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  1. Yeah I'm leaning towards that as well. Unless the lockout year caused some confusion with his contract. Lou apparently going to make an announcement on MSG "soon". Could be about this. Or maybe Ilka Pikarainen is coming back. EDIT: Yeah it is going to be about Pete.
  2. Weird... He's not resigned, Lou saying he was always under contract. At least that's what I'm getting from TG's tweet. I guess unless he's fired he'll be back.
  3. Chico says he has some "basis" to believe NJ will offer Zids a contract. Bruins are pretty deep in goaltending. Don't know what the ceiling is on Johnson. But they have Malcolm Subban and Niklas Svedberg who was the best goalie in the AHL last season.
  4. Tortorella probably sent them back on to fight him. I'll be watching from back home. Should be a cool game.
  5. Elliotte Freeman says he's heard rumblings but says he has no details for those of you who don't want to watch the clip. I hope it works out.
  6. I had thought of PDB as a potential replacement as well because he does have experience as a GM from his time in the OHL where he won the Memorial Cup. Mike Foligno is another guy with experience managing at the OHL level. He's also been around the NHL for awhile in different capacities. He also wrote a poem about Pat Burns after he died : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg9y-MQ2FYY#t=18. Chico as GM would also be hilarious.
  7. They asked Marty about Chico after last night's game... Don't know if this has been posted anywhere. Sorry I don't know how to embed... http://devils.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=714195&navid=DL|NJD|home Basically... Reporter: Chico announced his retirement today... Marty: Did he? Wow... From what? You know Chico would love it.
  8. Vrbata would be awesome. He seems like the classic underrated Devils forward. What's Viktor Kozlov up to these days?
  9. Just watched those highlights... Tedendy has some pretty amazing hands. That first goal was credited to Zajac as Fiesty pointed out, but too bad Tedenby was never able to take that same level of play to the NHL.
  10. He was one of the few colour guys I've heard in any sport who focused on the human side of the game--his conversations with players, what a game meant to certain guys, etc.-- rather than simply talking strategy. Definitely will be missed.
  11. That Bailey move was dumb. He stopped completely. Strome's at least was more of one fluid motion. Too bad. Getting the shootout monkey off our backs was the most that could be hoped for at this point in the season.
  12. I voted 'continue to try to sign him', although it depends on what the offer is. We only gave up a first round pick to get him so if we can actually get more than that I would take it. I'd be curious to see what he's worth. He'll be a free agent next year so any trade would likely be a rental. Personally I'm not confident we'd get more than a first round pick. Miller was kind of the perfect storm where he was the best goalie available, had a good track record of success (regular season and Olympic, not playoff though), and the Blues we're elite everywhere but in net so it's worth the picks. Schneider doesn't have the track record.
  13. Interesting... We are historically still among the best in the shootout at 56-48 (http://goo.gl/Mj2Tou). I guess things are evening out. Just not in the way we all would like.
  14. I'm not sure what the president of a hockey team does to be honest so I don't know what this means for the Leafs... But I was wondering (maybe hoping?) that Shanahan might be a replacement for Lou down the road. I guess his name is off that list. I don't have any idea who will replace him, but I wonder how much authority he actually had in that position. It seemed like he was following someone else's playbook rather than actually making major decisions on how players should be disciplined. I'm only guessing that because the suspensions dolled out didn't change a whole lot when he took over for Campbell.
  15. I think he's right. Even as a fan I have lower standards than in previous year. If they made the playoffs I would have considered this year a success while in previous years the playoffs were automatic. I know that the players aren't as good as in previous years but that's kind of part of it. Although I agree with what everyone else is saying as far as... this is sour grapes and he needs to shut up at this point.
  16. The return he got on Luongo and Schneider has to be a contributing factor. I'm too lazy to look at the exact return, but they went from having arguably two elite goalies to having none and not much else to show for it.
  17. Gionta is flying tonight he's going to score one.
  18. Columbus looks pretty fired up so far.
  19. I would also like to see him re-signed and would like to see a full season to see how he handles carrying a team throughout the ups and downs. He didn't get that chance in Vancouver and really didn't get it this year either. I think Cory's pre-Olympic performance is the main reason we are in the playoff race at all. I think all players are entitled to slump at some point. And it's unfortunate Cory's doing it now. But I don't see it as evidence of him not being able to get it done in the big moments. When you are carrying a team, any time you slump is the wrong time because the team needs an elite performance to be competitive. Our offense has been carrying the team lately, but if we had a more consistent performance from certain guys throughout the year we might not be so far down in the standings to begin with.
  20. Devils did not show up for the first period, and other than a five or six minute stretch in the second and a few minutes here and there in the third, they weren't that good overall.
  21. That seems like a wasted timeout to me... There was one whistle before TV timeout. I don't understand exactly how TV timeouts work but I would think Babcock would know it's the first whistle after 10 mins or whatever
  22. Wow... They must have heard our bitching.
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