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  1. I understand they haven't practiced the PP yet, but wow the PP looks brutal. I'm sure that'll be an emphasis in practice soon.
  2. Really like what I see from Quenneville so far, kid has a real legitimate chance to make the big club this season if he keeps his play up.
  3. 3-0 Buffalo, turnover by Rehill in the slot apparently.
  4. If anyone wants to listen to tonight's scrimmage against the Sabres, WGR 550 has the feed for radio: http://v6.player.abacast.net/2103 Currently 2-0 Buffalo
  5. Growing up Marty was always my favorite player, he was as true a Devil you're going to find in our history and I don't feel any ill will over him going to St. Louis. He felt he could still play, that's his right, and when he realized he couldn't, he was offered a good front office job, and you can't fault him for accepting. 7 games in St. Louis taints nothing, no one remembers Mats Sundin as a Canuck, or Mike Modano as a Red Wing, Brodeur is forever a Devil, it doesn't matter where he retired or where he is now.
  6. I think Schneider will prevent us from finishing bottom 3 (I believe that territory belongs to Arizona, Toronto, and Carolina this year), but it's very possible to finish with the 4th or 5th slot (Matthew Tkachuk range) with a real possibility to jump to #2 or #3 with the lottery. I think getting the 1st Overall pick is a pipe dream, but the lottery could work in our favor, and if it doesn't, Matthew Tkachuk would be a good consolation prize.
  7. Re: Goulet being in training camp, I'd love for the Devils to sign him. He looked very good at the development camp over the summer, he'd be a nice signing. If Appleby plays well also, I wouldn't mind him as well to add some depth to our goaltender pool.
  8. From what I've heard on this Draft, this seems like an early Top 10 or so: 1. Auston Matthews, C, ZSC (SUI) 2. Jesse Puljujarvi, C/RW, Karpat (FIN) 3. Jakob Chychrun, D, Sarnia (OHL) 4. Matthew Tkachuk, LW, London (OHL) 5. Max Jones, LW, London (OHL) 6. Patrik Laine, RW, Tappara (FIN) 7. Logan Brown, C/LW, Windsor (OHL) 8. Chad Krys, D, USA U-18 (USHL) 9. Dmitri Sokolov, C/LW, Sudbury (OHL) 10. Sean Day, D, Mississauga (OHL) HO: Kale Clague, D, Brandon (WHL) HO: Sam Steel, C, Regina (WHL) Interesting note: Chad Krys played his youth hockey for the NJ Rockets, who play at the Amerihealth Pavilion. Good news for our team is that this seems like another very forward heavy Draft, as it stands right now though there's a very clear cut Top 4 or 5, I wouldn't be surprised though if Sokolov moves up there during the year, I get the feeling people are going to love him.
  9. With Zubrus gone, we probably have 9 forwards that are locks to make the team (Cammy, Zajac, Palmieri, Henrique, Elias, Ruutu, Josefson, Tootoo, Matteau*) with another spot likely going to one of O'Brien or Gionta, so that leaves 4 spots at forward to be battled for by youngsters. Guys that will probably get serious looks are gonna be Zacha, Boucher, Kalinin, Coleman, Blandisi, and maybe Thompson. Kujawinski and Pietila could maybe even make a bid for a spot if they have a good camp. I think I'd still like to see another UFA signing for a forward, but as of now I'd like an opening night roster up front of: Zacha - Zajac - Cammalleri Henrique - Elias - Palmieri Matteau - Josefson - Kalinin Ruutu - O'Brien/Gionta - Tootoo I wouldn't want to see any of our kids get plugged in as 4th liners or healthy scratches, so I think a signing for a 3rd or 4th line RW like Kopecky would remedy this. Considering our status on the right side, I wouldn't be surprised to see them try Cammy on the RW, I believe he played on the RW at times in Calgary as well. EDIT: Forgot about Tootoo lol
  10. The two goals in the OP are always the goals I think of when I think of Zubrus, iconic goals from his time here. Zubie was one of my favorite players on this team up until he bottomed out last year, his banter with some of the guys in the locker room was always priceless (especially with Jagr) and I'm definitely gonna miss that about him next season.
