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  1. http://video.devils.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=745&id=832496〈=en Highlights from the game. Enjoy.
  2. Impressions from the Event: First it was well run again. They had music and Dyno was wondering around talking to people. Hynes was up just walking around for a bit also at the intermission, chatting with some fans and other Devils staff. Saw some of the rest of the staff as well. Had a little goal horn and song each time these guys scored. Crowd was good everyone cheered for every goal it was a good event. So i was surprised also to see the white team win but hey its hockey you never know. Im not going to give something on each player. If i dont talk about someone you want to know ab
  3. Not sure they will do the same thing, but for the 3v3 when you came in they gave you a roster with the teams and numbers to help you keep track of everything. I would guess they would do the same thing for both. One massive advantage is that during the 3v3 they all played in practice jerseys, with no numbers. The only numbers were on their helmets. Which made it pretty hard to see at times. Today i would guess they will be in home and away jerseys with names and big numbers making it much easier.
  4. Im sorry i didnt come over here and post, that first response from Devil X is me over on HFBoards. I should have posted it here as well. Santini didnt really do that much at the 3v3. In those situations they clearly favor smaller faster players. This bigger more physical players showed some skill but you can see being able to play on a full sheet of ice will work better for them. Im going to the scrimmage on Saturday I'll make sure to come and post some thoughts on the players after that as well. He seemed to want to pass a lot during the 3v3. I didnt see him shoot the p
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