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  1. Gomez is playing well. He turned his game around during that washington series.
  2. I think Burke just really hates Fedorov. Didn't he have major problems with his brother in Vancouver if memory serves. If you consider what we got for Friesen, this is good value for a salary dump. Wright is a solid player, I don't know about that Beauchemin guy, but they got at least one serviceble player.
  3. 2-2... langenbrunner on the powerplay. bradley and sutherby even strength. Devils aren't playing as well as they did yesterday. Starting to fall asleep already.
  4. Has Robinson ever heard of the "timeout"? You've got one per game, use it.
  5. No Friesen today... or Andrew Cassels. Washington is REALLY thin up front.
  6. What did anyone who saw the game think of Janssen? I was listening and it didnt sound like he got too much ice time.
  7. Theres a solution to that. Its in the Eddy Belfour school of goaltending. You just take you're stick and jam it into the forward leg or forarm. It sounds like Brodeur just needs to play a little dirtier.
  8. Other games: Luogo has two shutouts this year, beat tampa 2 -0 San Jose is getting killed by Chicago... I thought they would win it this year. If they lose tonight, they're 0-2.
  9. Very disapointing ending... In the old NHL we win this game 2-0. It's just an adjustment that will have to be made. The emotion was pretty high too what with the Flyers loss last night, and then crappy start tonight. As soon as the Devils slacked a bit the Flyers took control. Tommorrow will be a good game. They will need to come back with some authority. The players can not be happy with how this one ended. On the possitive side, NJ dominated for a period and a half, and proved they can still own this team. Its just a matter of consistency.
  10. Noticed the same thing during the Leafs and Sens, Toronto tried and got caught. Mcguire and Miller commented on it. Nice to see the teams on board with the new rules... It won't be long before that gets an Unsportsmanlike conduct or delay of game call.
  11. Sounded stupid to me too. Lets just hope Sportsnet is wrong as they have been several times this summer.
  12. Your getting Mogilny, thats your impact player. Although I'm not crazy about losing White, also I don't think we need to. They mentioned on a Sportsnet update, that the Devils have to shave 1.7 mil before the season starts. Thats obviously counting Elias as an injured salary. They also mentioned that the penalty for being over the cap after the season starts is forfeting games. Seems a bit harsh...
  13. Well at least Yashin's ego is finally in proper proportion now... I dunno... I have to admit I find kind of cool.
  14. I remember hearing Brodeur saying on the 2003 Stanley Cup DVD, that the vets loved playing under Burns. I remember it being some of the younger guys like Gomez who he had a prickly relationship with and who really struggled under him for a while. I think that even with Burns still around we could have gotten Malakhov and Almo. Hell for the money we payed we better have.
  15. devils102

    Stevens Returning?

    According to tsn, they still have some room left to sign him. I'm too lazy to dig up the link, but its in the same article that reported that Mogilny had signed.
  16. bah, just like the Burke to Pittsburgh deal, this one was probably reported before it was a sure thing. I don't dislike sportsnet, but they've reported deals so far in advance of everyone else that I've gotten suspicious. Since they claimed Burke was going to Pittsburgh incorrectly, i've stuck with tsn.
  17. devils102

    Stevens Returning?

    I won't get my hopes up until I see it somewhere official, but that would be awesome.
  18. Hamrlik's career plus minus is a gruesome -101 v.s. "Malacough up the puck" as some have reffered to him as has a + 57. That explains to me a least why Lou may have avoided him. Besides, obviously Harmlik was asking for more than 3.7 when Lou was hunting for defencemen. Why do u think its taken so long for him to be signed? He was probably trying to get elite money for the first week and change, and then saw that he was running out of time and dropped his price. Also Lou hardly made a panic move. This was as he put it "plan B". This was planned out from the get go. He may have overpaid for Malakhov but its only a 2 year deal and if he really struggles and can't live up to Lou and Larry's high expectations i bet theres a strong possiblility he'll retire anyway.
  19. According to TSN, Hamrlik has (finally) signed with the Calgary Flames http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=133504&hubName=nhl its worth 7 mil over 2 years.
  20. No. Matvichuk is better than Mitchell, and Brown is pretty close. I would'nt mind seeing Mogilny back although I'd be amazed if he was interested in coming back.
  21. I'm with Bruin on this one. I don't know why everyone suddenly hates White but trading him for Witt is such a minor upgrade its not worth it. We're chock full of d-men that provide what Witt provides, adding him just doesn't make any sense.
  22. Dean McAmmond(sp? ) signed with St. Louis.
  23. Osgoods going back to Detroit http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=132824&hubName=
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