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  1. Yeah, that was supposed to be a six month injury! Pretty incredible.
  2. Yeah that's a penalty unfortunately, even tried to get the puck with his stick which he might not have even noticed was broken.
  3. I was just going to say I thought Janssen was playing pretty well lol. Broke up a pass in the defensive end, he was cycling the puck earlier. And when I say "pretty well" I mean he's doing things that other NHL caliber players are doing.
  4. Didn't read pages 2-3 and I see this is now a thread about Kovalchuk () but on the original topic of the Devil's sucking this year... I'm still hoping this will be a second half team since we will have more home games in a row and hopefully an easier schedule with the Pacific Division and Central mostly behind us. Also the benefit of sucking in an Olympic years is that no one wants your sucky players on their sucky Olympic team. Hopefully guys can get rest and build up some momentum in the second half. This team is exhausting to watch because everything seems like a grind... but hey were not the Sabres so there's that.
  5. You're right that Brodeur wasn't good. I'm not trying to say the defence led to every goal. I just think the whole team was sloppy. As someone else said, if Sestito dumps the puck in at the end, we don't get hemmed in (at least on the play). And Gelinas' pinched in at the beginning of the third leading to a goal when the game is TIED. You can't blame every mistake the team makes on the fact that goalie is having an off night. But again I absolutely agree with you that Brodeur was bad and was fighting the puck all night.
  6. I was referring to some of the failed pinches by defencemen, and giveaways, and failures to dump the puck in. Just because something doesn't lead to a goal doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake. There was a lot of slop on the ice tonight. Especially Brodeur. Buy a punching bag?
  7. Marty fighting it all night long. And the Devils just making too many mistakes. Shame.
  8. Jackets we're sitting back and letting us take over. Get another one!
  9. Jackets letting us take control now while they sit back.
  10. According to Chico... It was good to see Adam Larsson step in after Brodeur took an extra wack with a stick. Who knew!
  11. That's crazy outshot 14-0 in overtime! Kinkaid got a free meal out of that game for sure. I think consistency is the reason his save % is only .913 (which is still pretty good). He had a hot stretch at the beginning of the year. Then he struggled for a couple weeks. Albany is playing kind of like I wish the Devils were this year in that when the goaltending struggles they find a way to score goals and when the forwards don't have it, the goaltending keeps the alive. They are finding ways to win games even with injuries/callups. I don't know when Rick Kowalsky's contract expires, but I could see him getting a shot somewhere in the NHL at least as an assistant if he wants it. Albany's record has improved each year he's been there and that looks like it will continue.
  12. I think Clarkson brings some intangibles to Toronto that make him worth more money there than anywhere else. Being a hometown kid who went undrafted and still made it, he is a good story for the team to sell. He is also very good with the media on a team that doesn't have anyone like that. The Leafs are the most popular team in Canada, but they also attract a lot of negative media attention here because of their lack of success and the perception that ownership is more interested in making money than winning. If Clarkson performs decently throughout the majority of his contract (which he isn't right now) I think the team can live with spending the money they did on a decent player who can generate some good PR and excitement. Of course winning the cup would be the best PR for the team, and Clarkson's contract actually makes that harder to do. But it's easier to buy good PR than a Stanley Cup.
  13. 27.8 Restricted Area – A goalkeeper shall not play the puck outside of the designated area behind the net. This area shall be defined by lines that begin six feet (6’) from either goal post and extend diagonally to points twenty-eight feet (28’) apart at the end boards. Should the goalkeeper play the puck outside of the designated area behind the goal line, a minor penalty for delay of game shall be imposed. The determining factor shall be the position of the puck. The minor penalty will not be assessed when a goalkeeper plays the puck while maintaining skate contact with his goal crease. I got that from the NHL website. The last two sentences are kind of contradictory. If it's the position of the puck that matters... what does the goalies skate in the crease matter? Anyway, just my opinion but the Devils have way too many moving parts in their game right now. They spend so much energy grinding the puck behind the goal line, and so much time thinking with the puck. This obsession with getting pucks to the point ALL THE TIME takes our forwards' skills out of the game. They played better than 11 shots, but you have to get the puck to the net. I like Pete Deboer as a coach, but it may be time for someone else. Or at least time to reconsider the way we play in the opponents end because it feels like luck every time we score.
  14. Call me crazy. But I think it's more likely all three make it. For all three three to miss... one of the Islanders, Hurricanes or Blue Jackets would have to secure that third divisional spot. I don't have confidence in the Hurricanes. The Blue Jackets have the best shot in my opinion. They haven't been healthy this year. The Islanders will probably fire their coach at some point and go on a run. But they may be to tempted to trade Vanek rather than risk him leave via free agency, and then they've removed Matt Moulson's 25 + goals for essentially nothing. The Lightning and Leafs are struggling and both could drop from the wild card spots although I think they'll be competitive all season (especially the Leafs.) Stamkos' injury and Ben Bishop's play will likely dictate the success of Tampa's season. Sadly I think the Devils are the most likely to miss the playoffs out of the group you mentioned. But the season is still young. Who knows what can happen.
  15. Amazing story--thanks for sharing. Most unsettling part may be this. It's hard to protect guys from themselves. It also shows how much work the NHL has to do to undo the culture of fighting that is so much a part of the game in Canada and the US.
  16. Tough game to lose. But if you watched these two teams you'd have a hard time telling which one is higher in the standings. Devils have done a pretty good job generating chances since the second period against the Canes. Hopefully it continues. I think some time off may do Henrique some good. Clear his head a bit. Mind you he had all summer for that and didn't seem to make a difference but I can hope.
  17. Sestito seems like a Ryan Carter replacement. We obviously have tons of defence with Merrill playing well no point in bringing up Helgeson. I don't mind Sestito personally. Hopefully Carter's injury isn't a concussion.
  18. I didn't hear that personally. They called it lacerations on TV so hopefully no wire required.
  19. Yikes. Scott Wedgewood with 9 saves on 15 shots. He gets the win though as Albany scores 8 (2 by Matteau). I don't know why Kinkaid din't take over but oh well.
  20. This is the first game where I was frustrated with the bounces and not the team. It seems like after the first period of the last game the team got frustrated and started to finally get the puck to the net a bit more. It's paid off in the third. Too bad we haven't seem JJ and Teddy in this period. I thought that line with them and Ryder was great.
  21. I have said before that Marty's puck handling helps the team transition faster because the defence doesn't need to come back and the puck get's up the ice quicker which can help the offence. Just my two cents. Damn that goal sucked.
  22. This is old too. I can remember the Avalanche fans doing that to us in the 2001 finals. The word "sucks" has been used profusely throughout all sporting events (and almost all events involving beer I've noticed) I don't know that we'll ever get to the bottom of this. I liked the YS chant and I hope it stays.
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