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  1. devils102

    5/10 NHL Today

    Just got back from work Oilers win it. Was hoping everyone would be up 3-0, damn oilers.
  2. I think based on the fact that he's up for the hart, Kipprosoff will win the vezina, kinda surprised Brodeur's in the mix... Elias for Masterton? I can't think of anyone else who has shown more perserverance and determination this year.
  3. Didn't it happen last in 2003? 1. Ottawa, 2. NJ, 3. Tampa, 4. Phili or was Philly lower in the standings?
  4. He took quite a beating from the media over his play and NY is a tough town. I wouldn't be surprised if its related. Hopefully he'll get the help he needs.
  5. devils102

    OOT - May 1st

    Just watched the end of that game. I haven't seen this whole series but from the bits and pieces I have seen, its hard to believe that Calgary has won a game... They have no offence whatsoever, it seems like the Ducks are always in their end. Ya the Niedermayers are kind of annoying to some people, but I can see that team going places if they can get some goaltending.
  6. The commercials are okay. I wish they had more Devs players. The only ones I've are White pushing someone and Madden with his big scar from '03.
  7. Game on TSN now, they took the Fyers off
  8. Good start, sounds good anyway, NHL radio doesn't seem to be working. 5-0 Sabres, 3-0 Sabres. Esche lost it in Buffalo...
  9. devils102


    Anybody think that Ovechkin still has an outside chance?
  10. I was thinking of getting it, but i was afraid it would it would take up too much time during school(too addictive) plus my computer wouldn't be able to play that. Looks pretty good though. If they fixed some of the problems from Morrowind, that alone should make it an amazing game.
  11. Kozlov, Rass and Wiemer are playing really well.
  12. NHL.com has Suglobov credited with the 3rd goal... http://www.nhl.com/scores/index.html
  13. 2-0 NJ Gionta from Gomez/Parise. Damn those crafty devils there too good 3-0 Jason Wiemer
  14. devils102

    Favorite Flyer

    Lindros. I have a bobble head of him somewhere but its broken.... the irony.
  15. devils102

    What's Left

    Are the Devils really in seventh though? They have won the series against both Tampa(i think) and so far against Montreal, but what if they had lost to Tampa. Than you would have NJ ahead on MON but behind TAM. But what if MON won the series with TAM, than they should be ahead of TAM and ahead of NJ by default. It would create some kind of crazy standing paradox. They would have to have a shootout to decide who's ahead of who Seriously though, does anybody know what the tie breaker is if there is a three team tie?
  16. I hate the Sens radio feed.
  17. Brylin maybe, if he stays his whole career, but i doubt it. Maybe Elias too if he stays. Whoever it is, they'd have to stay their whole career or have the same impact as a Stevens, i don't really see anybody on the current roster doing either of those things(other than Brodeur) but who knows.
  18. He SHOULD have been resting. But theres no way he would play without knowing and accepting the risks.
  19. Good interview. It replays at noon eastern the next day(feb.9). I can't believe they flew Landsberg all the way to Florida for one interview It definately sounded like Pat wants to return to Jersey which is old news i guess. But he seems to understand that the job isn't his when he gets better, which is good. I'd be shocked if he didnt get it after this year,and I think it should be his job, but he recognizes that Lou never guaranteed him anything.
  20. What likely happened in this case and tons of other rape cases, is one person walks out of the room thinking that it was consensual, and the other walks out thinking it was rape. Even if what you say actually is true, that doesn't mean she can't change her mind later. Anyway it looks like everyones over it now anyway. What kinda pissed me off when I first read about the mask was how Muckler basically forced him to remove it. During the Devs game last night(i think?maybe somewhere else) Mcguire and Miller were talking about how Muckler also forced him to dye his hair black again after he bleached it... Even Lou's not that anal.
  21. I don't think he was. He was wearing it to honour a guy who was pretty dominant in his sport for nearly a decade. There was a picture of Tyson boxing on the mask not raping somebody. Obviously there are limits to what a player should be allowed to wear while hes on the ice representing his team, but I thought it was pretty obvious what he was honouring about Tyson.
  22. Sundin is one of the reasons the Leafs are in danger of missing the playoffs, he's been awful this year. Not to mention his salary which is a heavy 6.84 mil. Arnason hasn't been a lot better, but at least he's on his way up, as opposed to past his prime like Sundin. The Hawks would want something quality in return though, and Lou's way too high on Parise to deal him.
  23. Should be interesting to see what our lines look like tonight. On another note, does anyone know how all these guys that keep getting called up are affecting our cap?
  24. Wow, weird. I dont get what you could learn from spying on people walking around.
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