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  1. It's 28 minutes... which is a surprise to begin with... hard to imagine Lou sitting down for that long for a media interview. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/lamoriello-passionate-about-maple-leafs-project~709631 He talks about the last five years with the Devils starting at 3:50. He attributes missing the playoffs four of the last five years to losing "certain types of people because of the status of the franchise". I'm assuming that's Zach and because we were poor? I've heard people speculate about that but that's the first I've heard Lou say it himself (kind of). On team rules: -9:20 "I've never had a written rule in 28 years." Doesn't say which of his rules will come along to Toronto. Says everyone will agree on the rules. If someone wants to grow a beard this year can they? "You'll just have to wait and see." -Team flights will no longer allow team broadcasters on the flights in Toronto. -11:35 - He's asked if he once didn't allow Nets minority owners on a flight with the team. "I don't recall that situation happening." -20:15 If the Leafs are fighting for a playoff spot at the deadline... are you buying or selling?: "You really expect me to answer that question?" "I really don't have an answer for that." - most other questions Focuses mostly on the Leafs... I've mentioned about all of the Devils stuff.
  2. Is GAR Goals Above Replacement? Just a guess. Tlusty signing is cool. Will he be another Michael Ryder or a Petr Sykora part 2? I wonder how much this signing has to do with Boucher getting hurt? I was hoping to see him in the top 9 or at least breaking with the big club in some capacity.
  3. Too bad. Was looking forward to seeing what he could do this year. Hope he's back relatively soon.
  4. I'd expect he'd be in the minors for the season and called up only if the team wants him to fight. I don't mind it at this moment, but we'll see how he's used.
  5. You're right... and his new Instagram account is different. Although Stephen Gionta is following him, so we'll find out pretty soon if it's legit I guess. If Lou was on Twitter... now that would be something.
  6. Looks like Adam Henrique is on Twitter now as well: https://twitter.com/A_Henrique14
  7. I remember this when it happened. At the time, I didn't think anything would come of it. Glad they got fined. Thumbs up to Ovechkin and the handful of other Russians who made a point of staying on the ice.
  8. These were the good old days on the board before the 'slump'. Back when Lou used to post on this board himself (not really) http://njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46395
  9. What a shocker -- for me at least. It will be nice to see Lou get some love from the larger hockey media now that he's in a hockey market. When he "stepped down" there was barely anything out there outside basic copy write ups. Not fair for one of the most influential hockey people in the last thirty years.
  10. If people are going as far back as Niedermayer, than I would even say the loss of Scott Stevens' to concussion problems was the beginning of the end. I don't know that we really replaced that leadership until Parise was captain, although the team had some good years with Langenbrunner wearing the C. Who knows if Stevens got out at just the right time before the new rules were in effect. But I would have loved to see him in 05-06 when I feel like we squandered our best chance to win since '03 (excluding '12 of course). Remember how red-hot the Devils were going into that Carolina series? Elias alone had more goals than the entire Rangers team in the first round. We just choked against the Canes. Would have loved to have Stevens in that series. Niedermayer as well. But he never seemed to have enough intensity to replace Stevens as captain. More recently though I would say the loss of Parise prevented us from continuing as a relevant team in the NHL. I don't think we'd be contenders with him on the ice, but definitely a playoff team.
  11. I would take Scott Stevens or Adam Oates as compensation. Oh right... But yeah I don't get compensation for fired coaches either. Teams have the right to tell an opposing team they can't speak to a fired coach... that should be the end of it.
  12. Assuming he signs I'm fine with it. As others have said, term and cost should be good. Probably better than a North American forward. If this is a rebuilding year, we'll need guys that can fill a roster spot and maybe impress beyond this year.
  13. I feel like Kovalchuk has always been a poor sport so this doesn't really surprise me. It's a heat of the moment type thing so I won't hold it against him. But I think it speaks to a lack of maturity compared to guys like Ovechkin or Malkin. Ovi really should have been captain. EDIT: My first sentence is meant as more of a matter of fact statement than an insult. I think to get to that level you need to be ultra-competitive and sometimes that comes out in ways that are unattractive to people. Kovy was one of the more competitive players NJ ever had in my opinion, and doubly so when it comes to representing his country.
  14. Lame. Great series though. I hope Tampa beats them but I'm not optimistic.
  15. I guess the Yankees, Patriots and perhaps a few others would be there if those leagues had more playoff spots.
  16. One of the greats. I'll miss the weird idiosyncrasies that come with cheering for a Lou team. Limited number jerseys, no facial hair, players wearing suits, and grabbing every former we can find just because. His philosophies as a manager are one of the reasons I've been fan of the Devils since childhood despite living nowhere near New Jersey. Cheers Lou. Oh and great trade? I know Bryce Salvador isn't that popular right now. But Cam Janssen for Bryce Salvador? Still don't believe it.
  17. Well, if he thinks Detroit's roster is aging I can't imagine what he'd say about the Devils' forwards. The search for a coach could be really interesting this summer with some of the candidates that are already, and could potentially, be out there. I'm still hoping Dave Tippett shakes lose from Arizona somehow.
  18. Cool stuff. Must have been fun to be there. Bobby Holik looks like the actual devil in that one picture.
  19. That's not a quote from tonight is it?
  20. Cory for MVP. Deserves the recognition. Unsung hero is Steve Bernier. Players player is Tootoo.
  21. My greatest fear is that the Devils win the lottery and Lou steps up to the podium and drafts some Anton Kadeykin-esque no-namer instead of McDavid.
  22. I like Dano and Cangi. I feel like Cangi has improved each year. Dano may be what he is but I have no problem with him. I don't see how he's a lot different than Chico in his approach to the team and knowledge of the game. I think once he's been doing it for awhile people will get used to him.
  23. I'm afraid this is the truth. The biggest difference between this team at the beginning of the year and now is Mr. Schneider. Still feels good to beat Pittsburgh though. No matter the circumstance.
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