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  1. Yes! I think when the Swedish Olympic team chose Tallinder over Larsson, it reinforced (to me at least) that other teams are seeing the same thing DeBoer is. It's not just a coach not liking a player and keeping him out of the lineup. Other people than just DeBoer see the same thing.
  2. I remember Fayne coming in the second half of the Johnny Mac season (10-11) and having a good finish to the year just like everyone else. The next year his offense dropped off somewhat and so did everyone's enthusiasm for him until the playoffs when he was strong again. I think Larsson's problem is in his head. He has the tools, but he's lacking the confidence. I think the Devils rushed him into the league somewhat and he's still catching up physically and probably mentally. Just my guess. I'm not in the room obviously. The positive to the Larsson situation is that no one drafted after him has had a TON of success in the league. And even if he flames out, we're deep on young D. It's a good problem to have.
  3. Too bad about Carter. But I'm glad he's going to get to play somewhere. He was my favorite of the CBGB line.
  4. Eric Boulton sighting! I just checked to see if we are still paying part of his salary. We aren't. But we have another year of paying Trent Hunter six hundred thousand dollars. Severson needs to go easy on the penalties. My only complaint about him so far.
  5. Too many players I'm rooting for and not enough spaces! It would have been kind of surprising if one of nine players in the first group was left off the team. I would think that Ruutu is almost a lock at this point as well. Tough to choose between the rest of this group. I would like Gomez to make the team. I would bet the fourth line is Ruutu - Gomez - Brunner to start the season. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see Zubrus fall to the third or fourth line if he doesn't produce. I've always been a Carter fan as well, but I think the CBGB line may start the year in the AHL (like they did in 2012). I would bring Tootoo to add some grit to a pretty soft group. I could see him as the 13th forward. Him or Gionta, although Gio obviously brings in a different skill set. Pretty exciting to see the depth on this team. Although the Devils success offensively hinges on Jagr having another great year on the first line. Or someone else (Henrique?) stepping up if he doesn't.
  6. Would have been nice to get the shootout monkey off our back, even if it's just the pre-season. I don't mind Harrold and Janssen or whoever playing games even if "we know what were getting" at this point. Other than a few players, I would expect DeBoer knows what he's getting at this point. Most of them played here last year after all. Part of the point of these games is to get guys in shape for the season. Especially guys who won't see game action for the next couple weeks because they will be out of the lineup (Harrold).
  7. Too bad coaching didn't work out for him. Always been a JMac fan. Too young to really follow the betrayal, but old enough to know he was awesome on NHL '95. I wonder how permanent this is or if he plans to get back into coaching.
  8. I was really cheering for Scott Gomez to make the team. But I think it's going to be tough for him if Elias and Henrique both play center. Stephen Gionta is probably a lock to make the starting day roster. And who knows with Josefsen. I actually thought Kaberle looked good out there. Calm with the puck. Great passer. But the kids looked great too. Tough choices all over the place for DeBoer.
  9. Maybe. I was going off of what the players and coach have been saying over the last couple of days. Sounded like an open competition.
  10. Lovin the Boucher/Henrique/Ryder line (obviously). No one really looks bad to me though. Severson is playing well. Havlat is an awesome playmaker. Zubrus looks good tonight, but I still wouldn't mind seeing a more skilled player with those two. Kinkaid looks calm and composed. He may have the inside track on the back up role after tonight (depending what happens in the third of course). EDIT: Kinkaid
  11. I wonder if he'll get any time in the NHL this year.
  12. Yeah I gotta agree with that sentiment. I think with Ruutu and Cammalleri on the team, Zubrus may end up on the third and fourth line most of the season barring injuries or a slump for Ruutu. Beyond that it's a pretty tricky lineup to figure out. Rutuu, Zajac, Jagr Cammalleri, Elias, Henrique Clowe, Josefson, Havlat Zubrus,Gionta , Ryder Brunner ?
  13. I would rather have Carter jumping to the second line. Better speed and better hands. Bernier spent plenty of time in a top six role last year and did nothing with it. I hope he's fourth line or out of the lineup although I like the guy.
  14. I think our offense needs a bigger boost then he's saying, but otherwise hard to argue.
  15. Definitely haven't seen that kind of anger in a handshake line since playing hockey as a kid. Some refusing to shake hands (Brodeur-Avery) and a ton of really limp handshakes but nothing like that. The biggest disrespect to me was in all the diving from the Bruins last night. The NHL really needs to start helping the refs out with this. It becomes a safety issue when the refs ignore blatant penalties because they assume its a dive.
  16. Really enjoying these. Keep 'em coming if possible. I remember being at work at my summer job (I was in high school at the time) and being in shock after game six. Could not believe they lost in the first round after the way the season turned around. It seemed at the end of the regular season like it was meant to be their year. During Coach's Corner on CBC a while back Ron Mclean talked about Kevin Constantine's shot-blocking system. He said Ken Daneyko wanted to win every night and was flopping all over the place. I think he got that from Brodeur's book as well.
  17. Moulson had 11 goals (29 points) in 44 games this year with Buffalo. Not great, but not terrible considering Buffalo's offence was worse than ours. Not sure who was centering him, but you can do worse than Zajac and Jagr. A goal scorer might actually make them even better. I haven't seen Vrbata play much. His numbers are good, but as others point out that doesn't always tell the whole story.
  18. Yikes. Marc-Andre struggling again in the playoffs. If he can't turn things around will he be on his way out of Pittsburgh. Dan Bylsma may be on his way out as well if they lose.
  19. That is amazing when you put it that way. The only reason I think someone might catch it is if the shootout sticks around. That's an extra few wins per season that used to be ties. It's crazy to think how much time brodeur has lost because of lockouts/strikes as well.
  20. I'm willing to give Brunner a bit of a pass this year simply because he was injured so much that I can imagine it being hard to constantly have to readjust to the system and his linemates each time he came back. I feel like he never played enough games in a row for anything to become automatic. Having said that, he was the only player who Pete Deboer kind of called out for a lack of intensity. That worries me.
  21. Brodeur will have his own ceremony after he's retired and we raise his jersey and all that good stuff.Yesterday's ceremony was fine for what it was in my opinion. I agree that the whole Devil's broadcast has a mass produced feel to it and when you try to cram a special moment in, there isn't a lot of flexibility. The first blooper yesterday in my opinion, was when they cut to a commercial break as the Devils came on the ice at the beginning of the game. Then Steve tries to describe the reaction Marty got from the fans. But at that point it's too late. It would have been awesome to see that moment on screen. Same with the arena music and (to a lesser extent) Chico talking through everything.
  22. I'm pretty sure the diving poke-check was Larsson. You are right about Greene though. Steady as a rock this year.
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