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  1. Devils can't get up for this game? C'mon. Wake up for the second please.
  2. Good. It was a dumb punishment to begin with.
  3. Yup. Worst GM of the day? I'd put Steve Yzerman in there too. He basically let a player bully him into making his contending team weaker. If he were in a hockey market, he would likely be fired.
  4. I'm actually alright with the trade we made and the way the day went. I think we're better with Ruutu than Loktionov and a 3rd rounder isn't much of a price to pay. Not sure what the condition is on the pick though. As for his cap hit of 4.5... It's not my money so I don't care as long as we're under the cap. We have guys who will be retiring soon and that cap space will be cleared as soon as Marty is off the books. Other than the Rangers getting St. Louis, no one else we are chasing for a playoff spot made a move that could make them significantly better. (I guess Montreal is still within range technically) There was no way the Devils were going to revamp their roster in one day. This is an ageing, veteran team that can at best limp into the playoffs and hope to get hot. There was no way any one player was going to change that. Volch and Salvador will have to play better, or be bought out/traded by the time this team is legit good. Getting rid of them today isn't the difference between us winning or losing right now.
  5. devils102

    We Got Rutuu

    I like Ruutu and feel he is an upgrade over Loktionov who has shown flashes but not been consistently great. Surprised we have the salary room for this.
  6. devils102

    We Got Rutuu

    That's one Devil killer on our side now.
  7. I bet the Oilers have turned down better offers than that for Ales Hemsky over the years.
  8. Callahan is a grittier, tough to play against player. Nash is good but he's a different type of player. Who knows what goes on in the Rangers locker room. I guess we'll just have to see how things play out.
  9. I'm OK with Callahan leaving the Rangers if this is true. He's their captain after all. It could backfire on the Rangers.
  10. Wow weird. I can see how Matteau's rating may drop because of his performance in last years' Q semi... But Urbom? Don't get it.
  11. The big challenge for both Canada and the USA will be to get up for the next game. I could see a drop off from both of them playing against non-rivals.
  12. Coming at this from a Canadian perspective... That call was lame at a first glance. But the US were slashing at the goalie several times throughout the game and once, after their captain did it, she was spoken to by the referee. If you don't want to get penalized, don't slash at the goalie for no reason. Refs have a tough job in women's hockey. Some of the dives in this game were comical. When body checking isn't allowed any contact draws a fall. Refs are constantly playing this makeup call garbage. Don't know what the solution is. Allow bodychecking?
  13. 4-3 situation. Team Canada vs. Team USA in women's hockey is one of the best hockey rivalries in any league, any level, any gender.
  14. Cool to learn a bit more about Larsson -- the perfectionist aspect for example -- I kind of get the feeling with him he just needs to find the right mentor or teamate to bring the best of him and help him reach that next level. Kowalski will get a coaching/assistant job in the NHL at some point in the near future.
  15. Yeah I kind of understand it. The job of the coaching staff is to develop Wedgewood going forward. He's their guy until Kinkaid is back. If Wedgewood is playing well then ride him and hope to create some positive energy the rest of the season. Hedberg is just a hired gun. It definitely backfired though. 7-3 Bridgeport with just over 5 mins left.
  16. Johan Hedberg getting to play against the Sound Tigers. Wedgewood is pulled with the Devils down 5-1 in the second.
  17. It would be less hilarious to lose out on profit sharing money for another crappy franchise. Seattle and Quebec City please. Move Detroit or Columbus back West and put QC in either "atlantic" or "metro" division.
  18. Funny, Don Cherry believes Russians are still obsessed with avenging the 1972 summit series against Canada. http://www.torontosun.com/2014/02/09/don-cherry-russia-wants-olympic-revenge-against-canada There's a lot of bitter Russians according to North American commentators.
  19. Cool, thanks for the info. I wonder how much he makes for a game.
  20. Hmmm... Kinkaid was hurt yesterday so 39-year-old Anthony Felice is currently listed as Scott Wedgewood's backup today against the Manchester Monarchs.
  21. The only real excuse that he won't/can't actually say is "this team sucks". OK they don't suck, but they ain't very good. Just too many missed shots, blocked shots and when we had offensive pressure, as usual, we couldn't convert to goals.
  22. Olympics will be a good break for everyone. I know I need it.
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