th line spot alongside guys like Anderson and Bastian, the organization seems really high on him. Nikita Popugaev – Beyond the goal, I thought this was the best I'd seen Popugaev in awhile. He was playing a lot smarter than I've seen him the past, willing to slow the play down a bit and set up breakouts with his defensemen but when he had the puck on his stick he was like a freight train going down the side board. I thought his hands looked smoother on a few occasions than when I saw him in Binghamton, and there was one great moment when he just gave Pakkila the cold shoulder Jagr style when he had the puck. He was awesome, he's one of those guys that could blow up if he develops the right way, hopefully he takes a big step in Bing this year, he's fighting for his career at this point. Michael Vukojevic – I thought Vukojevic was the best defenseman on Saturday, thought he was really solid defensively but then on the offensive side of the puck I really liked what I saw. Feel like I underrated how good of a skater he is when I saw him play in Kitchener last year, but he seems like he can really skate which is awesome for a guy with his size. Had a few good moments where he used his skating to jump into the play both on the rush and during extended looks in the offensive zone, and his shootout goal was a thing of beauty. Seems like he has a ton of personality, too. Ty Smith – Smitty was great as well and was his usual self. Really smart on the puck and I honestly can't recall any mistakes he made, but I remember quite a few brilliant breakout passes that he made. He's such a good passer and skater and he's going to do wonders for our transition game next season, he obviously doesn't have elite level hands like a Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar but I think he's right up there with those two in terms of hockey sense. Some other honorable mentions were McLeod, Bastian, Reilly Walsh, Xavier Bernard, and Gilles Senn. McLeod I thought looked quick out there and had a few shifts where he was excellent on the cycle game, same with Bastian on the cycle and he was physically dominant when protecting the puck. Walsh made a few good jump ups into the offensive zone and I liked how active he was, picked up an assist as well. Bernard seems a lot quicker and smoother than the last time I saw him, and he seems like he's developing more two-way game instead of being just another stay-at-home guy. Gilles Senn I thought was the best goalie, it's hard to get a read on goaltenders in things like this but I thought he looked rock solid and his body language looked good in terms of poise and positioning, wouldn't be surprised if he's the starter in Binghamton this year.
  16. I don't want to insinuate he's going to be a 30+ goal scorer like Simmonds was/is, but if Bastian can improve his puck skills he can be kind of like a light version of what Simmonds was in his prime. Big net front guy that can bang in goals in front and take the goalie's eyes away, if he can handle the puck better in tight like he showed today on that goal against Schmid he could become a valuable complimentary piece. I'm partial to speed and skill but you can always use someone who can play the net front on the powerplay, Bastian could be that guy.
  17. I can't attest too much to the other teams because the stream was focused on each of Hughes' games and I wasn't there in person, but Hughes was legitimately dominant out there, he was phenomenal. Thought Tyce Thompson drove play pretty well when he was on the ice, and Walsh generated a lot of chances too. Boqvist and Smith I thought looked awesome together on their team, also thought McLeod was doing a great driving possession. Okhotyuk very noticeably can skate and had a nice wrist shot goal. Bastian made a nice move in tight on Schmid for a goal as well, liked to see that from him as I'd like to see his puck skills improve, he already has the power aspects of the game down.
  18. All things considered, that's not a bad deal for Ferland, but Vancouver is playing a real short sighted game here. With Boeser still unsigned and Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, and Demko all due for new contracts in two years, Vancouver has committed almost $18M to their cap over the next 4 years between Miller, Myers, Ferland, and the Luongo recapture, not even bringing up the absurd 4x3M contracts they handed to Antoine Roussel and Jay Beagle last summer. They're gonna be in a serious bind with the cap very soon, if they aren't already, and it's not like they're a cup contender. This is what cap mismanagement looks like when you're a rebuilding team, Shero has handled our situation the right way, Jim Benning hasn't.
  19. He signed his ELC a few weeks ago, so he'll have a chance to make the team out of camp. Likely the Devils would loan him back to Brynäs if he doesn't make the big team this year.
  20. Proposal: People have different priorities, responsibilities, and life circumstances, and taking a morning to go to a recreational event doesn't make you stupid or a sh!thead if you decide to make time for it in your life. Jfc.
  21. Boqvist looking real nice too, I'm real excited for this kid
  22. After the first two games, I've liked the look of Tyce Thompson a lot. Had a snipe in the first game and he's shown some good hands in tight.
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