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  1. Yes it's much clearer on the radio. I noticed it right away last night.
  2. To sustain a video that long we would need to score about 4 goals a game by 4 americans. Both seem unlikely
  3. That was the worst powerplay I've ever seen. I know what you mean...but they got shots and Pavelec made save(s). It's not like they passed the puck away.
  4. Chico doesn't think anyone knows who Rocket Richard is? Come'on Chico.
  5. 10 minutes of dominant hockey equals 1 shot on goal. Somehow this team has got to find a way to get shots on the net.
  6. The good news is the Devils can play better. Especially in their own end. I feel like San Jose plays the same kind of game as we do. Forecheck hard, use the points. They obviously have more talent and speed.
  7. Bernier doesn't have the hands to play with those two. That's where we miss Clowe. Didn't see a close-up of the first scoring chance but that's gotta go in. The second one could have been a shot by Brunner but still a scoring chance wasted. We are playing poorly in our own zone too.
  8. Looking forward to seeing Brunner and Josefson. Clowe skating is good news. I feel like that second line with Elias and Henrique is missing a Zubrus/Clowe/Clarkson type player.
  9. Yeah that was funny. I watched it again this morning and it looked like one of the assistants (Matt Shaw I believe) pumped his fist at a Devils fan in the crown and the woman may of thought he was taunting her or something. I guess the days of porn stars at Kings games are long gone
  10. I think everyone's covered all the points I was going to make... but I'll make them anyway! Here are the issues in order of importance: 1. Puck handling adjustment - Marty starts the rush going the other way which has an impact on the offence. I feel like there's been some confusion with Cory and the defencemen as to is supposed to do what. It's led to a goal against early in the season and the team being pinned in their own end. Last night this was not an issue that I noticed so hopefully it's getting better. 2. Opponents - Pittsburgh, Vancouver twice, Toronto, LA twice... Those are good teams offensively and defensively. 3. Team gripping their sticks - After it became a trend I think the team wanted to score too much and were gripping their sticks. 4. Luck - As a lot of people mentioned, luck has no doubt played a factor.
  11. Haha was going for the salute then he thought of old bald-patch upstairs and thought better. Nice win. Makes up for last week when we were stymied by Scrivner (He's the real deal in my opinion. Hope he gets some chances even when Quick gets back) Also, best game of the year by Ryder so far? He was hitting and battling for loose pucks. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  12. A well earned point. Ha joking. I thought 3 out of 6 points would be a good result for this 3-game trip. So mission accomplished! A win here would be robbery.
  13. Kudos to Ryder. Rode a guy into the wall to knock the puck lose. He wasn't battling like that earlier this year.
  14. Devils are allergic to shooting. I hope they can put 10 or so on Scrivens in the third and squeak one by.
  15. Great play by Zajac on that PK to block out the player going for the rebound. Schneider is amazing.
  16. This reminds me of the first game against the Kings last week where we were all over them and couldn't score. Hopefully we will get stronger as the game goes on as they did last week.
  17. Almost don't want to score on this PP because guaranteed we're going to see a make-up call like last night.
  18. They look tired from last night... I don't blame them so am I
  19. Could not think of a better ending... off Perry and in.
  20. Good a point. If we can get 3 on this trip... Maybe a victory?
  21. Ryder is sleeping out there...
  22. Gelinas is jumping up in the play a lot and getting lots of shots. He looks good.
  23. Their PP was lousy in the first... That 5-3 gave them some life. Patty... Clarkson may not be the most versatile player... but he would have tried to block that shot. Never seen a guy move out of the way so fast.
  24. Zubie oh man what a dumb play. Hiller looks like he's fighting the puck this year. He was a Vezina candidate a couple years back if I'm not mistaken. I thought he was really struggling with the traffic we threw at him in the first. If we get deep and put traffic in front of him I think we'll score a few.
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