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  1. PK is a perfect defense partner for Smitty to start with, really hope that's the road we go down when camp starts. What better way to mentor along Smith into a top pairing guy than giving him an apprenticeship with PK Subban. Can't wait for next season to start, and I think we still got another move or two to make. With no more moves, I actually like the look of our defense for next year, that right side is FILTHY: Smith - Subban Butcher - Vatanen Greene - Severson Mueller/Carrick
  2. Ray needs to stop sitting on his hands and use his precious cap space. What a bellend. /s
  3. They're far from sure things, but what I'm really saying is there's a lot more upside in our later round picks than NYR's. Given the choice between our drafts and NYR's after the 1st Round, I'd take ours in a heartbeat.
  4. I think we've done a much, much better job in the later rounds compared to NYR. Except for Tarmo Reunanen and *maybe* Joey Keane, they haven't drafted a single player after the 1st Round since 2015 that would have me even remotely excited. For NJD, we have guys like Anderson, Boqvist, Talvitie, Davies, Walsh, and Zetterlund just to name a few, not even including our big 6th Round hit in Bratt. Lias Andersson doesn't scare me much as a rival fan, I see his ceiling as a middle 6 center. Chytil is good, but I think a little overrated as well, don't see elite potential in him. K'Andre Miller and Adam Fox could both be Top 4 defensemen, Rykov might be a good 3rd pair guy.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27006755/part-business-devils-gm-ray-shero-taylor-hall-no-1-pick-more Shero on the possibility of an offer sheet this summer: "We all know what the CBA is. There is no gentleman's agreement. Fvck that sh!t. When people say that, it's a lazy narrative, I'll tell you that. Really? Your ownership's competitive, GMs are competitive, and it's the buddy-buddy system? What the fvck is that? It doesn't mean something will or won't happen, but that's been the narrative for years, and I don't know why."
  6. Since Friday, the Flyers have spent almost $17M on two #4/#5 defensemen and a guy who has only broken 50 points once. I'll hang on to my precious cap space, thank you very much. People should also be very appreciative of Nico, Nolan not living up to expectations thus far made the Flyers feel obligated to overpay someone to do the job he couldn't do.
  7. You can pluck Jagr and Zidlicky off that list too, they were moved at the 2015 deadline so Ray didn't even have those assets to work with. To be fair, I think Lou did pretty well in that Jagr deal to Florida, and Ray later used those picks to acquire Palmieri.
  8. Preseason Schedule just got released: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-devils-announce-seven-game-preseason-schedule/c-307892100 9/16: VS Boston 9/16: @ Montreal 9/18: @ NY Rangers 9/20: VS NY Rangers 9/21: VS NY Islanders 9/25: @ Boston 9/27: @ Columbus
  9. People seem to forget too, Shero almost has to do something significant this offseason because of our need to get to the floor. Say the cap ends up at 82M, even after generously signing our RFA's, we'll still be 5M or 6M below the floor, I'm pretty confident that Ray is going to make some sort of trade over the next couple weeks that's going to bring in some salary, and hopefully that salary is in the form of one or two impact players that we can add to Hall, Nico, Jack, Palms, Vatanen, Seve, Butcher, etc. Just be patient, if three weeks pass and we're still sitting $6M below the floor with no meaningful players left out there, then I'll get a little panicky. Also re: Subban, I would love PK here. PK sometimes gets a little overlooked in the top defenseman in the NHL conversation, I really think he's that good. Top 5 for me right now. Plus, I love a player with a little swagger.
  10. Sami Vatanen instantly became our best defenseman when we traded for him, so it's different...how? Wasn't aware Hall was a depth guy and not an impact player. Shero has made his big impact player trade and has worked to supplement pieces around him. He stole Palmieri and Palms is arguably a 1st line NHL forward who's capable of scoring 30 goals, that's an impact player. Johansson, while it didn't work out here, is a 2nd line forward on most teams, that's an impact player. You can't selectively whine and twist around history to fit your narrative when our rivals acquire good players. That's how pro sports works, the teams you dislike are going to get good players from time to time.
  11. The Rangers trade for Jacob Trouba, a top 4 defenseman: An astute move that deserves praise Shero trades for Sami Vatanen, a top 4 defenseman: Ray has a cargo cult understanding of what it takes to build a winner. Step off the ledge, bud.
  13. Oh my gosh, how will we ever recover from the Rangers winning Shattenkirk Trouba over us? It's June 18th people, JUNE 18TH. We have plenty of opportunities to improve the roster, take a chill pill.
  14. Pionk is so, so bad. I can't believe the Jets thought that was the best they were going to do, that's beyond frustrating.
  15. I love the offensive tools he has in combination with that tenacity, I'm higher on him than most at this point but he has the hands to score highlight reel goals and is willing to drive in on defenders in order to create chances, but I love how he can be dangerous without having to drive the net either since he can score from the outside with his shot. I personally think his production in Russia (or lack thereof) has been overblown considering his lack of ice time in the VHL, but I also can't blame people for dropping him below guys like Turcotte or Byram. This is a strong top 10 and I've really enjoyed seeing the different debates on who everyone values in each spot. I have Pod at #3 on my board, but I realistically have him mocked at 9th to the Ducks. I love the kid, but he's likely gonna fall.
  16. I would have been uncomfortable giving Karlsson that many years, but I will say, he was still arguably the best defenseman in the NHL this year playing on one ankle. While it's not something I was eager for the Devils to do, I don't blame a contending team for ponying up for Karlsson.
  17. There was something a couple days ago that insinuated the Sharks made him an offer that would make him the highest paid defenseman in the league, so that would be over $10M per season
  18. Hawks are on crack, Maatta is a pylon and I seriously thought had negative value, getting a good going forward and a pick is a big W for the Pens.
  19. Hoglander is my pipe dream for the Devils at 34 (along with Tomasino, who at this point is an even deeper long shot), I think he'll likely be there in the 20's if the Devils are interested in a trade up but I'm a little doubtful he'll make it to the 2nd round. Wouldn't call it impossible though, crazier things have happened, I would have said the same thing about Bode Wilde last year.
  20. Released my annual Draft Guide today, as usual, Top 250 rankings with scouting reports, mock drafts, class superlatives, etc: https://ridingpinehockey.com/2019/06/13/riding-pines-2019-nhl-draft-guide/ Check it out if you're so inclined, I'll likely be releasing some stand alone articles as well that break down some of what's already in the book. Hoping to have the book available on iTunes by tomorrow as well
  21. Sounds like Matt Grzelcyk will be back tonight for the B's, which sucks considering I think that's a real underrated player. Definitely makes their blue line better getting to swap out Clifton or Moore for him. Really hoping the Blues can pull it out on the road tonight, will be rooting for them hard.
  22. This doesn't surprise me much, I felt like when I was watching games they were just about as good as each other and Kakko was just getting a lot more ice time and more puck luck, this kinda confirms that feeling for me. Think the World Championships got way overblown for a lot of people.
  23. Follow up to the Hall nonsense from yesterday: https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1781527/shero-agent-deny-report-that-halls-not-interested-in-extension-with-devils "No idea where (the website) got that aside from a 'source,'" Shero told NHL.com's Mike Morreale in a text. "Nothing on our end has changed and I have never heard differently from Taylor or Darren Ferris." Hall's agent said, "I'm not going to speak to it because it's all fictitious and I'm just not going to respond to any of those questions out of respect to the conversations and discussions that are going on."
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