  11. If you're referring to Larsson being soft regarding physicality, I thought he actually made a big jump this past season in the physical part of the game, he played a lot meaner and more physical against opposing forwards. And also Jack Johnson is a much more physical player than Hedman, again if that's what you're referring to, Johnson had 157 Hits last season compared to Hedman's 51 Hits.
  12. People consistently hate on Zajac and I find it to be entirely unwarranted, is he being paid a shade too much? Yeah, probably a bit, but his impact to this team transcends the score sheet. Watch any game from the past couple seasons where Zajac was out of the lineup due to injury or illness, and you'll find the Devils getting shredded in both possession and faceoffs. He has the talent to produce more offensively, and I hope he finds it next year, but he's an elite possession player and a very good two-way player, whether or not he's earning his money can't be based on goals and points, that's remarkably shallow. EDIT: Zajac's contract can also only be an issue if we're against the cap or he's logjamming our prospects, but that's not the case. The way it stands, we're merely just paying for a player that we need on our roster, nothing more nothing less.
  13. Excellent deal, good price and eats I think 3 of his UFA years, fantastic work by Shero on this one.
  14. Looks like we've invited Matt Gaudreau to camp, that's Johnny Gaudreau's younger brother.
  15. I've been saying lately, I don't expect us to be very good, but I am very excited to watch this team play. I'm excited to see a younger, most likely faster team and I'm really curious to see what Hynes can do for our young defense. His philosophy of the defense activating more in the play I think is going to be excellent for Severson, expect a big season out of him.
  16. St. Louis got fleeced in that trade, that's a brutal return for Oshie.
  17. Like the signing, good skater and he's only 24 years old. Gives us some more NHL experience on defense.
  18. Wonder if we'll dip into the Undrafted UFA market at all, I was very surprised to see Denis Godla out of Slovakia go undrafted. Guy won Top Goaltender and Tournament MVP at the WJC's, maybe bring this guy on so your 1-2 in Albany can be Wedge and Godla? In 2 years when Blackwood is ready to step into the AHL, Wedge won't be there (either moved on or backup in NHL) and the 1-2 at that point can be Blackwood-Godla. Never a bad idea to stock the cupboards in youth at any position, I think a signing like that would be beneficial. Same scenario would work for Veini Vehvilainen out of Finland.
  19. I'd take Parenteau on a 1-year deal no questions asked, that's the kind of UFA signing we should be going after. Sign him to slot in our Top 6 RW, and we're looking at something like: Cammalleri - Zajac - Parenteau Henrique - Elias - Palmieri Zacha - Josefson - Kalinin/Boucher/Matteau? Ruutu - Zubrus/Kalinin/Gionta - Tootoo Obviously still some question marks there, but the Top 6 looks decent.
  20. I'd give it a B. Love the picks of Zacha and Speers, and I really like the Palmieri trade. After reading a bit more on Seney, he has some upside which seems intriguing, and White sounds like he could break out next season in Junior. If we selected at forward in the 2nd Round instead of Blackwood, I would probably give the Draft an A-.
  21. The 6th Round pick of Seney I find entirely bizarre. 5'8", overager, decent production at best, and plays for the worst development program in D1 NCAA ice hockey, it makes no sense to me to take him instead of a risk/reward like Korostelev or Chris Wilkie, this pick has zero value in my eyes.
  22. Some reaches earlier on in the draft make me feel really good about *likely* keeping our 2nd Rounders, still a lot of forwards that I had ranked high are available, we could walk away with some really nice assets at 36 and 41.
  23. Very happy with this pick, 6'3", 200+ lbs, all-around solid player and he's a natural goal scorer. Kid's got a hell of a shot.
  24. This is gonna be a great draft for Boston's retool, picks 13-15 should all turn into impactful NHL players for that team, they reap the benefits in a couple seasons.
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