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  1. Devils missing a lot of shots tonight. Not always scoring chance type of shots, but even just shots from the blue line.
  2. I agree on the quality of the articles not being the best. I feel like the treatment of the young players reminds me of Brent Sutter when he was a coach. It seemed like our young guys (I think it was guys like Vrana and Bergfors at the time) would play 5 minutes with Cam Janssen and that was it. I wonder if this is an CHL thing? In juniors your young players are 15-16 year olds playing against 19-20 year olds. The players need time to physically grow more than anything. It's not as unusual for a guy to sit on the fourth line for a year and then turn in a much improved season the next year when he's bigger. In the NHL, guys need confidence and to improve their skills, they're as big as they're going to get. Maybe some of these coaches, despite coming from a "developmental" league, really aren't that good at actually developing players? Even if it's not Deboer's strength as a coach, I think it's a stretch to say he's ruined anyone. Interview Adam Henrique or Jon Merrill in two years and you'll probably hear the opposite.
  3. Brad Boyes in Florida is a free agent after this season and could be got for relatively cheap. Might be a Hail Mary type trade to hope he gels on a scoring line and is able to contribute. I would love someone with a bit more grit. I imagine Chris Stewart as a gritty player but I've never really seen him play much.
  4. I've wanted it at times this year, just out of pure frustration, but not so much right now. A coaching change might help for a bit, get some fresh blood in there. But I don't really see an unmotivated team out there. They are just not good enough, and a new coach can't change that in the long run.
  5. That's 7 overtime wins! By 7 different scorers I think too.
  6. I thought it was dive. But Jagr definitely hooked him as well. I guess that's where it's frustrating for Benn... Their not going to call it unless he dives. Either it's a penalty or it's not.
  7. What a hit by Volchenkov. If Cole wasn't a big guy he would be demolished.
  8. I think Corey's played well. If both goalies stopped the shots they were supposed to, we'd still be up by 1. You're right about the PK and the ice girls.
  9. Wow what a tip. I've tried that and it's amazing how hard that is to do. Nevermind with a hard shot like that.
  10. It's amazing how much better Schneider's puck handling has become.
  11. I think we found a team that needs a goalie because even Brodeur would have had that Zubrus shot. Good start. Hopefully they can add some more and not require another 1-0 win from Corey and the D. EDIT: Marty wouldn't have made that save though.
  12. First and only game so far was 2003 in Ottawa. Game 5 of the conference final. We lost that one 3-1 but obviously won the series. Still the loudest sporting event I've ever been to.
  13. I kind of feel the same about the 03 team. When I told my friend the Devils would play the Lightning that year, he said "congratulations on making the third round". I kind of agreed. I felt going into Ottawa the Devils had gotten some lucky draws that year. But the year after Boston finished first in the East and Tampa won the cup. Both teams had the same leadership group and star players as the year before. Don't have the possession numbers to back it up, but their results in 04 year made me rethink the Devils first two rounds the year prior. And as a Devils fan I feel like we've been through our fair share of 'could've beens' since the first lockout. In 2010 when we lost to Philly obviously a lot of people thought the Devils underachieved, but then Philly goes a game or two from winning the cup and you had to wonder. It's easy to look at the teams we had since '05 and say we underachieved. On the other hand, when we HAVE made the playoffs we've lost to some pretty good teams. Every team but the '08 Rangers made at least the conference final.
  14. Fucale is an 18-year-old playing in the Q. You really think he's better than Brodeur right now?
  15. Yes! Was going to post something like this. The comments I'm reading outside of this board are mostly about how there's too many outdoor games. If they are directed at the Devils it's "Marty should retire" or something along those lines. No one is saying the Devils and Brodeur embarrassed themselves and should never have a special event again.
  16. I hate long term deals after Kovi and hopefully Schneider feels the same after getting screwed over by the Luogo contract. There's few players that are as good as they were 8 years ago. And there's few teams that are good as they were 8 years ago. Too risky for both sides. I realize some players require long term deals... But if a guy won't be your friend unless you sign an 8-year-deal... then he's not really your friend.
  17. Interviews with players are up now on NHL.com and NJD.com, Funny Jagr clip when asked if he took time to look around and take in the experience. "Yeah, it looked like we all did in the second period." It feels good to laugh again. And Marty does say it's the worse ice he ever played on.... but it was in response to a later question about the condition of the ice before and after the delay... It wasn't -- Why did you suck today Marty? "Well it was because the ice was the worst I ever I played on!" He does blame his play on bad luck and having no feel in the outdoor game, which will probably still be upsetting for a lot of people.
  18. Yup well put. I wouldn't bench Volchenkov for a kid for this point, especially the way Gelinas played today, but agree with rest of what you said. Yeah the 94 stuff is frustrating. I understand they are focusing on the Devils/Rangers rivalry and that is an important part of the history, but what happened 20 years ago doesn't really explain why this is an important rivalry TODAY. There have been what 4 playoff series between the two teams since then? The Sean Avery, Martin Brodeur rivalry has a lot more to do with why the two teams hate each other now than Stephane Matteau at least in my opinion.
  19. Feel bad for a lot of guys on the team and the fans. This should have been a really memorable experience for a lot of guys, and it really couldn't have been more of a disappointment.
  20. I got to see Alain Vigneault's pre-game speech and not Deboer's one. I can guess why. If I was in the media and had the ear of anyone in the NHL, I would make sure THAT would guarantee the Devil's didn't see a game like this for a while.
  21. Stepan holding Zajac's stick on his breakaway... No wonder he couldn't get the shot off. Haven't seen a penalty shot (personally) in months and two in the last two outdoor games... hmmmm...
  22. Ice was not flooded and looks like it. This will be tough to come back without a lot of luck.
  23. I believe this is the first time a Devil's goalie has been pulled this season. According to rink-side announcer on CBC - Corey to Devil's d-man when coming on the ice :"Boys, make sure you're ready."
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