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  1. Hope we have another big third period in us. But 3 goals may be too much to overcome. Lundqvist has settled down a bit which is also bad news. Need to get back to dumping and chasing the puck in though. Guys are trying to skate through the blueline for some reason and it's leading to Rangers chances.
  2. I don't think Corey is going to come in... MAYBE to start the third. If this were a regular game in the Prudential Centre... Corey would come in after that 5th goal. But outdoors, in the middle of the snow, when Corey is cold (literally). Sorry, you want to start the outdoor game, this is part of it. It's not fair to bring the other goalie in under weird conditions without any time to prepare. Also, Lundqvist sucked in the first... but had to make a total of ZERO good saves in the second until it was 5-3.
  3. Gelinas with another bad play. Brodeur looks like an old man today.
  4. Not really a goaltending duel so far... I'm watching the CBC feed and Glenn Healy (who has brought up 94 about 3 times now) is blaming Lundqvist's pads for the rebounds. They are new and cold. Announcers saying this is the most physical of the outdoor games they've seen, and they've covered all but last night's game in person. Expect the Rangers to start firing the puck from everywhere, they've already started. Might work in Marty's favour as he doesn't seem to have a good feel for the puck yet.
  5. I was watching TSN and apparently tickets went for really cheap at the last minute for the ANA - LA game as well. Don't know about thousands being available for that one, but they had to drop prices to achieve a sellout.
  6. I hope Josefson has a great game and sticks on that top line. Go Devils!!
  7. I was looking at a replay of the game on NHL Gamecentre and the last Henrique shift was near the end of the second. Nothing really bad happened although he took a hit during the shift. As 7 said hopefully its bump or bruise from a previous game that they are resting because of the score.
  8. Boucher played well tonight. I hope he can stay on that line because I really like the other lines how they are. Sucks about Henrique though that could change things.
  9. I was going by what Chico said but of course that's never accurate... yup assisted by Elias as per NHL.com
  10. Elias and Brunner are great together.
  11. Hmmmm... you're right. At least it didn't look too bad. He was putting a lot of weight on it so it didn't look broken. He's back on.
  12. The trivia question reminded me that we once traded Janssen for Bryce Salvador.
  13. A full lower bowl, 'you suck' chants, and 3 goals in one period!! Never thought I'd see the day. I should say fans being allowed to move down rather than a 'full lower bowl'. It just seems odd for the Devils to do something for their fans that makes so much sense.
  14. No kicking motion for sure. We'll see though.
  15. Wish I could watch these games, just get to see the boxscores. How does Matteau look? He was red hot before the World Juniors, but since coming back it doesn't look like he's done much.
  16. I suspect he will get a fine at least, possibly a suspension. Because it was an on-ice "player safety" issue, it will not be up to Shanahan, rather Bettman or someone.
  17. This is the same thing that happened against the Devils when PDB put out our fourth line to start a game. Brian Burke goon squad meets lunatic coach. Mayhem ensues.
  18. Agree. Didn't mean YOU were complaining about soft goals. More other posters. Damn ambiguous message boards. I hope Pete realizes that Schneider gives the team the best chance to win and goes with him the bulk of the remaining games. I still think the offence blows but that's been the story all year. At least with hopefully amazing goaltending we can salvage a playoff spot. Tonight was NOT a good night standings-wise.
  19. Yeah kind of agree with this. Brodeur sucked tonight on all 3 goals in my opinion. But 1 goal on 34 shots? The BIGGER problem this year has been offense. Guys can't score. Schneider has done a better job masking the problem during his starts by keeping games close and stealing us points. If you're going to complain about soft goals putting pressure on the offense, imagine how the goalies must feel knowing they've got to stop 96% of the shots to get a win.
  20. Salvador having a rough few games.
  21. Hopefully Brodeur is on a short leash at this point.
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