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  1. I thought the same thing, they switched to an overhead view though so hopefully they stick with that. Hughes just scored a one-time goal, so got to see that from the overhead angle, Reilly Walsh with the set up
  2. Cool Hockey gives you the option of hand stitching on their jerseys instead of that heat press garbage, so that's what I got for my Hughes jersey. Their hand stitching comes out pretty good from my experience, definitely better than spinning the chamber with an NHL.com order.
  3. Got my #86 Hughes jersey in the mail on Monday from Cool Hockey, so I'll be rocking that at the scrimmage on Saturday. Hopefully I get to see Jack pot a couple with guys like Smith and Boqvist standing out as well
  4. MadDog2020 On-Ice, 5v5 Snark For %: 62.3% Rel Snark For %: 15.7% xSnark For/60: 80.2 Jokes Plus/Minus: +1 Worth retaining and should be elevated in the lineup along with Eric Gelinas
  5. If I'm remembering correctly, 4th development camp for McLeod, Bastian, Anderson, Gignac, and Cormier, 5th development camp (unless they missed one of the years since their draft year) for Speers and White. Aside from the obvious guys (Hughes, Smith, Boqvist), I'm really looking forward to seeing Graeme Clarke, Nikita Okhotyuk, Nikola Pasic, and Maltsev. Clarke's hands are utterly sick, hope he gets to shine in some shootout drills, Okhotyuk I just haven't paid much attention to in the past so I just want to learn more about him, Pasic I think might turn into a real steal from the 7th Round and he can really shoot the puck, and this is Maltsev's first camp which should be fun to watch.
  6. Some background on the Camp Invites: - Danny Weight is Doug Weight's son, also played with Hughes, Moynihan, and McCarthy on the USA U18 team this year. He'll be going to Penticton next year before going to Boston College, so he would be a long, long ways off from ever getting a contract offer, 4-5 years minimum. - Nicholas Canade doesn't do a ton for me, smaller kid that plays with a lot of bite. Kinda like Brendan Gallagher but without the finishing touch, had 4th line numbers for Mississauga the past couple seasons. - Never seen Tyler Young play, but his high school numbers look okay. He's going to Providence College next season.
  7. Dev Camp roster released: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-devils-announce-2019-development-camp-roster/c-308206072 Smith and Boqvist both getting assigned their regular numbers (#24 and #90 respectively) likely tells you what the organization thinks of their chances being the starting lineup on October 3rd. Invites: F Danny Weight, F Nicholas Canade, F Tyler Young
  8. Simmer sounds determined to prove the Devils right, same with PK and Jack. Reminds me of 2018 when we had a bunch of scrappy guys trying to prove themselves, love having a bunch of guys with chips on their shoulders coming into camp. Can't wait for October, LGD.
  9. Another KHL free agent I would have some interest in, not a guarantee he would be a top nine forward but he's a young and skilled guy. Liked Tkachev quite a bit in his draft year so I'd like this kid as an under the radar signing that we can add on top of whatever else we do this summer.
  10. Gusev was also a teammate of Mikhail Maltsev this past season on SKA, just a small little connection there.
  11. He signed a 1 year contract with Vegas during the playoffs last year which is now expired, so he's technically already come over to NA despite not making it into any games. KHL free agency opened awhile back, so I imagine his interest is in trying to find an NHL fit where he can be a top 6 forward instead of signing back in Russia. That's also why Vegas can't fit him at the moment, however. I would imagine anything short of $4M or so he probably goes back to Russia where can get that easily, he's been the top player in the KHL for a couple years now so getting that coin from SKA or CSKA wouldn't be hard for him, so teams interested gotta pony up a bit.
  12. IIRC he's on the smaller side of 5'11", from my viewings of him he's not blazingly fast but his hands are mental which help his escapability. He creates a lot of space with just his puck handling ability and I think he could be a really dynamic player, really good playmaker too so he'd be an awesome addition for our powerplay. If we gave up a couple picks or prospects for him and Clarkson's contract, I'd chalk that up as a big W.
  13. Yeesh, NY Sports for ya. Must have missed Panarin's multiple 100 point seasons
  14. I think as of now our goalies in Bing are Evan Cormier and Gilles Senn, we didn't re-sign Lack (not yet, at least) and Johnson wasn't given a QO. Would like to see them bring in a 3rd string guy and think they will, would be too risky to have one of Mac or Cory go down and have to bring up Senn to fill in time. Also I think using Jack in the slot on the PP is a bit of a waste of his abilities, he would be best on the halfwall so I'd rather have Hughes and Hall anchor their own units. What I would do for the powerplay: PP1: Subban Hall - Nico - Palmieri Simmonds PP2: Butcher Hughes - Bratt - Severson Zajac PP2 is tough to nail down, because we don't have a definite net front guy after Simmonds outside of maybe Wood, who I'm not a fan of giving PP time.
  15. Aho has already agreed I'm pretty sure, or else it wouldn't even be at this stage. Player has to agree to the offer before it even goes to Carolina to match.
  16. I'm a fan of this, we have the space to spend and low commitment with 1 year. Either he bounces back and he's a great addition for our powerplay, or he's an okay 3rd liner and we can cut ties at the end of the year. Pretty low risk.
  17. If you're not landing one of the big fish, you really are best off staying out of free agency. It's true when they say the most mistakes are made on July 1st, ask the Oilers how they feel about Lucic or the Canucks how they feel about Loui Eriksson. I saw this on Twitter and it's pretty accurate: Free Agency is like a restaurant where there's about two good things on the menu and the rest will give you varying degrees of food poisoning. If Panarin didn't wanna come here, fine. I trust Shero if he decides not to shell out $9M for Anders fvcking Lee, because that's the right decision. Ferland or Dzingel isn't going to go a long way in convincing Taylor Hall to stay.
  18. As if that was to be taken literally. Take a chill pill mate, you'll feel better.
  19. It sucks Shero missed the one hour window in July where you're allowed to make moves, how could he do this to us?
  20. Yup, which also carries cap recapture for both the Canucks and Panthers. $3M against the cap for the next years for Vancouver, $1M for Florida.
  21. Compared to what's realistically out there, I'd rather stand pat with Blackwood and Schneider. Smith is such a massive wild card year to year, Talbot is mildly interesting but I'm not too keen on tying more money up in goaltending. Unless something really makes sense and is a definite upgrade, I'd rather go with the Devil we know than the one we don't.
  22. I'm open to this, depending on price of course. Frolik is a pretty good middle 6 winger with awesome underlying numbers.
  23. Can see on the rings in the arena "Eighty-Six, Jack Hughes" Wonder if they confirm his jersey number as 86 today at the presser
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